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Gangsta Boo Net Worth

GanstaBoo feature

Born on August 7, 1979, Lola Chantrelle Mitchell was one of the very talented and very renowned American rappers. You must be thinking that the name of the person mentioned in the topic is something different, and the person that is mentioned in the first line is completely different. Don’t worry, you are on the right track, as this is the article that will usually be based on one of the most famous and very talented rappers of all time.

The name Gangsta Boo that is mentioned in the topic is usually the stage name of Lola Chantrelle Mitchell. She was the one who was usually born in Whitehaven, South Memphis, Tennessee. But according to some reports and records, she was the one who was brought up and raised at a completely different location, but it is still not known.

She was the one who was considered the second female member of one of the groups that were named Memphis-based hip-hop groups. You must be thinking that she was the second female of the whole group, so who was the first one? Answering your question, the first member of this group was K-9, and the group’s exact name is Three 6 Mafia.

Eventually, in the year 2002, she was the one who left the group along with the label, and she, from that point in time, started to focus on the single album that she released by the name Both Words 69. This was the eventually who usually didn’t get any promotion just due to some problem with her money, and yes, she was the one who gained her fame and made personality just by rapping and showcasing her talent from many different angles.


Gangsta Boo Net Worth

Well, most people who usually loved this person and a legend must already know the net worth but those people who are not at all aware of the net worth of Gangsta Boo, then you are here in the right location, and yes, you are also the one who is also going to be informed about Gangsta Boo’s death and some type of biography has already been highlighted in the above paragraphs.

Talking about the net worth of Gangsta Boo, she was the one who has an approximate net worth of around $1 Million, and yes, this was the estimated net worth that was known that too by some of the reports and records at the time of her death. She was 43 years old at the time she was declared dead.

So, as mentioned above, Gangsta Boo was the one who usually had a net worth of nearly around $1 Million that too at the time of her death. She was the one who gained immense success by raping, and she was also the one who released and broadcast many different types and kinds of songs for many years.

At the time of her death, most fans were shocked and confused about whether they were seeing or observing the right news. The reason for her death and other information regarding the same incident is highlighted in the above paragraphs.

Death Of Gangsta Boo

This was something that happened very fast, and she was just 43 years old at the time of her death. The news or the information about her death was passed on by one of her former labelmates, who is named DJ Paul, and he was the one who usually took an Instagram post to share her picture and pay her tribute. There were thousands and millions of comments and condolences from those in the comments.

GanstaBoo net worth

1st January 2023 was the day when Gangsta Boo passed away, and her news shocked not only the whole nation but the whole world for some time as she was one of the rappers that were not only famous in her native county, but she was also made her fans from many different countries.

So, the reason for her death is still unknown, and this is the thing that is something mysterious. But according to some of the sources, reports, and records, this is the information that was reported to take the rapper’s death, and this was just because the rapper’s death may be related to drugs. At the time of her death, Boo was with her brother, and both of them together started to overdose in the night, and yes, they were also the couple that was taken to the hospital.

Let us wait for the exact reason to come and till then, keep reading other articles as per your choice.

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