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Who is Hunter Biden’s Baby Momma? Answered

Who Are Hunter Biden's Baby Mommas?
Who Are Hunter Biden's Baby Mommas?

Hunter Biden cannot stay away from being the talk of the town for controversial reasons, can he? Well, the American president’s son has made the headlines for quite a few wrongdoings. Two years back, it was reported by media outlets that Hunter Biden is the father of a child whom he reportedly had with a stripper from a Washington DC club. Lunden Roberts, the mother, revealed that Hunter Biden and her relationship went on during 2017-2018.

Interestingly enough, Hunter Biden was dating his sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, formerly the wife of Beau Biden around this period. Roberts said that she got pregnant after the break-up of the couple. However, Hunter Biden denied these claims for a period of time until he was sure by Lunden Roberts in Arkansas circuit court. He was asked to take a paternity test and well, you know how that went, he finally had to admit that he is indeed the father of the child.

More controversies shook up as she revealed that she “begged” Hunter Biden to see their baby once, however, he showed no interest in doing that. A news outlet broke a news that he secretly made a judge to reduce parental support from his end due to “financial restraints”, and a month later, Hunter Biden somehow got Lunden Roberts out of his payroll and health insurance plan.

Investigations led to find quite a few scandalous elements from the “laptop from hell”, a name popularly given because of the contents present in his laptop. That laptop contained all the evidences of Lunden Roberts’ claim and indeed, she was truthful. Therefore, it brings us to give a brief sketch about her.

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Who Is Lunden Roberts?

Lunden Roberts or Lunden Alexis Roberts is an ex-stripper of an unidentified Washington D.C. club. She went by the name, “Dallas” as per reports. She is 31 years old.  She settled the case of acknowledgement of Hunter Biden being the Father of her daughter with $2.5 million. She met Hunter Biden there and as per reports, their relationship lasted for quite a long time.. Why so? Well, it was revealed that she was on his firm’s payroll from the time she was not even pregnant. That makes you think, isn’t it?

Lunden Roberts and Navy Joan Roberts

Lunden Roberts and Navy Joan Roberts (Image Courtesy – NY Post)

Hunter Biden has a child with her. The child’s name is Navy Joan Roberts and she is 4 years old. An inspiring story emerged suddenly a year ago that Roberts is studying and getting her masters degree from FBI CSI and she is working for them as well.

Unfortunately, the Twitter and media outlets criticized Hunter Biden to not even recognizing her and the daughter properly at all. The Biden family did not accept the child as well and went on to ignore the illegitimate child’s identity. However, Lunden Roberts struck the media outlets and courts with her courage and determination to make her daughter be recognized, that is indeed an appreciable quality of her.

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Hunter Biden’s Baby Mothers

Well, he is a father to 5 children, including Navy Joan Roberts. He had children with three different women. Let’s break it down.

At first, he was married to Kathleen Buhle. Their marriage lasted from 1993 till 2017. They had three daughters together, namely, Naomi Biden, Finnegan Biden, and Maisy Biden. Well, the divorce happened due to him starting a relationship with his brother’s widow, Hallie Olivere Biden, in 2016. The marriage did not last long after he was caught being dishonest with his wife.

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen with their child

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen with their child (Image Courtesy – Fox News)

Secondly, he got involved in yet another scandal as suddenly news outlets reported that an ex-stripper named, Lunden Alexis Roberts is the mother of Hunter Biden’s illegitimate child. He did deny it, however, the law forced him to take a DNA test and that proved it. The daughter’s name, as mentioned before, is Navy Joan Roberts. She is not considered a part of the Biden family as of now. Reportedly, she has petitioned the court to change the child’s surname to Biden for the benefit from the association of the Biden family.

Thirdly, Biden met the popular filmmaker, Melissa Cohen, in 2019 and well, he got married to her a week after their first meeting. They have a son together, named Beau (the irony), who was born in 2020.

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