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Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10
Perfect World(credits: Tencent)

Are you excited about Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10? We got you. The next episode of this amazing Chinese anime series is right around the corner, and fans are looking forward to same. But before jumping into the release date of Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10, let us first have a look at the quick introduction of the plot and characters of the anime

Perfect World is the anime adaptation of the light novel written by Chen Dong, the same name. It follows the life of Shi Hao, who is a young guy born into a unique world filled with powerful people.  In this world, different villagers fight with each other in order to gain full control and power of the country in their hands. 

While different rich and strong families are trying to kill each other, on the other hand, our main character, Shi Hao, is born into a poor family with the poorest conditions, but he is not an ordinary guy but rather a genius blessed by heaven. Although the clan he is born in is poor, they hold some mysterious past. 

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Being a heavenly chosen is a known fact for his clan members too, and according to them, Shi Hao should rise in order to become a genius. To help him achieve this goal, the clan members go through every possible effort to help him in his cultivation. In the meantime, they not only struggle to fight against other clans in order to protect themselves but also battle against various monsters.

Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10

Perfect World(credits: Tencent)

Throughout his journey, he goes through different hardship, various lands all around the world, and make new friends and new enemies until he becomes a person stronger than anyone of any clan. 

Other than being extremely powerful, Shi Hao is an honest and kind-hearted guy, and yes of course, like other main characters of the light novels, he is also naive. Later in the story, he becomes a total foodie. When he doesn’t have anything to eat, he kills and kills and kills, of course, except humans, as he cannot eat them. 

When he was one year old (although he used to look like a few months old because of his weak body), his parent left him at Stone Village. When he was not completely even nine years old, Shi Hao’s parents found out that he has born with heavenly bones, and this is why he always own primitive impressions, earned his unique and precious techniques, and all this one day would eventually make him a supreme specialist in the future.

Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10

Perfect World(credits: Tencent)

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Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10 Release Date

The next episode of the Chinese anime series, Perfect World, is going to be released and will be out on the release schedule without showing any type of delay. Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10 is scheduled to be out for the fans to watch on January 20, 2023.

The various times and dates at which Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10 will be available in various parts of the world according to their times are as follows.

  • 09:30 PM in New York City, USA (EST) on January 20
  • 02:30 AM (Saturday) in London, UK (GMT) on January 21
  • 05:30 AM (Saturday) in Paris, France (CET) on January 21
  • 11:30 AM (Saturday) in Tokyo, Japan (JST) on January 21
  • 10:30 AM (Saturday) in Sydney, Australia (AEDT) on January 21
  • 05:30 AM (Saturday) in Mumbai, India (IST) on January 21
  • 04:00 AM (Saturday) in Beijing, China (CST) on January 21
  • 08:30 AM (Saturday) in Seoul, South Korea (KST) on January 21

Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10 Streaming Guide

You can watch the upcoming Perfect World Season 15 Episode 10, as well as previous episodes of this season and the previous season, on the official site of Tencent QQ. In order to watch the upcoming episode of the anime series, you must have an active premium membership to the site. Although the site is region restricted. 

If you cannot access the site, you can still watch the upcoming episode of your anime series simply by using a VPN. Although other than Tencent, the episode will also be available on Bilibili, Youtube, and Dailymotion.

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