What Happened With Atrioc? The Viral Twitch Drama

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Do you know what happened with Atrioc? The Twitch streamer got himself involved in a drama that is causing a lot of controversies online. Still, some people don’t know about it, in detail. For a hint, it all started after Atrioc subscribed to a certain website. So, what was wrong with that? Of course, there were some valid reasons. Before getting into it, let’s have a brief look at Atrioc’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Atrioc is not his original name. The social media star is known as Brandon Ewing in reality. Born on 19 April 1991, Atrioc is now 31 years old and has from San Jose, California. It’s not just Twitch but also his Youtube channel that helped him in earning a massive fanbase. This started back in 2006, though. To the newbies, by now, you must have already understood that Atrioc is very much into gaming and chatting. 

Talking more about Brandon, whom we know as Atrioc, studied marketing at Arizona State University. Later, he started his journey with Twitch in 2014, serving as the Content Marketing Coordinator. Didn’t you hear about NVIDIA? Atrioc got associated with it, still serving as the manager of Global Consumer Marketing. When it comes to Atrioc’s gaming interests, he significantly plays League of Legends, Fall Guys, etc. 

Coming back to the ongoing Atrioc’s Twitch drama, the gamer ended up giving a tearful apology for what happened from his side. Knowing this, you must have understood how serious it got. If you are looking for what happened to Atrioc, here are the details. 

What Happened With Atrioc?

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Atrioc’s Twitch Drama Going Viral: What Happened? 

It seems like the Twitch streamer, Atrioc is about to step back from creating content on social media. What for? Why would someone leave his field after so many years, despite being one of the best? There must be some reason, and yes, it’s something very serious. 

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Atrioc was accused of paying for a pornography website. To be more precise, that generates AI videos. What was his fault? Well, the gamer accidentally made things worse by posting pictures on his feed. Some of the other Twitch streamers who turned out to be the women in question were Pokimane, Maya Higa, and QTC Cinderella. 

Following this mishap, Atrioc apologized and announced his decision to take a break from content creation. That would eventually help to combat the ongoing spread of deep fake porn videos through his account. On this note, Brandon aka Atrioc, said, “I will try my absolute hardest to combat the damage I caused.” 

What Happened With Atrioc?

It all started back on 26 January 2023. In case you didn’t know, Atrioc is happily married to the love of his life. His wife supported him too. So, it was not just him but also her, who apologized for the incident.

Everything started while Atrioc was playing the Hitman. Accidentally, it showed up that the creator was on such an AI video-generating site. Nothing much did he open about that particular tab at that time. Talking more about it, Brandon like Atrioc got to know about it through an advertisement. A part of his apology stated, “I’m sorry my actions have led to further exploitation of you and your body.” 

Well, whatever is done is done! People must look forward to and accept one’s apology when made genuinely from the bottom of their hearts. It’s very much evident after Atrioc had tears in his eyes while being sorry to those women- the named Twitch streamers. What’s your say?

Best Wishes to Atrioc for the upcoming days of his life. Hoping he makes his immediate comeback on the social media platform soon. You may follow Brandon Ewing on his Instagram account for more such updates. 

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