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Attack on Titan Anime Shows Eren vs The Warhammer Titan

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 War Hammer Titan
War Hammer Titan

The final war has finally started in Attack on Titan, and now we have seen Eren vs. the Warhammer titan. Paradis Island has attacked the intermittent zone in Marley, which signaled the start of the war. This time it won’t be over at the island, but the survey corps have brought the fight right to their enemies. The Tybur family is the inheritor of the Warhammer Titan, but they have a system that hides it very well. Even though the system is safe from surprise attacks, it has fatal flaws, just like we saw in the last episode. 

The world outside Paradis Island is different, and people live more peacefully. But this means that their forces are not as battle-ready due to peaceful times. While back in Paradis Islan, people fight titans on an occasional basis. Especially the survey corps that is now a master tactician at this. The latest events in the anime saw the ongoing war take full thrust with more action on the horizon. 

Marley’s titans are now on the move as we saw the beat titan and the jaw titan making their move. But this might be late as the survey corps are now steps ahead in their attack. The surprise attack aimed to deal with the Warhammer titan. It was a success, and now Eren holds it in his hand, albeit encased in a hardened crystal.

Attack on Titan season 4 will continue over the weekend and release Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 7. For those who want to get the episode as soon as it is out. It will be available for streaming in Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Eren vs. Warhammer Titan

Eren vs Warhammer

Eren vs Warhammer

The Warhammer Titan has fallen, and Eren intends to consume it. We are yet to see how this will happen as she has encased herself in an unbreakable shell. So if Eren can find the means to break the shell, then the Warhammer is as good as his. This still gives Eren and his teams the advantage as the troublesome Warhammer is now out of the fight. We had expected to see more from it, but unfortunately, its wielder was not as well trained in combat. Eren easily took advantage of the Warhammer weaknesses and quickly took it down.

The next phase of the attack is no ready, and the survey corps have moved in with full force. Considering that they still have the Colossal Titan with them, it won’t be surprising to see it appear soon. Marley has deployed its titan weapon, the Jaw, The Beast, and The Cart titan are all ready to attack. So in the upcoming episodes, we will get to see how the fight turns out. 

The survey corps has been fighting titans for a long time. And last time, they almost reclaimed the beast titan, and it only survived by a hair’s breadth. And now that they are in Marley’s intermittent zone, the beast titan might not have that mobility due to its size. The area has a lot of buildings, which will give the survey corps and advantage of mobility. 

Meaning that they have a huge advantage over this. They do not seem to be wasting time as everything is now going according to their plans. Soon Marley’s soldiers might stand-downs, which will be the fight between titans and the survey corps. 

The Beast Titan Appears

Beast Titan

Beast Titan

Reinforcement will appear in the anime’s next episode, as we saw the Beast titan in the preview. We will then see how Marley will reply to this attack. They were ready to go over and attack Paradis Island, but being attacked like this at home had disorganized them. The Paradis Island forces have used this to their advantage and have now gathered their allies in the intermittent zone. The Warhammer Titan is on the brink of destruction, with Eren planning to consume it. 

More updates on this development will come with the next episode. Whether Eren will be successful at consuming the Warhammer titan at this point will be crucial. But it doesn’t affect the survey corps plans, which are now running smoothly. They have the intermittent zone under siege and are now attacking at full force. Eren seems to have come out victorious for now. But the Warhammer can still manifest at will, but that would be not easy if it is still in Eren’s hands. 

The Warhammer seems to be the one with the most attacking powers with its hardening ability. It can form weapons of any kind, from long to short-range attacks, as seen when it created a bow out of nothing just after using a hammer to defeat Eren. But with the intervention of the survey corps, things turned in Eren’s favor. 

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