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13 Best Mature Anime Series To Watch At Night

Attack on Titan
Food Wars

The world of anime encompasses a broad variety of subjects. Most people – those who have never gone too far into the world of anime – seem to believe that anime is targeted exclusively at children or adolescents. However, those who have seen animation always throughout their lives, and thus had the opportunity to fully experience the anime universe, will understand that certain shows are certainly not for children. In reality, some anime may contain mysterious, nuanced themes that clearly relate – and cater to – adults, and some shows may contain material for adults, such as nudity, graphical violence scenes, etc. We tried in this list to include mature shows that an older audience especially likes and whose theme adults appreciate and understand better. We speak about anime with a good plot, in-depth character analysis and sexual sprinkling, emotional discomfort, and even gore.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the best and amazing mature anime that you should watch if you are a fan of anime that deals with the more mature side of the medium.

1. Erased

The erased anime series on this list is just 12 episodes of well-created anime for your quick binge session. Satoru Fujinuma is a 29-year old man with a force he calls “revival” It is a killing mystery anime that unfolds so that all spectators are shaken to see the anime’s peak. This power takes him a few minutes back in time so that he can repair everything. But one day, Satoru’s mother is assassinated and he is the key suspect.It is regarded as one of the best mature-themed anime. This is the moment when Satoru was in Hokkaido for 18 years when his strength sent it back. Will the revival ask him to repair something to save his mother there? And is this linked to the kidnapping and assassination of Kayo Hinazuki, one of his classmates? A man starts the research in the body of the 11-year-old Satoru, to find out the truth that is surprising … Between the mature anime out there, this is a true masterpiece. Its mood gives a lasting sensation.

2. Food Wars

A rather appetizing definition will certainly please your palate and sense of smell. Food wars, yeah, yeah! Centers on the way to Yukihiro Soma, the son of a gorgeous chef who owns a simple yet sought-after dinner known as the Yukihiro Diner. To continue his father’s quest to become the world’s finest chef, Yukihira is invited to attend the Totsuki Academy, a renowned culinary institution. Yukihira is in the most demanding and exciting world of cooking. He has what it takes to make you love the true spice of cooking because of his impudent personality. Food Wars is not shy about his fan service either. Seeing when you see both boys and girls in the flesh. It is regarded as one of the best mature anime

3. Clannad After Story

Clannad After Story is one of those shows that pretends to follow the already known formula of storytelling but then ends up moving well above the wishes of the viewer. It is regarded as one of the best mature-themed anime. Tomoya and Nagisa’s love story came to a very satisfactory checkpoint at the end of the first season, where Tomoya confesses his feelings for Nagisa in an adorable way, and we may have met them happily ever after. But they weren’t, because that’s not how life functions. True life doesn’t just end with a confession scene. The story of Clannad proceeds with less regard to the love feelings of its characters (not that they have ever been so important), but more to their hardships as the world throws them into misery and suffering. Between Tomoya’s proving his dependence and Nagisa’s dealings with her crippling body, the couple reveals that even after going through the most extreme mental upheaval and loss of life, the family can still come together.

4. Attack on Titan

Eren has always tried to see what lies beyond the gates, but giants resembling human males known as “Titans” wander the lands and celebrate humans only. Humanity is on the verge of destruction, and the only safe refuge in the walls that surround three big cities. One day, a titan burst through the wall that held Eren and his family safe, and a titan killed his mother. It was on that day that Eren vowed to destroy every titan in life. WIT Studio’s first anime ended up being their biggest success. Attack On Titan has taken the world by surprise and has become a new icon, not only catching the hearts of anime lovers but also non-anime lovers. Attack On Titan is an exciting action sequence with amazing animation and a beautiful soundtrack. There are also several aspects of intrigue when attempting to snoop for traitors and uncover the identity of those titans. Attack On Titan doesn’t hold back when it comes to the terrible death scenes that the Titans are inducing, and the deaths are becoming more brutal. It is one of the best anime for mature anime fans.

5. Blade Of Immortal

It is an anime set in feudal Japan, where there lives a samurai named Manji, who was cursed by a nun. Manji is the protagonist of this novel. He is invincible, holding many arms at all times. He is responsible for the deaths of many decent ones. Manji promises to murder 100 bad men for every decent man he’s lost to restore his mortality. The individual responsible for his immortality agrees with his plan, and Manji sets out to destroy 1,000 evil men. In his journey, he encounters a girl who seeks vengeance on the death of her parents. Manji has agreed to support her.It is regarded as one of the best mature anime It’s an original Amazon anime so you can stream it to Amazon Prime Video. Watch it if you like those fine old samurai classics. The most plus factor for me is the lack of ability of Manji’s main character. If he hadn’t been immortal, he must have been killed several times over.

6. Nana

The 20-year-old Nana Komatsu, a naive woman who easily falls in love with the people around her, leaves her little hometown by train after saving sufficient money to visit Tokyo to meet her boyfriend and friends. Fortunately, on this trip, she meets another Nana from the same generation, and on a long train ride to Tokyo, they create a bond. Nana Osaki is a Punk Rock singer with Nana Komatsu’s opposite theme.It is regarded as one of the best mature anime Osaki is solid, independent, and highly positive. While she had been the leading vocalist of a renowned band and dated as a bassist, she had left her rural hometown to become an active vocalist. Both of them have a fateful encounter and eventually rent a flat together. Nana is a splendid anime that shows two woman’s lovely ties, but an almost inseparable attachment, as she lives with romance, heartbreaks, and struggle.

