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10 Netflix Movies To Stream This Week In Quarantine: OtakuKart Recommends

The words Netflix, binge-watch, and quarantine is used these days interchangeably. They say that when everything else in the world stopped, people turned to artists. The thought we feel couldn’t be any less accurate. When work-from-home and stay-at-home become order of the day, Netflix and some such come to our rescue. Every month, Netflix adds and removes a bunch of movies and TV shows. Today we decided to go over some of the stuff that maybe you can use this week. Starting today is your fresh set of recommendations from us. These are our top picks this week.

Don’t worry; the list is spoiler-free! What’s more, is that you will love the varied collection that we have in this list. We have made every attempt to include a diverse section of actors and not just mainstream actors that you see in every movie out there. You may call our latest compilation as electric!

Triple Frontier 

What would you give for a war movie to not be based in and around the middle east or Afghanistan? Triple Frontier is the story of Special Forces operatives who reunite to plan a theft in a thinly populated zone of South America. These men haven’t been celebrated that man in their careers, so this mission is their one chance to make it. This is one of the least talked about war movies, partly because of its location, it is based in South America. And that time we saw a hit from Latin America was a Netflix show by the name Narcos. If you are living under a rock or you are one of those people who have never seen that show, please do. What’s more, Pedro Pascal stars in the show as Agent Pena. Pedro has played a fantastic part in the show that is about a bunch of CIA agents hunting down the drug lords of Colombia.

Triple Frontier boasts of a cast led by Adria Arjona, Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal.

A Quiet Place, Part I And II

Technically that makes it two recommendations-in-one. But don’t you love it when that happens? When is a part of the sequel readily available for your watching purposes? John Krasinski has directed a Quiet Place I and II. He stars in the first movie as well. John, along with his wife, Emily Blunt stars in the film. The tale is about a post-apocalyptic world where monstrous creatures with noise-sensing faculties hunt you down.

The Abbott family, headed by the father in part I and later by the mother, must find survival primary to everything else.


Laggies is as different from A Quiet Place as it can be. It is a tale of 28-year-old Megan (played Keira Knightley) who, on attending her 10-year high-school reunion, realizes she hasn’t been able to do much in life. Unbothered by that, she lands herself in the middle of a marriage proposal by a long-time boyfriend. Megan finds solace in a teenager, 16-year-old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz), eventually moving into her home secretly. Annika’s single-dad (Sam Rockwell) and Megan begin sizzling chemistry on the side. 

The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption hands down are the most excellent movie to be ever made! Of course, it only helps that it is available on Netflix. The film is a prison drama of survival and freedom. When Andy Dufresne, a successful banker, is falsely arrested for the murders of his wife and her lover, he accepts his prison destiny and tries to turn that around. Voice by a fellow-prisoner Red (Morgan Freeman), Andy (Tim Robbins) eventually escapes Shawshank by crawling to freedom through five hundred yards only to come out clean.

The King’s Speech

Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech is King George VI’s struggle to overcome stammering. His majesty tries to overcome his stammer by hiring a speech therapist Lionel Logue to be able to address the country during the challenging time of World War II. The King’s Speech won Colin Firth the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of King George. Helena Bonham Carter plays Queen Elizabeth, and Michael Gambon King’s father, George V. The dialogues in the movie are par-excellence as in Tom Hooper’s curated direction. 

The Two Popes 

Don’t let the title of the movie mislead you. The Two Popes is the heartwarming story, funnily crafted by Fernando Meirelles. The story deals with the current Pope Benedict and the future Pope Francis, who must vacate Vatican walls. A collective agreement must be sought on the path the Catholic Church will take. Led by a fantastic cast of Jonathan Pryce (The High Sparrow, Game of Thrones) and Anthony Hopkins, The Two Popes is a comical tale at the key turning point of Vatican walls.

Marriage Story

Marriage Story is as far from The Two Popes as anything. Directed by Noah Baumbach, it is the tale of a couple who work together in a theatre. As soon as the wife chooses to divorce her husband, they get involved in a messy court conflict. At the end of the court drama, both the wife and the husband realize not only did they lose their money, energy, and resources but also their peace while the shark lawyers benefitted. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannson have done a terrific portrayal of the couple. What’s interesting is that Marriage Story was nominated for the Best Picture at Academy Awards. The casting of Marriage Story is particularly brilliant and we wouldn’t exchange the star cast for anything in the world.


As an animal lover, I love Okja. In the mountains of South Korea live young Mija has been a caretaker and constant companion to titular Okja who is a massive animal. It’s been ten years of peace and happiness but that doesn’t last long in the wake of a multinational corporation who steals Okja from South Korea, brings him to New York. Lily’s role in the movie is cherished particularly. Gosh, we have been dying to see her play Audrey for the longest period of time now. And we hope she does soo.

The CEO of this corporation has big plans for Okja. So Mija sets out on a rescue mission to save Okja and bring her back to South Korea. The movie is directed by Boon Joon-ho of Parasite fame.


If you have time on your hands, please chose either Roma or Schindler’s List. Even though the two are based on polar opposite topics, and we haven’t recommended Schindler’s List in this piece, as a movie buff your life would be incomplete if you do not watch either of these. Roma remains one of the most critically acclaimed movies, to date. Due credit goes to the director who has created more cinematic masterpieces. If you find Roma boring in the beginning, please stay with it till the end, for it is an amazing watch. The first 30 minutes may seem tiring, but once the man walks out and the family goes on a vacation, the movie shows its real meaning. As in, why it was actually made.

Roma is the black and white tale of 1970s Mexico City, chiefly based on the lives of Mexican workers. The couple Antonio and Sofía live with their children and domestic help. When Antonia runs away with his mistress, Sofia, Cleo, and the kids go on a vacation. Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma was nominated for Best Picture at Academy Awards.

The Kissing Booth

How did we go from Roma to The Kissing Booth, you ask? It is only that simple. We are trying to keep the list highly diverse. The Kissing Booth is a teenager rom-com of two best friends, Elle and Lee. When the girl falls in love with her best friend’s brother, things start to get a bit complicated. To the extent that Lee and Elle break off their friendship. With Netflix, critical reviews don’t matter. So despite the fact that the movie failed to impress them, it was dubbed a Netflix hit for the sheer amount of views it got.

The Kissing Booth is an easy watch. So we will highly recommend it during the quarantine. You will love Joey as a teenager, who grows up to be a strong young woman without a mother. The scene where she wears previous years’ uniform for the new term, is absolutely killing. it is directed by Vince Marcello and the story is by Beth Reekles. The star cast includes Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, and Molly Ringwald. The story follows Elle (King), a late-blooming teenager who begins a romance with senior in the school and bad boy by reputation, Noah (Elordi). That action puts her lifelong friendship with Noah’s younger brother Lee (Courtney) in danger but she doesn’t stop. As soon as Lee comes to know about it, he reacts wildly. 

The Kissing Booth is a highly binged Netflix rom-com. It aired during the time when Sierra Burgess came around. Don’t worry, it doesn’t star Noah Centineo, and we wish it did. Joey is actually going out with the fellow actor from the movie, Joel.

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Nathan Hale is part of the core OtakuKart team and publishes news articles, mainly related to dating and gossip. Sometimes anime & manga. You can reach out to him at

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