11 Most Beautiful Piano OSTs in Anime That You Will Love

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With a beautifully emotional as well sentimental nature, there’s no doubt that anime OSTs are probably even more famous than any anime series. Fans stream these songs officially on streaming platforms. Anime music and OSTs are amazing, especially the ones with piano melodies, which is instrumental music, with just the piano’s voice ringing in your head. The lyrics are so meaningful and bring nostalgia. The melody, beats, and music videos are very contenting as well.

Some anime songs’ piano covers and arrangements are even more famous than the originals, for example, the OST of ‘Your Lie in April’. They’re very aesthetic and pleasing to listen to. Especially because I love how their lyrics and music are so meaningful and impressive, they will make you smile or might lead you to shed a tear.

Most Beautiful Piano OSTs in Anime:

11. Naruto – Sadness and Sorrow

The beautiful Sadness and Sorrow is the soundtrack of Naruto, which is one of the most famous shonen anime series of all time. The song is quite emotional, and it can make the listener shed a few tears too. This song represents Naruto’s loneliness as an orphan. Sadness and Sorrow is a charming, healing, and a quite calm song, and it should be played at a slow tempo, which makes it easy for beginners to learn it.

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10. Spirited Away – One Summer’s Day

The movie is produced by Studio Ghibli and Studio Hibari. The music is beautiful, and this movie even received Best Animated movie in 2003, Best Asian movie in 2002, Mainichi Film Award for Best Music in 2021, Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Animated Film, and more awards. It’s one of the best anime movies out there. It is not only known as one of the most well-known masterpieces of Ghibli. It is also acknowledged for its unique, nostalgic, and meaningful storyline, but it also contains gorgeous music scores. Its OST is created by Joe Hisaishi, who is a top-notch musical director and musician in the Japanese entertainment industry. The piano’s music in this anime ranges from narrating the normal scenes and routines, like Bathhouse Morning, and it reaches the heartwarming melody of Always With Me.


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9. 5 Centimeters Per Second – One more time, One more chance

This legendary tragic movie is produced by CoMix Wave Films. It is directed by the master of anime movies, “Makoto Shinkai,” and he’s the music director as well! Yamazaki Masayoshi did the exceptional theme song performance. The music scores and the music is just too beautifully painful and heart aching. The grief-stricken vibes are too obvious, yet it can make the strongest listeners cry.

There are very few selected anime films that could surpass the level of anxiousness, tragedy, and sadness that 5 Centimeters Per Second’s soundtrack gave to us. Masayoshi Yamazaki’s One More Time, One More Chance is gorgeously catastrophic and one of the most well-known songs in the anime OSTs of all time. The music narrates the whole story of the anime, which features a shadow of devastation with a faint hint of hope.

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8. Nodame Cantabile

This is definitely one of the best anime music of all time! The romance, comedy, and passion for music clearly shine through each episode. It has three seasons, and it has countless covers of masterpieces like Bach, Schubert, and Mozart’s music pieces. It has original OSTs as well, which are calming to listen to. Every emotion and situation is depicted by new songs. The journey of Japanese music-major College children abroad, to learn more about where the music originated from while watching a grumpy boy and a girl full of sunshine trope fall head over heels for each other.

Most of the music scores in Nodame Cantabile are famous classical songs which are mostly covered by the sound director “Jin Aketagawa,” but there are also a few originals. The best of the OSTs are by Atsushi Suemitsu, who made the theme song arrangement and even wrote the lyrics. It’s performed by Crystal Kay. Itsuka Fuukei’s song, which has been composed by Suguru Matsutani, is a fresh breath of air that will grasp the listener’s heart with its exceptional musical arrangement.

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7. Sword Art Online – At our Parting

SAO is one of the best Isekai anime ever!! The OSTs are absolutely catchy, especially the opening song, which has been sung by LiSA. In the year 2022, surprisingly, that’s the year we are right now, a virtual reality game progresses so much so that a gigantic online role-playing game called Sword Art Online (SAO) is launched. With the help of a device called NerveGear, players can easily control their avatars within the game, surprisingly using nothing but their own thoughts.

SAO is a lovely watch with its awesome music effects, and it has its own share of feelings. This is especially reflected in one of their melodies called “At Our Parting”. This song has an instrumental version, but it also has an official piano version available. Satisfying the title of the song, it takes the listeners to relive the pain the protagonist faces while saying goodbye to his girlfriend.

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6. Howl’s Moving Castle – Theme Song

It’s one of Studio Ghibli’s magical creations. The melody, music scores, and sound effects are so engaging and get along great with the whole concept of the movie. “Stroll Through The Sky” by Joe Hisaishi is a beautiful melody that is as famous almost as well-known as the movie itself. Most parts of the music are made by using different instruments such as guitar and others, but the instrument that stands out the most is the part of the song made by using the piano. The music transports the listener to the world of wonders and mystics in an instant.

