11 Fabulous Female Kpop Idols Born In February

Female Kpop Idols Born In February cr: Otakukart

The kpop female idols that were born in the month of February prove that this month is full of talented people! Kpop idols have been snatching countless hearts around the globe with their out-of-the-world vocals, fiery raps, and smooth dance moves. Not only that, they do not miss an opportunity to bring smiles to their fans’ faces, whether that may be through music or through their wholesome personalities. No wonder why the whole world has been crazy about kpop! Since these kpop idols are a very big part of many people’s lives, on their birthdays’ fans make sure to give back the love and support.

It is no secret that kpop fans go wild, in a good way, when it comes to their favorite idol’s birthday. Special cafe events, bus, and subway station ads, youtube ads, LED screens, street banners are traditional stuff when it comes to celebrating a kpop idol’s birthday. Fans make sure to do something really memorable on their favs birthdays, for example, that time when ARMYs gave a tribute to BTS’s Jungkook on the Burj Khalifa. You read right, the Burj Khalifa! Upgrade your preparation game, and start planning for the birthdays of the kpop female idols born in the month of February!

1. Jihyo From Twice

The month of February starts off on a high note with one of the most incredible female Kpop idols, Jihyo. Park Ji Hyo, known better by her stage name Jihyo was born in the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea on the 1st of February in 1997. Moreover, Jihyo is hailed as God Jihyo in the Kpop industry because of her out-of-the-world vocals. Additionally, Jihyo is the leader of the mega-popular Kpop Girl Group TWICE that was formed by JYP Entertainment through the survival show, Sixteen. Jihyo is known for her leadership skills. The members of TWICE themselves voted for her to become the leader. Let us all get our candles ready for Jihyo’s 25th birthday!

Jihyo cr: JYP Entertainment

2. Victoria Song From f(x)

Born on the 2nd of February, is the Queen Of China, Victoria Song. For those of you who do not know, Victoria was the leader of the mega-popular Kpop girl group f(x). Furthermore, Victoria was born in Qingdao, Shandong. She was scouted by SM Entertainment in September 2007 and debuted as a member of f(x) in the September of 2009. Furthermore, Victoria is an all-rounder and has made a name for herself in the acting and modeling agencies as well. In 2020, Victoria Song bagged the 74th position on the Forbes China Celebrity List in the year 2020. This talented female kpop idol will be turning 35 this year.

Female Kpop Idols Born In February
Victoria cr: SM Entertainment

3. Jia From Miss A

Third, on the Female Kpop Idols born in February list is Jia from Miss A. Furthermore, Meng Jia was born on the 3rd of February in Loudi, Hunan in China. She joined JYP Entertainment in 2007 and debuted as a member of the Kpop girl group Miss A in July of 2010. Moreover, Jia won over fans’ hearts with her incredible singing and acting skills. After MIss A disbanded in 2016, Jia went on to sign with Banan Culture Music in the same year. She is currently thriving as a soloist in China. This talented girl will be turning 33 this February, so make sure to ring in your wishes!

Female Kpop Idols Born In February
Jia from Miss A cr:JYP Entertainment

4. Gahyeon From Dreamcatcher

Another all-rounder female Kpop idol born in February is Gahyeon. Furthermore, Lee Gahyeon was born on the 3rd of February in the year 1999 in Seongnam, South Korea. She is the lead rapper and sub-vocalist of one of the most talented yet extremely underrated Kpop girl groups, Dreamcatcher. Moreover, Gahyeon is the maknae of Dreamcatcher. Apart from being extremely talented, Gahyeon is known to be a social butterfly. Gahyeon is turning 23 this February, and Dreamcatcher fans cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.

Female Kpop Idols Born In February
Gahyeon cr: Dreamcatcher

5. Rei From IVE

Starship Entertainment recently blessed us with the Kpop girl group IVE. The group had everyone dancing to its tunes after the release of its mega-popular debut song Eleven. Furthermore, Naoi Rei is also mononymously known as Rei. She was born in Japan on the 3rd of February in 2004. Although not a native speaker, Rei became fluent in Korean and even passed the audition for the prestigious School of Performing Arts Seoul. Because of her endearing personality, she is nicknamed Darling by both her members and fans. Don’t forget to wish Rei tons of success on her birthday!

