Tony “The Closer” Girlfriend: Did The NFL Player’s Partner Leave Him?

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Tony Robinson
Tony "The Closer"

When you put your all into something, you excel at it. But what ensues once you stop working at it? Is Life over? Nope. You take up something else you’re fantastic at, and Tony Robinson did just that. After their gaming professions come to a close, NFL players oftentimes do not pursue other careers. They usually get a lifelong pension and spend the remainder of their years in nowheresville and former fame.

Regardless, some people decide to pursue skills and professions they otherwise would not have known to have, surprising fans. When his NFL career was over, Tony Robinson, often known as Tony “The Closer,” did just this. In contrast to others who are only interested in making the extra buck, he really wants to empower people from every ilk of background.

When he first started his vocation, Tony had to face a noteworthy challenge. He entered a collaboration with a man who ultimately hurt his professional reputation. He learned that he wasn’t the teammate he thought he was, and he repeatedly tried to ruin Tony’s career, but Tony came out on top.

His list of accomplishments now includes both his own and his aid to others, leaving their imprint. Non-football internet users love him because of his power to give back to society. He claims that other people’s success defines his own, although his life has not gone well right once. He was backstabbed once more, but this time it was by his lover.

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Tony “The Closer” Robinson: The Legendary NFL Entrepreneur 

Former USA-based football quarterback Tony Robinson played quarterback for the Washington Redskins in the NFL. He spent his childhood in Tallahassee, wherein he began playing football with nearby juveniles at a very immature age. From 1982 through 1985, Robinson participated in collegiate football at Tennessee State University.

Tony "The Closer" Robinson
Tony “The Closer” In NFL

He guided the 1985 “Sugar Vols” team through a challenging first half of the season and, up until he damaged his knee, was a Heisman Award prospect. In the 1986 Draft Pick, he was not selected. In the 2000 movie The Replacements, Michael Jace and Keanu Reeves haphazardly dramatized his position in the NFL game when he participated as a replacement.

Upon his departure to Tallahassee, Tony combated drug usage for more than ten years, accruing twenty-five petty convictions, most of which were for drug possession. But the controversy soon died away. Robinson received acclaim as a “Legend of the Game” on November 9, 2013, during Tennessee’s matchup with Auburn.

He is the founder of the current IT’S OUR TURN campaign. “The Closer”‘s 21 Proven Secrets to Close More Wholesale Sales in 30 Days is one of his best-selling books. He is also the originator of the 100K Club Televised Event. Like most of us, he underwent ordeals after experiencing great success, but he persevered, and you see now where he is.

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Tony “The Closer” Girlfriend: Did She Cheat On Him?

Short answer? Yes. The internet has gone crazy once more after a leaked interview with veteran footballer Tony “The Closer,” in which he recounts the saga of how his sweetheart deceived him by dating Meek Mill behind his back resurfaced. The former NFL star said his flame had slept together with one of his favorite musicians.

Meek Mill
Meek Mill

The initial video was from Million Dollaz Worth of Game, case 61 of Gillie and Wall267’s podcast. In it, Tony describes how he came to learn that, in 2017, his dear had been having an unwelcomed affair with an anonymous Philadelphian. He swore he was apprehensive about his girlfriend’s response to his bid to use her cellphone to reach AT&T so they could fix his device.

The mysterious man was soon determined to be Meek after Tony secretly checked his girlfriend’s phone. He soon found out that his girlfriend had been emailing this person nude pictures. Tony claims he has no ill feelings for Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill despite the truth that he stole his now-ex-girlfriend.

On the other side, Meek Mill claims he has no memory of having sex with an NFL player’s lover. Because he resolved matters with her—who is now his ex and has moved on to a new love—Tony thinks it is irrelevant.

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