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5. Bokura ga Ita – Kotobo

Nanami Takahashi is a high schooler who is filled with the hope of making new friends at school. She comes to know about the shy Yuri Yamamoto and becomes her friend. Yuri doesn’t care for Yano, the popular guy in the class, because he used to date her elder sister Nana. Nanami and Yuri don’t like his attitude. However, Nanami eventually begins to warm up to Yano and starts to like him. The two soon decide to start dating. Their love is full of challenges because Yano can’t communicate openly to Nanami about his deepest and darkest secrets since his first girlfriend, Yuri’s older sister Nana died in a car accident the year before. She had actually been with one of her ex-boyfriends at the time, despite the fact that she was dating Yano.

This anime is full of deep feelings. The music literally captures all the moments of the pain, misunderstandings, heartache, love for the lost ones, the jealousy, and the devastation portrayed in the anime. Bokura ga Ita has its own piano soundtrack, which features most of the songs from its OST. Falling in love is both warm and scary because the person in love hands their heart to their partner, and this is portrayed beautifully in the music. The couple will find themselves living in the shadow of Yano’s previous relationship with Nana. Nanami and Yano will continue to struggle to keep their relationship afloat among all the misunderstandings and heartache with the hope of their love for each other.

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4. Attack On Titan – The Other Side of the Sea

The Attack On Titan Final Season Part 1 OST (opening song) is named the same as Season 4’s first episode, “The Other Side of the Sea”. This is when Marley has been forced to cease its operations on Paradis Island, and both of the countries are openly at war with a group known as the Mid-East Allied Forces. Viewers are introduced to the Marleyans, and the war is shown from their point of view and narration so that fans can take a look at the Eldian soldiers living and fighting for Marley despite being treated so pathetically that they’re given lesser value than fodder there. This song brings revolutionary colors into the music, and it is also treated as Eren & Yeagerist Theme Song.

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3. Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea – Marine Snow

Nagi no Asukara has several amazing piano pieces in the anime. All of the music scores have the touches of gentleness and joy as well as melancholy in some. For Cry for the Moon has a painful and melancholic tone. When the anime reaches its final episodes, everyone’s emotions start to emerge even more strongly. Hikari learns that Tsumugu doesn’t like Manaka and loves Chisaki, while Chisaki also loves her, but he’s afraid that if she accepts them, it would mean discarding their old friendships. The complex love stories and friendships accompany the piano’s sound, which turns this anime even better!


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2. When Marnie Was There – Anna

The movie is produced by Studio Ghibli. The film features a young girl, Anna Sasaki, who is staying with her relatives in a town in Hokkaido. One day, she comes across an abandoned mansion where she meets Marnie, who seems pretty mysterious. Anna likes to spend time with Marnie, and Anna eventually comes to know the whole truth about her family as well as the foster care.

The film featured the final work of the popular Studio Ghibli animator known as Makiko Futaki. He died in May 2016. It was also the last film that Yonebayashi directed for Studio Ghibli before he left and joined Studio Ponoc. The film received high appreciation and positive reviews from critics who praised its animation, stirring music, striking vocal performances, and touching story. It was even nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 88th Academy Awards, but sadly it lost to Inside Out.

This movie has beautiful piano pieces, and all of them are composed by Takatsugu Muramatsu, and the music is featured for almost every scene. Most of them reflect the loneliness, pain, and regret of the characters. This helped the viewers to know the characters better and helped with the plot development as well as the crucial character development. A perfect example of one of the piano scores is It’s Not a Dream.

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1. Your Lie in April – Theme OST

Music is one of the most important parts of any anime, and for Your Lie in April, its music is the whole storyline, just like Nodame Cantabile, and the song brings every character together. This anime is one of the most romantic tragi-comic anime and is very popular for its musical soundtrack. This anime uses classical music pieces’ covers just like people play in real piano or music competitions. The realistic vibes highly elevate the emotions of the characters. The music expresses what cannot be said in words. Each tune might make the listeners feel something different. Music is like a global language, which everyone understands. Your Lie In April revolves around a young boy and his deep love for music.

His heartbreaking loss, childhood trauma while growing up, and even letting go of the psychological pain; all of it is portrayed. The young boy is a pianist prodigy known as Arima Kousei who overcomes his symptom of trauma, due to which he was not being able to hear the notes which he played. He meets a girl who makes him fall in love with herself and music again, and this is the story of how he heals himself and enters the aesthetic world of classical music again. However, the story has a romantic side as well, and leaves us in pain, as a tragic loss engulfs the characters by the end of the anime.

The world of anime is filled with gorgeous melodies and tons of diverse piano masterpieces, especially tragic ones. Check out all the soundtracks and discover the amazing music for yourself, so as to decide which is the ultimate piece of piano instrumental music in anime!

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