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Quantum Leap Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Still from Quantum Leap official trailer
Still from Quantum Leap official trailer

NBC has launched a new show, Quantum Leap, and with each episode released every week, ever since the debut of this show, it has gained massive popularity and attention from viewers all over the globe. The story revolves around the disappearance of Dr. Sam Beckett, who was last seen entering the Quantum Leap accelerator 30 years ago. Now, a fresh group of people has been put together with the intention of resuming the project’s work to unravel the mysteries surrounding the gizmo and the individual who designed and built it.

In this article, we will learn more about the show and therefore look into when the latest episode of the series are released. We will also look at the various streaming options available on the internet.

What’s Quantum Leap all about?

The science fiction television show Quantum Leap was produced in the United States by Donald P. Bellisario, and it debuted on NBC on March 26, 1989. The show ran for a total of five seasons, airing between May 5, 1989, and March 26, 1993. In the series, Scott Bakula plays the role of Dr. Sam Beckett, a scientist who finds himself inadvertently leaping through spacetime and time while conducting experiments in time travel. He does this by partially performing the function of other people in order to correct what he discovers to be errors in historical records.

Quantum Leap

Dean Stockwell co-stars in the show as Admiral Al Calavicci, Sam’s companion and best friend who is a womanizer, smokes cigars and appears to him as a hologram. Admiral Al Calavicci also researches the past and helps shape Sam’s opinions of it. The show combines elements of comedy, drama, love story, social criticism, and sci-fi throughout its episodes. In 2007, it earned the number 19 spot on TV Guide’s list of the “Top Cult Shows Ever.”

When will Quantum Leap Episode 8 release?

The latest episode of the series, Quantum Leap episode 8, is scheduled to be release on 7th October 2022 at 10:00 om E.T. In this latest episode, the viewers can expect to see that Ben finds himself in the torso of a man who is 16 years old as well as learns that he is between a group of outcast teenage boys who are on the chase; Ben needs to rely on his drive to steer himself as well as Addison to security, which leads inevitably to an unexpected revelation as a significant portion of Ben’s memories returns.

Space Travel shown in the series

Space Travel shown in the series

In the episode from the previous week, we saw Ben transform into a priest who was on his way to help a family that was having a difficult time on Halloween night. As he delves deeper into the strange and unexplainable occurrences, he is compelled to utilize every tool at his disposal as a researcher before the clock runs out.

Where to watch Quantum Leap?

The viewers are able to watch all of the most recent episodes of the series as well as all of the older episodes of Quantum Leap on various OTT platforms like NBC, Prime Video, Peacock TV, Vudu, or Apple TV. Though you will require an active membership in order to enjoy the show. 

After a free trial period of seven days, the regular price of an Apple TV subscription is just $6.99 for every month. Apple TV+ is a component of Apple One, the company’s subscription plan that combines as many as five of Apple’s other offerings into a one-time monthly fee. The starting price for an Apple One plan is $16.95 per month. Peacock is the home for all of your new favorite NBC shows that are available to stream. A subscription to Peacock Premium, which eliminates advertisements, costs $9.99 monthly or $99.99 per year.

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