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The Informer Ending Explained: How Did Pete Koslow Protect His Family?

2019 thriller film
The Informer (2019)

The English Crime Thriller movie ‘The Informer’ was premiered on 30th August 2019 by the Warner Bros. It was written by Matt Cook and directed by Andrea Di Stefano. ‘The Informer’ is inspired by a Swedish dark thriller novel called ‘Three Seconds’ written by Roslund and Hellström. The film was announced two years before its release at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Rotten Tomatoes rated ‘The Informer’ only 5.8 out of 10, IMDb gave it 6.6 out of 10, and Metacritic gave it 61 out of 100. It received 3 out of 5 stars from The Guardian, but The Telegraph was generous enough to give it 4 out of 5.

‘The Informer’ cast members include Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, the rapper Common, actress Ana de Armas, English actors Rosamond Pike and Clive Owen, and many more. Joel Kinnaman plays the role of the protagonist Pete Koslow, who works as an undercover FBI agent. The film uncovers multiple turns of events that urge the viewers to wonder what happens next. Despite the thrilling plot, many have reported it to be “frustrating” and “unwatchable”. ‘The Informer’ was filmed mostly in UK’s Iver Heath, Pinewood studios, and Gloucester prison, and also in New York. 

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‘The Informer’ Plot

‘The Informer’ begins on the last day of Pete Koslow’s career as an FBI agent. His backstory tells us that he was caught smuggling fentanyl by an undercover cop. When imprisoned, Erica Wilcox, his FBI handler, urges Koslow to work for the FBI to attain information from General Klimek, Koslow’s former crime captain. They both call it a deal, and Pete starts to work as an FBI informant. Later the murder of an undercover police officer stirs the pot. Edward Grens, an NYPD officer, begins to investigate and finds footage where Pete Koslow is seen leaving the crime scene. He was sent back to prison and resumed his drug trade. Eventually, he is betrayed and put in a life-threatening situation. 

Joel Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman in The Informer

There is a lot of action happening in these two hours, which is hard to comprehend. Movies inspired by books usually have a bad notion since everything from the book cannot fit into the small time frame. Viewers have encountered a similar problem here. Moreover, the storyline seems rushed, and it is often unclear what’s going on in the characters’ minds. If you’re yearning for a movie with just action and thrill, ‘The Informer’ would tick the box. But if you’re looking for an easy-flowing movie that’s worthy of remembering, maybe this is not for you.

‘The Informer’ Ending Explained

Pete Koslow feels the betrayal swallow him as he learns that he has been lied to. When he hands the information he acquired for the FBI to the warden, he learns that no such plan was made. He also realizes that the defense tool that the FBI gave him was also missing and gets attacked by the corrupt officer Sam Spruell. In the meantime, the General sends Staszek to attack Koslow’s family but gets killed instead by Sofia and Grens. 

The Informer Koslow

Pete Koslow

Erica realizes her mistake of working with Mongomery. She feels her guilt seeping in a while, listening to the recorded tapes she collected from Sofia and trying to make things right. Meanwhile, Koslow is hospitalized after surviving the explosion. There he is reunited with Wilcox, who helps him to escape as a way of redeeming herself. Then Wilcox is accompanied by Grens in an attempt to keep Pete Koslow and his family safe. ‘The Informer’ ended without letting Koslow meet his family. Koslow, who has been making every decision keeping his family in mind, was robbed of an ending where he is finally reunited with his wife and daughter. It is possible that Koslow met his family afterward, but the viewing experience remains incomplete. 

‘The Informer’ seemed rushed and confusing at times, but it isn’t a difficult watch. If the movie is viewed as a stand-alone and not as an afterlife of the novel ‘Three Seconds’, it is not that dissatisfying. For the most part, Joel Kinnaman makes up for the difficult plot. 

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