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My School President Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Episode 9
My School President Episode 9

My School President Episode 10 release date is out. The audience is eager to watch what comes next for the pure cute high school couples. They are eager to know how the story of each couple will unfold with respect to their no-relationship rule of the band. Before the new episode releases, let’s take a quick recap of the previous episode. 

In the previous episode (episode 8), the band qualified for the next stage of the Hot Wave competition after the guys of Chinzhilla, along with Tinn, spent the night at the school practice. In My School President, Episode 9, the episode opens during the semester break.

We see Tinn and Gun relaxing on a beach. In his voiceover, Tinn romanticizes the idea of him and Gun relaxing by the beach and admiring each other. Gun shakes Tinn out of his trance by flicking him on the forehead, letting him know he is not dreaming. They are really sitting by the beach. 

Episode 9

My School President Episode 9

My School President Episode 9 Recap

The opening theme music is followed by a flashback to the previous week. Gun, who has been working on a song for the upcoming Hot Wave round, is speaking to Tinn on the phone. To obtain some inspiration for his song, Gun says he misses Tinn and invites him to accompany them on a gate-away trip to Yak’s beachside bungalow.

Tinn lies to his mother to get her to agree to let him go on the trip, saying it’s merely for the student council. In the next scene, we see that Gun’s friends are all eager and prepared for the trip. Thiu, Tinn’s friend, also travels with them. When Sound gets there, he treats Win nonchalantly, which seems weird to Win.

Cut to everyone arriving at the location and enjoying playing in the water. Thereafter, we return to the episode’s opening scene, where Gun and Tinn are relaxing by the sea. Both Yo and Por, Win, Phat, and Yo interrupt them while they are having a sweet moment together and ask them to go to a temple to pray for the competition. Gun and Tinn act strangely to hide their relationship from everyone around them and then depart for the temple.

Episode 9

My School President Episode 9

The boys run into Yak, their senior, at the temple. They are greeted by Yak as they enter the “hell camp.” A series of events when Yak is seen ordering the band’s boys to run, exercise, and dance follow the initial incident. Gun and Sound are tasked with writing two songs, and Thiu is in charge of teaching dance to others. Yak’s demanding schedule is seen to be wearing on all the boys and causing them to become frustrated.

After some time, Sound and Gun were writing songs while sitting on the seashore. To Gun’s surprise, Sound expresses his feelings for Win to Gun in passing conversations. Then, we see Gun informing Tinn that, as the band’s leader, he can’t allow Sound to confess to Win as this might make the group uneasy if his feelings aren’t reciprocated by Win.

Later, when Gun and Tinn notice Sound is upset by the possibility of one-sided love, Gun tells him about his relationship with Tinn and assures him that although Win and Sound are different individuals, they will eventually end up together if it’s meant to be.

Episode 9

My School President Episode 9

In the evening, Thiu’s students Por, Win, Phat, and Yo can be seen performing by the beach. Sound subsequently ascends to the stage and performs his new song, in which he declares his love for Win. As a result of their collective admiration, Yak says that they are all now prepared for the upcoming Hot wave. Next, we witness Sound confessing his feelings to Win.

Since Win has never been in a relationship before, he agrees to try dating. The episode ends with Tinn and Gun discussing Gun’s song while sitting together. They have a romantic moment in which Tinn sings about his affection for Gun, followed by a notebook kiss.

Episode 9

My School President Episode 9

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My School President Episode 10 Preview

In the upcoming episode (episode 10), Tinn is shown skipping Gun’s practice instead of visiting Gun’s mother to make a good impression. Gun’s mother collapses and begs Tinn to keep it a secret from Gun. As Tinn leaves Gun at the entrance to the competition venue, Gun thanks him for being by his side throughout and says that the rules cannot end their relationship.

My School President Episode 10 Release Date

My School President Episode 10 premieres on February 10, 2023, at 08:30 PM (UTC +7) in Thailand. For international audiences, the show timings are as follows: 

  • Indian Standard Time: 07:00 PM
  • Korean Standard Time: 10:30 PM 
  • British Standard Time: 2:30 PM
  • Australian Standard Time: 12:30 AM (Next day). 

My School President Episode 10 Streaming Guide

My School President airs every Thursday on GMM TV in Thailand with an approximate run time of 60 minutes. The international audience can watch all the episodes of the series on  GMM TV’s official YouTube channel every Friday at the above-mentioned schedule. 

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