Rei cr: Starship Entertainment

6. Minju From IZ*ONE

Among all the talented Kpop female idols that were born in February, Kim Minju definitely shines bright. She was the member of IZ*ONE that caused an uproar in the entire Kpop industry with their talent. Furthermore, Minju was born on the 5th of February in Seoul. Even before she finished as the 11th finalist for Produce 48, Minju had already blessed us with her visuals and acting skills in the popular kdrama series Tempted, starring Joy from Red Velvet. After, Iz*One’s disbandment in April of 2021, Minju joined Urban Works Media as an actress. This talented female kpop idol will be turning 21 this year, and fans cannot wait to see her thrive as an actress!

Kim Mi Ju Birthday
Minju cr: Urban Works Media

7. Chungha

The month of February has blessed us with some of the best female Kpop idols. And it is no surprise that the queen of Kpop, Ms.Chungha, was also born this month. Born as Kim Chan-mi in Seoul on the 9th of February in 1996, Chungha gained her fame through Produce 101. Furthermore, she was also a member of I.O.I until unfortunate disbandment in 2017. In the same year, Chungha debuted as a solo artist with her chart-topping E.P Hands On Me. Do not forget to wish Chungha on her birthday because we know Sunmi, Somi, Hwasa from MAMAMOO, and TWICE, definitely will not be missing out.

Chung Ha Birthday
Chung Ha cr: MNH Entertainment

8. Seulgi From Red Velvet

Another gem among female Kpop idols born in February is Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Furthermore, Kang Seul-gi was born on the 10th of February in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Moreover, Seulgi has trained at SM Entertainment for seven years, so it’s no wonder that her vocals are one of the best in Kpop. Additionally, Seulgi made her debut as the main dancer and lead vocalist of the Kpop girl group Red Velvet in August of 2014. Both Red Velvet and Seulgi have never left the spotlight since then. Apart from being an amazing dancer and vocalist, fans adore Seulgi for her crying laugh. We hope to see more of her cuteness in 2022.

Kpop Female Idols Born In February
Seulgi from Red Velvet cr: SM Entertainment

9. Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung is also another great addition to the female Kpop idols born in February. Furthermore, Choi Sooyoung was born on the 10th of February in 1990 in Gyeonggi. This talented woman was discovered by SM Entertainment when she was just in fifth grade. Later in August of 2007, Sooyoung debuted as a vocalist and lead dancer of Girls’ Generation that went on to become one of the most popular Kpop girl groups in history. In 2017, Sooyoung left SM Entertainment and switched to Echo Global Group in 2017 and then to Saram Entertainment in 2019 while remaining a part of the Girls’ Generation. Currently, Sooyoung is making a name for herself in the kdrama industry. As Sooyoung turns 32 this February, let us all wish her a happy birthday!

Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation

10. Kim Lip from LOONA

Kim Lip is the sixth member of the talented Kpop girl group LOONA. Furthermore, her real name is Kim Jung Eun, and she was born on the 10th of February. Kim Lip was born in the North Cheongju province of South Korea. She debuted as the lead vocalist and lead dancer of LOONA in May of 2017. Additionally, Kim Lip released her solo debut album, also titled Kim Lip, on the 23rd of May in 2017, soon after her debut. Kim Lip is also the leader of LOONA’s sub-unit, ODD EYE CIRCLE. Kim Lip will be turning 23 this year, and fans cannot wait for her new music.

Female Kpop Idols Born In February
Kim Lip cr: BlockBerry Entertainment

11. Rosé from Blackpink

One of the most awaited birthdays among Kpop fans is Rosé’s birthday which falls on the 11th of February. Furthermore, Rosé was born as Roseanne Park in Auckland, New Zealand, in the year 1997. In 2012, Rosé outshone the seven hundred participants at the YG Entertainment Auditions and won first place. Rosé further went on to train at YG Entertainment for four years. She debuted as the main vocalist and lead dancer of Blackpink in 2016, which is now considered to be one of the most popular Kpop girl groups globally. Apart from her heavenly vocals and looks, Rosé is also slaying it in the fashion industry.

Rose birthday
Rosé cr: YG Entertainment

Furthermore, she was announced as the newest global brand ambassador of the one and only Tiffany and Co and even shook the world with her surprise appearance at the Met Gala 2021. As Rosé turns 25 this year, let us all pour our love and support for her birthday.

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