KDrama Oh! Master: Everything You Want to Know

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Oh! Master

When one Korean drama ends, there is instantly another one that premiers. Audiences and fans never have to wait for a long time to watch another drama with their favorite actresses or genres. Korean dramas also have a way of making the series very intoxicating. Once someone watches a series, they keep themselves glued until and unless the same gets over. Now, one more Korean series is soon making its way in March for keeping everyone glued to the drama. Oh! Master with a romantic storyline between two persons is going to premiere soon in the upcoming month. Now, let’s dive into the details of the latest upcoming South Korean drama, Oh! Master.

Oh! Master

Oh! Master: Release Date

Oh! Master is the latest upcoming romantic comedy-drama series from South Korea. There was no official announcement regarding the series. However, the drama is in midst of the development from last year with the selection of casts and filming process. The other name of the series is Oh! My Ladylord, O! Juinnim, Oh! My Master, and Oh! Jooinnim, etc. Recently, the announcement of the series in the upcoming month was made via the revelation of the teaser, teaser poster, and first stills. Fortunately, this is one drama series for which fans do not have to wait for a long time as there is an official release date for the same.

Oh! Master is scheduled for premiering from March 24, 2021, to May 13, 2021. The drama series will contain sixteen episodes with airing taking place on MBC’s original network. But, the series will get aired on Wednesday and Thursday of every week. There is also no information on which streaming service the series will get aired.

Oh! Master


Oh Da-Young is directing Oh! Master with Jo Jin Kook screenwriting the same. The producer for the series is Kim Seung-Mo with Number Three Pictures as the production company. Since the series is airing next month, it is highly likely that development is almost ending soon. However, there is a big change made in the development of the series in January. Furthermore, Oh Da-Young was not the original director for the series, but rather, was Hyun Sol-Ip. According to sources, there was an internal complaint upon him, due to which he was referred to the disciplinary committee. Reportedly, there were some problems on the set, although the primary cause for it is not revealed yet. But, production is running smoothly after the changing of directors.

Cast, Teaser & Plotline

Lee Min-Ki and Nana will play in the leading cast of Oh! Master. They will portray the roles of Han Bi Soo and Oh Joo-In. The supporting cast includes Lee Hwi-Hyang, Kim Chang-Wan, Sunwoo Jae-Duk, Woo Hee-Jin, KimHo-Jung, and Lee Jung-Gil. There is a revelation of only some of the roles of the supporting cast and not all of them. Some of them are Kang Hae-Jin, Yoon Jung-Hwa, and Han Min-Joon. Moreover, two special appearances casts will appear in the roles of staff. They are Kim Woo-Jin and Ahn Sol-Bin.

The teaser for Oh! Master got dropped on February 22, 2021. The first official teaser is for forty seconds, wherein both the leads are shown as sitting together and watching TV while talking something. The boy also hands over some type of script to the actress, and she became very happy upon receiving the same. The boy also smiles after watching and seeing her smile. In the first official teaser poster, there is a bench upon which both the leads are sitting beside each other. It looks like from the poster that they are only concentrating on each other while making loving eye contact. There is some tenderness from the gazes of Han Bi Soo at Oh Ju In. She gives him a cute and bright expression while smiling at him.

The storyline revolves around Han Bi Soo and Oh Ju In in the drama. They are completely different-natured characters but ended up living together somehow. Now, the same will ensue chaos as both develop their relationships and also fall in love. One is unable to date, and one prefers not to date.

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