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What To Expect in Servant Season 2 Episode 7?

Preview And Recap: Servant Season 2 Episode 6 And 7
Still From Servant Season 2 Episode 6

From Leanne’s secrets to Sean and Dorothy’s explanations, everything was revealed in the last sixth episode of Servant Season 2. Now, it’s time to see what will be the consequences of these events that are set to take place in the upcoming seventh episode. Created by Tony Basgallop, Servant is one of the grinding psychological horrors on television right now. The series was renewed for a second season after the success of the first and is currently on a second season wrapping up 6 episodes so far. It has been applauded for its claustrophobic environment and brilliant performances by the actors.

Servant follows the story of a Philadelphia couple Dorothy and Sean who are mourning the death of their 13-week old son. The couple hires a nanny to take care of their baby Jericho who is a reborn doll. It doesn’t take long for Dorothy to start believing that the doll is her real child. While Sean mourns in his own way, he starts being suspicious of the nanny they hired named Leanne. So with no further adieu, let’s take a look at what happened in the recent sixth episode of Servant Season 2 and a taking a look at the upcoming seventh episode

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Recap: Servant Season 2 Episode 6

Last episode of Servant Season Titled “Espresso” opened up by taking the viewers into a flashback. We can see Dorothy putting the children back to sleep while Sean brings in his coffee machine. Sean is also invited for judging a TV cooking competition. Sean initially declines the invitation in favor of carrying for Jericho but later agrees to the offer. The happy environment goes until an echo from the depths of the staircase start surfacing and boom we are back to the present.

Preview And Recap: Servant Season 2 Episode 6 And 7

Still From Servant Season 2 Episode 6

At present, Uncle Geroge asking Sean to let him see Leanne. Uncle is quite frustrated while Sean tries to calm down the situation. Dorothy on her side goes upstairs. She finds Leanne and tells her that George is here. She believes that Jericho is coming and Dorothy is so blinded by that she can’t see the mess taking place at their house.

Uncle George believes that the house doesn’t have any hope. He asks Sean and Julaine about the time Leanne has been put here. They both reveal that Julianne has been there for a week which freaks Uncle George more. He starts praying and runs upstairs and is genuinely scared this time. George furthermore starts questioning Julianne. He asks why her deeds don’t scare him. While Julian tries to argue, he is backed off by Sean who believes the only way to talk to George is in his own language.

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Uncle George’s Explanation

Sean questions George why she needs to be returned. George explains that Leanne’s presence since birth has gone against the rules of their community. George reveals that he is among the population of the group that has been given a second chance to live by God to carry out His divine plan. For Leanne, George suggests that the only thing they can do is let her go and pray for forgiveness.

Preview And Recap: Servant Season 2 Episode 6 And 7

Still From Servant Season 2 Episode 6

We are taken back in past now. We see Sean receiving a phonecall for judging a cooking show now. Once again we are shifted to the present. George tells Sean that if he decides to give back Leane, he will heal him and help him reunite with Jericho. Sean goes upstairs to tell Dorothy about George’s plans and how he believes him. This further frustrates Dorothy.

Downstairs, George starts working on a potion. He mixes it with certain foods and his spit. Sean on the other hand pays a visit to Leanne. He tells her about the thing s Uncle George has told him and asks for her explanation. Leanne admits that she disobeyed her uncle and aunt and believes Jericho can’t come. On the other side, Dorothy brings money to George in exchange for Jericho which he can donate. George takes the money and dumps it in the basement. He tells Dorothy about the spreading infection and asks her to pray with him.

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The Ending

Preview And Recap: Servant Season 2 Episode 6 And 7

Still From Servant Season 2 Episode 6

Sean, on the other hand, asks Julianne to distract Dorothy so that he can return Leanne peacefully. Sean and Leanne leave in a car. Leanne asks Sean to promise that they won’t bring Jericho back ever again. Sean unwillingly promises but Leanne can clearly see through that lie. We are taken back into another flashback where Sean agrees to a TV show over taking care of Jericho with Dorothy. The flashback hits Sean and he promises Leanne to never bring back Jericho. This time Leanne believes in him. The flashback gave Sean the spirit to not make a false promise again.

News airs up on the television breaking that shots were fired at the residential home that Leanne once worked at. In the basement, George is still convincing Dorothy to play her part until they hear the news and go upstairs. They stand still until George turns back at Dorothy and tells her that’s what she has done.

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Preview: Servant Season 2 Episode 7

Preview And Recap: Servant Season 2 Episode 6 And 7

Still From Servant Season 2 Episode 6

The seventh episode of Servant Season 2 titled, “Marino” is releasing on February 26, 2021, on Apple TV Plus. We believe Dorothy and Sean might not be getting their baby back. The promise made by Sean in episode 6 clearly states that. While Sean tries to take Leanne faraway from George and Cult, it seems unlikely now after the shootings at Marino house. George believes it’s because Leanne left her rightful place and this why the deed took place.

Geroge coming in the last episode gave us a huge glimpse into Leanne’s life. The next episode might give us a closer look because of the shootings that took place at the end. How does this event connect with Leanne needs a definite explanation? On the other hand, Dorothy still doesn’t believe in Geroge’s religious methods. Sean on the other hand is facing the mirror in his face trying to be more responsible so that he doesn’t repeat the same mistake again. Everything will be answered in the upcoming event episode of Servant Season 2.

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