7. Scum’s Wish

It focuses on Hanabi Yasuraoka, a seventeen-year-old girl in love with her teacher, Narumi Kanai, who happens to be her childhood friend. Kanai is in turn in love with the music teacher Akane Minagawa, a beautiful yet average person. Mugi is a 17-year-old boy with a Minagawa crush who only loves her. Together, Hanabi and Mugi both chose to substitute each other for their beloved ones by their unwanted feelings for unattainable individuals.It is one of the best anime for mature anime fans. Think twice before you start Kuzu no Honkai if you are dreaming of your conventional shoujo with tender feelings and platonic interactions. The reason for this display is evident from the first episode and is listed as his. Kuzu no Honkai describes delicious romances, the treachery of evil individuals, and all human flaws. It is painfully realistic, and much of the time rage frustration.

8. Code Geass

It is still a wonder for the anime community and was one of the most celebrated achievements of Sunrise Inc. which has influenced a number of series and has become the standard for all mecha anime. It is regarded as one of the best mature anime.It is one of Sunrise Studio’s best animes but is also one of the top anime series. The International Anime Fair has won numerous prizes, including the “Best Anime.” Manga, light novels, OVA, and even video games are included in the franchise. The story follows the lord of the spiritual power of Geass, Lelouch Lamperouge, the prostitute Prince of Britannia who led his father and his former UK revolt. Code Geass, which is known as having moral problems, social struggle, political instability, and radical populism, relies on his informative dialogue and well-designed characters, and quick action to further his story.

9. Prison School

Hachimitsu Private Academy was a prestigious boarding-school for all girls, but it switched to a review of School policies, as even boys can now register. Only 5 students, Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Andre, and Jo, are accepted but ostracised quickly.It is one of the best anime for mature anime fans. The five boys decide therefore to follow a risky path: they can not interact with their schoolmates and prefer to peer into their toilets. They were, of course, discovered and thrown into the dungeon, but they did not know what the “punishment” meant for the children, really … Prison School is a mature animation capable of distracting and upsetting the audience. If we have lovely women on one side who have generous boob shots, then the sexy girls of the Student Council on the other side know how to damage the glory of a man. The audience does not know exactly whether they should laugh at or cherish the boys when they are being punished most impeccably.

10. Mushishi

The basic type of life is called “Mushi” and everywhere, but only a few are doomed to see it. Ginko is among them, he’s a music-shi, and he’s going from place to place to research the spirits because he can see them. The purpose of his quest is to find a way to help people Mushi unconsciously learn more about them. Among mature animals there, Mushishi is a rare gem. This is an introspective film since the viewers confront numerous delicate topics such as the loss of love, fear, and soul through the supernatural elements and Ginko’s journey. Mushishi is an episodic anime with just Ginko, which is pleasantly slow in pace. In every aspect, it is motivational and helps the audience to focus on the meaning of life. It was a little unnoticed when it debuted, but we accept that our first role here is totally worth it.

11. Samurai X

If you like good old samurai films, you can take a shot of this anime, but watch it carefully, you are hooked. The plot was founded by Hitokiri Battosais during the Meiji Era in Japan. A swordsman who changed Himura Kenshin’s name: running to defend the men around Japan. In Japan, when samurai, ronin, and ninjas were there, she is well recognized for her prominence. While the best description for Rurouni Kenshin is the trip for the revenge of Kenshin, Trust and Deception give us an insight into the tragedy of his life. In his time, we see Kenshin, along with Tomoe, learn of the milder parts of life he gave up to join the revolution. Seeing Kenshin struggling to maintain his dignity, recognizing the essence of his love and of his beloved and returning to his personal hell straight away is pitiful, resonating with every spectator’s experiences of joy and loss.

12. No Game No Life

Sora and Shiro, the two siblings, knew only the gaming world for life. They use their superintelligence to conquer the world of online games under the so-called Zero. The god of another universe wants a test, which leads to his domain, in which all conflicts are not resolved by violence, but by games. And unexpectedly the greatest game ever has been discovered by Sora and Shiro. The anime triggering the term ‘No Anime No Life’ is no game of No Life. It gave the relatively recent Game Anime genre a wide follow-up. Can fans like the way in which our leading characters put intellectual rather than brutality to their enemies? After all, the daily Jesus-Kun Game Anime is a dazzling breath of fresh air where a single man defied it all in his way.

13. Cowboy Beebop

Cowboy Bebop is a mixture of different genres including sci-fi, neo-noir, and space-western, which is not connected to any specific genre and is better described as one which is just a fan of any of these genres or as a classic Anime enthusiast in general. The voice performing and writing was the next step and was one of the best in the period. Steven Blum has given a lifetime performance like Spike. It’s headed by Shinichiro Watanabe and is one of the best anime ever. Anime follows Spike’s exploits and the crew of Spike, the hunting of the criminals and the universe’s rewards include Faye Valentine, Jet Black, and Edward.




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