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Richard Keys’ Affair: How Pathetic Was It Leading To His Family Break Up?

Richard Keys' Affair
Richard Keys

Here, we shall discuss Richard Keys’ Affair that led to the break up of his family. Starting from the basics, Richard Keys is a renowned sports presenter who has worked for various networks such as BBC, ESPN, Star Sports, Channel 4, Sky, etc. He has hosted numerous high-level football matches. In 2011, Richard Keys, along with the boxing promoter Frank Waren launched Boxnation, which is a boxing channel. To date, he has received several accolades and titles from different publications for being the best sports presenter.

Talking about Richard Keys’ Affair, it was pathetic enough to cause drama in his marriage life. It was in 1982 when the sports presenter tied the knot with Julia Keys, a well-trained psychotherapist. After several years of togetherness, their marriage came to an end in 2016. The reason has been Richard Keys’ Affair. Let’s dig into this article about what went wrong.

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Richard Keys’ Affair: Pathetic Relationship

Richard Keys was once embroiled in a scandal for his alleged affair with a younger woman, Lucie Rose. More precisely, Lucie is their daughter, Jemma’s best friend. Yes, you read it right. Richard Keys and Julia Keys shared a couple of children- Jemma and Josh, respectively. They relocated themselves to Doha when Richard got a job at Al Jazeera. That was when he met his young girlfriend.

On the note of Richard Keys’ Affair, his ex-wife, Julia, stated, “It didn’t just devastate my world, but the world of our children Jemma and Josh too.” Initially, the sports presenter denied all the claims but later ended up agreeing with the cheating allegations and also acknowledged his deceit and the caused damage. The sports presenter just admitted his affair through a statement, saying, “You have to be prepared to lose the one you love- and it just isn’t worth it.”

Richard Keys' Affair

Richard Keys with his wife, Julia Keys, and daughter, Jemma Keys

When Julia Keys came to know about Richard Key’s Affair with Lucia, she was then struggling with thyroid cancer. In addition to that, her mother having the same disease, was also accompanied by her father’s dementia. It was a rough phase of her life.

Julia Keys also shared one of her meet up with Lucie when the latter grabbed her arm and asked, “Are you leaving now, Julia?” Even though he wanted to reconcile with Julia, she didn’t as she knew that he had dinner with Lucie on the previous day. Moreover, she believes that there have been too many lies between them and doesn’t accept getting back together.

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