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Who is Mandy Rennehan’s Partner? Is She Getting Married?

Mandy Rennehan’s partner has recently become the talk of the town. In the latest episode of Trading Up With Mandy Rennehan, Mandy talked about her partner. Mandy Rennehan’s partner Lauren Ferraro stars in the newest episode of Trending Up With Mandy Rennehan. The couple are dating for a while and is blessed with a beautiful love tale. Their love story often becomes the talk of interest for the fans and everyone becomes quite interested in knowing more about the couple. The couple recently open up about their beautiful story.

Mandy and Lauren are the best examples of the power couple who are setting an example for the modern world of how amazing a same-sex relationship could be. Rennehan is a reality television personality who is quite famous for the show “Trading Up With Mandy Rennehan.” The show is very popular among people and it has undoubtedly played an important role in crafting the career of the star. She has earned a name for herself with her hard work and dedication. Here in the article, we will talk about Mandy Rennehan’s partner. Undoubtedly, you are also interested in knowing about his partner. So, without any delay let’s delve into the article and find out who is Mandy Rennehan ‘s partner?

Who is Mandy Rennehan’s Partner?

Mandy and her partner Lauren are pretty popular by their stage name, Bear and Annie. They are dating for quite some time now and are happily together. The couple enjoys their best time with their family and their adorable dogs, a pair of Westies. They are quite vocal about their relationship and never missed a reason to gush about their feelings for each other. They are officially dating each other and are very popular among fans. The fan’s favourite couple is known for their jovial personalities.

Mandy Rennehan's partner

Mandy Rennehan’s Partner Lauren

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How Do They Meet?

In the show, Annie was asked about their first meeting. Annie revealed her version of the story saying “Bear’s publicist called to help her in public speaking. I met her at her favorite place, and we eat and enjoy our time. For Bear, it was love at first sight. She told me about it years later. I was pretty serious about her. We talked for like hours and did nothing. At the end of the day, when the coach asked for the work, We were empty hands. We did nothing. With Time, our bond solidified, and we came close to each other. Our meeting turns quite frequent, and we love each other’s company.”

Bear also told her version of the story. In the same show, she continued and said, “It was her version. Now, listen to mine. Well, when I gotta see her, I was impressed with them. I had Squirrel complex, so indeed, it will take some therapy. When I met her, I came out of 10 years of a serious relationship. It was an instant connection. We could not stop talking to each other. I love to listen to her chats. ” Their first meeting was very special and with time their meeting became very frequent. Slowly, they started dating each other.

Is Mandy Rennehan is getting married?

In the same interview, Mandy and her partner Lauren Ferraro also talked about their plan and getting married. The couple is pretty serious about their relationship and is planning to recite the holy vows.

Mandy Rennehan's partner

Mandy Rennehan’s partner

Annie and Bear celebrated Pride Month

Annie and Bear also celebrated pride month earlier this year. They had put photos on their socialsupa account to support the community. When asked what are there plans for pride month. The couple replied, “We are not planning to go to Toronto and take part in the parade. But it does not mean we will not celebrate it.” The couple often shares their beautiful pictures on their social media account. They enjoy a tremendous fan base on social media and love to connect with people.

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