The Crown: An Overlook Before Season 5 Comes Out

The Crown
The Crown

In the list of shows that people can’t seem to stop talking about in recent times, we have The Crown. If you are a person that follows the latest news in the entertainment world, you know exactly what we are talking about. Starting small, this series has reached unforeseen popularity in late 2020. Season 4 had left the viewers awestruck, and most of them were amazed by the great performance by the cast and the spotless writing. In 2021, people are still wondering if and when the next installment of The Crown will premiere.

There are many rumors about the show that are doing the rounds on the internet. From the next season’s premiere date to the potential cast – there is a whole lot of information online that you can pick and choose from. If you are a fan of the series, this might frustrate you. If you are looking to get into the series, well, you might potentially get frustrated too. This is where we come in. We have created a detailed analysis of the previous seasons of the series and have gathered the latest information from official sources. No need to thank us, you know we’re nice like that. Without further ado, let’s get right on to it!

The Crown
The Crown – Season 4

The Crown: what is it, and who is involved?

For starters, The Crown is a drama series that first premiered in 2014. As already mentioned, it currently has 4 seasons, with the latest one dropping on Netflix in November 2020. Ever since the 4th season came to an end, fans have been rallying for a new installment. The series was created by Peter Morgan and is a Netflix original. The cast of the show keeps changing every season, with a few recurring members securing their positions here and there.

The show follows the life story of someone we all know well: Queen Elizabeth II. Along the way, it also allows us to take a closer look at all the events that occurred around her and the people involved. This historical drama has managed to hit close to home for many a person – even those who normally wouldn’t show any interest in a genre of this sort. While part of the reason is the subject itself, the aesthetic is a great incentive too.

The series revolves around various instances in the Queen’s life, and each season focuses on one particular time period. Over the course of four seasons, the makers have managed to cover a great chunk of events and should definitely be lauded for this.

Season 1 – the beginning of something special

As mentioned earlier, season 1 of The Crown came out in November 2016. The audience was quite curious about this new historical show that promised to cover the life and times of someone so popular all over the world. This also seemed to be a difficult task, as the expectations surrounding it were immense. However, we can say that the first season managed to meet all of those to a certain extent.

The first season starts with the Queen’s marriage to Prince Philip. This being the main premise for much of the season, we already know where in her life this part of the series is set. The series also sees Winston Churchill becoming Prime Minister for the second time. The plot follows the events on Prince Philip and Churchill that reflect on the Queen’s life. The show was lauded for how realistic it got, all while making the show entertaining for the viewer.

The Crown Season 1
Claire Foy in The Crown – Season 1

Season 2 – the plot thickens

The next season of this series premiered in December 2017. By this time, most of the audience were well acquainted with the kind of show The Crown was. Due to this, excitement regarding this installment grew.

This season dealt with a lot of important plot points – or life events – in the story. For starters, we see the Queen and Prince Philip celebrate their 10th anniversary. Prince Charles is also introduced and is given a considerable portion of the limelight. But the most important turn of events in the season would be the developments that occur around Margaret and her romantic interests. The show focuses on how the decision of one person affects a group of people collectively. They portray this little element in a subtle yet impactful way and should be lauded for the same. This season managed to be a good progression to the storyline, and the fans were eager to know what came next.

The Crown - Season 2
The Crown – Season 2

Season 3 – building up to the next climax

This season of The Crown saw Olivia Colman take up the role of the Queen. This casting was welcomed in a very pleasing manner by the audience since we already knew the kind of work that the actor is capable of.

Season 3 of the crown starts with the passing of Winston Churchill. This being an important event from the historical perspective, the season has proven to be crucial in the show. The season also sees a lot of political turmoil that had taken place during this phase in the Queen’s life. She is seen being left to make some important decisions. She must face the consequences of these alone, and there is no running away from these. As we near the end of the series, we also see complications that occur in Princess Margaret’s marriage. She makes some questionable choices right after, and the audience is left to wait another season to figure out what will happen next.

The season has built up to the events that are yet to happen in season 4 pretty well. The show has seen some great storytelling, and the makers have proven that they are capable of even better with season 3. This installment introduced The Crown to more people, and the fanbase grew by a considerable amount by the time the next season dropped.

The Crown Season 3
Olivia Colman in The Crown – Season 3

Season 4 – where is the series at now?

This is by far the best season that the series has ever seen. Apart from the exciting set of events that Season 4 saw happening, the cast and crew that were involved also added a new dimension to the show. This is the latest season, and it dropped on Netflix in November 2020.

A good portion of the limelight was allotted to Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin. The actress was in the news for all the good reasons – having played the part to perfection. Olivia Colman had returned in Season 4 to reprise her role as the Queen, and the show was all the better for it. We also see Margaret Thatcher play an important role in the plot.

Season 4 of The Crown focuses on Princess Diana’s induction into the royal family and the events that occurred during those years. Starting with her introduction, the series ends on a, not of tension. The show shifts its focus from other plot points to the turbulence in Princess Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. As the season comes to a close, we see him get even more desperate to separate from the Princess. The season was a smashing success, and from the storyline, you already know why. The makers had done a great job in presenting this series as a work of entertainment to the audience rather than just a work of blase historical drama. This is where the show stands now, and from the looks of it, this season might be tough to top!

The Crown Season 4
Princess Diana – The Crown Season 4

Is there a Season 5? When will it premiere?

While the last installment was potentially meant to be the last in line, this does not seem to be the case. This new season of the series is one to reckon with as new cast members are being featured. One of the biggest developments will be the casting of Imelda Staunton as the Queen. Apart from this, the storyline will also pick up pace as it is nearing the end. This new season will also cover some of the darkest times of the royal family. With the tragic car crash that cost Princess Diana her life in 1997, we will also see some other turbulent events in the new season. This has given the audience even more things to analyze as the timeline is one that leads on to the present times.

As for the premiere of the new season, we might not see it drop until 2022. This is because of the makers’ decision to take a break from the production following the success of season 4. Production is set to resume in 2021 for the new installment – what many believe will be the last of this beloved show, although there are rumors of there being a potential season 6!

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