Who Is Molly Meldrum’s Partner? The Music Critic’s Personal Life

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Who Is Molly Meldrum's Partner
Who Is Molly Meldrum's Partner?

Want to know who Molly Meldrum’s partner is? Yes, we are talking about the music critic who is making headlines for exposing himself at the Rod Stewart concert. Following that, he even apologized for it. Keeping that aside for now, what’s more, concerning is- how happening is Molly’s love life. Before learning that, let’s briefly discuss Molly Meldrum’s prominence in the industry. 

Molly Meldrum is all-in-one. He isn’t just a music critic but a journalist and record producer too. He has been doing wonders since 1966, and we can’t get over him. Well, Molly is majorly known for serving as the music news presenter of Countdown. It aired from 1974 to 1987. If you consider yourself a great fan of Molly Meldrum, you will probably like his signature accessory, the Stetson hat. Don’t you? 

As a record producer, some of Molly Meldrum’s work include The Real Thing, Dont Fall in Love, I Like It Both Ways, Day by Day, etc. People also know him for starring in the variety TV program, Hey Hey It’s Saturday. Now, being 80 years old, Molly is still at the top of the news, and that’s wonderful. 

Coming back to Molly Meldrum’s personal life, it calls for the discussion of his sexuality. The music critic confuses people by interchanging the terms to be “gay” and “bisexual” while describing himself. However, he once shared about having girlfriends and getting engaged a few times. But the question is- what’s happening now? If you are looking for Molly Meldrum’s partner, here is what we know. 

Who Is Molly Meldrum's Partner?
Molly Meldrum: The Countdown’s music news presenter (CC: Youtube)

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Molly Meldrum’s Partner: Everything To Know 

Talking about his love interest, Molly Meldrum’s partner is Yan Wongngam. In case you are wondering, Yan is professionally a businessman who owns a courier company in Thailand. Molly and Yan are considered to be each others’ biggest supporters. They have been together for more than three decades. It’s unknown when and how did they meet each other. But, Molly once shared in an interview, “We’ve been together for 30 or so years.” 

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Fans have been lately speculating how Molly Meldrum’s relationship with Yan Wongngam worked during the lockdown. Why? Because they are from two different countries. And the lockdown situation was more like a nightmare for long-distance couples. On this note, Molly shared that it was pretty difficult for him as a part of his life is in Thailand, which is more like his second home. 

Little did you know, Molly Meldrum’s partner, Yan Wongngam, and he both attended Bert Newton’d funeral. It was pathetic for both. Well, they prefer to keep their relationship away from the media. Following that, they hardly make public appearances together.

But, when they make it, the cameras are all in front. Back in February 2013, Molly Meldrum and his longtime partner, Yan Wongngam, were spotted at the Mushroom Group’s 40th anniversary. It was held at the Thousand Pound Ben. 

Who Is Molly Meldrum's Partner?
Molly Meldrum and Yan Wongngam are always together (CC: Zimbio)

Knowing about their longtime togetherness, one question must have been raised in your mind- why didn’t Molly Meldrum and Yan Wongngam marry yet? In 2016, the music critic shared that they don’t feel like marriage is a mandatory thing to do.

In other words, they don’t consider it as a compulsion for their relationship. So, we can’t expect Molly and Yan to tie the knot anytime soon. Molly said, “Same-sex marriage is fine, but it’s not our thing. If people want to do it, then they should.” 

Whenever asked, Molly Meldrum’s partner, Yan, has always been praised and appreciated. It’s understandable how strong they are as a couple. In another way, we may say that things are great between the two. That feels so nice! 

Best Wishes to Molly Meldrum for the remaining days of his life. Make sure you follow this music critic, Molly, on his social media account for more updates. We are hopeful that Yan will stay by his side, like this, always. 

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