How To Watch Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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How To Watch Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23?
(Credits: Nat Geo)

With the number being 1 in 11 million, coming across a fatal plane crash may seem rare, but knowing a thing or two about it might end up saving your life. Nat Geo’s Documentary series, Mayday Air Crash Investigation is one of those shows that provide a detailed explanation behind major issues such as Air Crashes, Hijackings, and other problems that an aircraft could encounter.

Cineflix originally produced the show back in 2002, and it was aired on televisions around the world a year later in September. Seeing the show immediately gain a lot of attention, many streaming platforms came forward to make a deal with Cineflix, these included Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and Seven Network to name a few. Over the years, Mayday has had multiple seasons, with the latest installment airing on January 3, 2023. 

Back in the time DVDs were popular, the people from a DVD review website claimed the show was compelling and had the perfect way of storytelling for those who are seeing the air crash cases for the first time. Mayday has had around 9 nominations, and won a Gemini Award in the year 2010, for its episode “Lokerbie Disaster.” Later in 2015, Mayday received a Canadian Screen Award for its picture editing.

The name of the series may differ based on the country it airs in, for instance, people from the United States may recognize it as Mayday, while those from Europe might know it as Air Crash Investigation. What began as a $2.5 million budget show in Cineflix’s office is now a fan favorite of many, due to the way it analyzes each aviation case. Mayday Air Crash Investigation is now aired n more than 144 countries. Stephen Bogaert serves as the narrator of the show.

Mayday Air Crash Investigation: About The Documentary

Just as any normal documentary would, Mayday Air Crash Investigation episodes each revolve around a certain case that might have happened anywhere in the world. These cases are usually plane crashes that caused widespread shock, Aircraft explosions, and other similar occurrences. Asides from providing a breakdown of the events, we see real footage, pictures, and Cockpit recordings that allow viewers to feel a sense of reality in an otherwise staged performance. The actors for each episode simulate the actual people that were present at the time of the accidents.

How To Watch Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23?
A Still from the Kobe Bryant Episode (Credits: Nat Geo)

At times, Mayday calls the survivors, researchers, and pilots themselves that were involved in the crash. Although the show may be considered a dramatization, it often follows the actual events much more closely, with the pilots using the cockpit recording as the guide. Aviation experts are featured at times, who talk about the crash and what steps should have been taken to avoid the disasters. Due to its realistic portrayal of cases, this documentary has been used to educate aspiring Pilots.

Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 22: Recap

The previous season of Mayday started airing on January 23rd, 2022. It began with the case of Alaskan Airlines Flight 261, which had a direct fall into the Pacific Ocean. The next episode featured the TWA Flight 841’s terror. The plane was set to have a life-threatening nosedive into the land but was able to escape the tragedy. Investigators and researchers of the flight’s issues will be taking the matter into their own hands to see just what caused the plane to undergo malfunctions.

Episode three, titled “Stealth Bomber Down” talks about the special aircraft’s worst-ever accident that happened in Guam. The crash wasted millions of money that were used to make the aircraft, and US Air Force goes to investigate the exact reason behind the crash. We then see the miraculous case of Trans Aur Service 671. The plane had a terrible explosion that broke off its right wing. Despite the grim situation, the pilots were able to make the proper decisions and ended up landing safely at the French Airfield.

The accident of Flydubai Flight 981 is explored as well. The plane flew right into a Russian airport and destroyed everything in its path. After having a look at what went wrong, the investigators see that the aircraft had a Trap all along, which became the reason for its ultimate downfall. We then see the mysterious case of Martinair Flight 495, which had crashed into Portugal. The reasons were assumed to be the bad weather or any other similar disturbances, but when the investigators broke down whatever facts they know, no conclusion can be made. 

How To Watch Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23?
Investigators list out the possible issues (Credits: Nat Geo)

Episode 7 investigates the heartbreaking crash of Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter. The news stunned social media and all sports fans around the world. Clues, facts, and all kinds of evidence are brought into the picture to help understand the reason for the horrible accident. The show then covers the case of Flagship Airlines Flight 3379. The turboprop uncovers a bunch of flaws in the design of the aircraft, which were responsible for its crash in North Carolina. 

American Airlines Flight 1572 could have been involved in a scary accident with many lives on the line. Due to weather conditions, the control tower which provides help to the airplane was shut down. The flight ended up experiencing an engine failure, which risked its landing at an airport in Connecticut. The final episode of season 22 features the case of Air Illinois Flight 710.

After the 10 usual episodes, Mayday Aur Craft Investigation aired special episodes from July 10th, 2022 to August 21st, 2022. The special report cases talked about airplanes such as Turkish Airlines 737, Southwest Flight 1380, Air Canada Flight 797, and many others. The Turkish airline’s case is mostly due to the Pilot’s mistakes which eventually led to it crashing. Asides from this, we also see a military episode where pilots and their experience flying in war zones are investigated.

The special report episode titled “Accidents In The Air” explores the tragic case of Southwest Flight 1380. The aircraft had a mysterious explosion, but the real disaster was when one of the passengers seated nearby had gotten sucked out of the airplane mid-flight.

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Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23: Episode Schedule

Seeing that the show usually has around 10 episodes each season, The 23rd installment of Mayday Air Crash Investigation could end by April of this year. Mayday also airs special episodes which will be aired after the season airs its last episode, such as in July, August, and September.  The episode schedule this year would be:

The details of the first 5 episodes have been revealed. The first episode titled “Pressure Point” revolves around the case of Japan Airlines Flight 123, a Boeing plane that was faulty due to human error. The plane crash claimed the lives of more than 500 people and even had international passengers that all, unfortunately, passed away.

The second episode, titled “Deadly Exchange”, revolves around Corporate Airlines Flight 123 which crashed in Missouri. As we uncover the case, it becomes apparent that the cause was not just any Mechanical issue, but instead was something that could have been avoided completely.

How To Watch Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23?
Crash Site of One Of The Airplanes (Credits: Nat Geo)

With the title Mixed Signals, the third episode is focused on the Independent Air Flight 1851. The Boeing 707 has no reason to malfunction or crash midway, but it still ended up colliding with a mountain before it could reach its destination in the Dominican Republic. It’s only by analyzing the Cockpit Voice recordings that we are revealed that this Boeing 707 was already in deep trouble from the moment it started the last flight.

The fourth episode will be talking about the PNG Flight 1600 that crashed in Papa New Guinea, while the episode after it will be based on the Air Astana Flight 1388 crash that took place due to a flaw within the mechanics of the aircraft.

Mayday Air Crash Investigation Season 23: Streaming Guide

New episodes are aired on Nat Geo at 8:00 pm ET. Episodes from the previous seasons can be streamed on Amazon, Nat Geo TV, Apple TV, or Disney+ for audiences from US, UK, Australia, and Canada (Hotstar for Indian Viewers). YouTube TV and Now TV are other options, although these may not work for viewers outside the US. The newest season has not yet started airing in other countries, but you can catch up on previous episodes until then.

The YouTube Channel of Mayday Air Crash Investigation also posts short clips, Full Episodes, as well as spoilers of the upcoming episodes at times. These can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

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