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As You Are Ending Explained: What Happens In The End?

As You Are Ending Explained
As You Are Ending Explained

Are you curious about the denouement of As You Are? This film by Miles Joris Peyrafitte leaves many things open to interpretation. So, we’re going to try to do the As You Are ending explained as best we can. Because this kind of film is a very cerebral one, leaving things to the imagination. Moreover, the 2016 American teen drama stars Owen Campbell, Amandla Stenberg and Charlie Heaton in great performances that leave you puzzled by the movie’s end.

Written by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and Madison Harrison and directed by Joris-Peyrafitte, this movie premiered back in 2016 at the Sundance Film Festival with great critics and a nice following. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the film. Reader beware, there are spoilers ahead!

As You Are Ending Explained

Let’s take a look at this film’s plot!

As You Are Plot

The movie, set in the 1990s, begins in a flashback with a battered Mark (Charlie Heaton) inspecting his wounds in the mirror before he and his friend Jack (Owen Campbell) venture into the woods and hear a gunshot. Police question the main characters as part of an ongoing investigation, which also frames the story.

A few months prior, Tom, a man with a son Jack’s age, starts dating Karen, Jack’s single mother. Jack meets Mark, the son, and the two hit it off immediately. They also become friends with Sarah (Amandla Stenberg), a local girl, after she defends them from a gang of thugs. Though Mark kisses Sarah during a game of spin the bottle (which causes Jack to appear envious), the three are initially platonic despite spending all their time together.

Shooting In The Field

The children practice shooting in a nearby field while Tom shows them his collection of firearms. Tom readily accepts Karen’s suggestion that Tom and Mark move in with her and Jack. Jack and Mark start living together and get closer as they use drugs and deal with puberty, sexuality, and the difficulties of the 1990s, including the death of their hero Kurt Cobain.

Mark makes out with Jack to give him experience after Jack tells Mark that he has never kissed anyone. Later, they kill a squirrel using some of Tom’s guns. Jack sees Tom physically abuse Mark that evening over a pointless occurrence, and things get worse when Mark skips school, and he and Jack go to the quarry with Sarah. Tom and Karen’s disagreement over raising the boys worsens when Karen learns that Tom had been preparing Jack for the Marines without telling her, which infuriates her. Jack, who is obviously in love with Mark, is devastated when Tom leaves the house after an argument and takes Mark with him.


Jack is left with Sarah as Mark departs from the school. After Sarah is rejected at prom, the two begin dating, but Sarah ends things when she realizes there is no chemistry between them. The two run into Mark hanging out with some criminals, but after the encounter, Mark returns to Jack, and the two make out again.

As You Are Trailer

As You Are Ending Explained

Mark and Sarah confess that they have begun dating, contrary to Jack’s expectation that he and Mark will get together. Mark tells Jack it will be simpler this way after Sarah agrees to let the two talk. Jack pushes Mark after shoving him because he feels betrayed, causing Mark to fall and hit his head on a rock. Tom is told that Mark will be fine at the hospital by a distraught Jack as he carries Mark there. Mark recovers at Karen’s home, telling Jack that he can’t recall what happened while the two are holding each other in Tom’s sight. As the investigation continues, it is discovered that Mark has passed away.

At the movie’s beginning, Mark arrives at Jack’s house with what appears to be a face injury from Tom. Mark confesses to Jack that he longs to be a female. Jack tries to seduce Mark by dressing like his mother and applying her makeup, but Mark rejects him. Before Mark shows up with his father’s guns, the two get wasted and head back into the woods. Before being startled by animal calls, the pair of confused individuals wanders the area. The story has an open ending. There is a gunshot, but it’s unclear whether Mark shot himself or Jack did it.

As You Are Ending Explained

What do you think of the As You Are movie’s ending?

Where To Watch As You Are?

You can watch As You Are from Amazon Prime Video, Vudu Fandango, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes and YouTube TV. With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention. Happy streaming and see you soon.

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