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Treadstone Season 2: Release Date, Plot and Cast


Treadstone is the prequel to the Bourne Film Franchise and is an action drama television series. The creator of the show is Tim Kring who has also part in producing the show. It can also be regarded as a spy series and can be watched on USA Network. The show revolves around covert CIA operations whose recruits have almost superhuman strengths. The show covers many locations like Washington D.C. and Berlin.

Who is the cast in Treadstone?

The main protagonist of the show is Jeremy Irvine who plays the role of J. Randolph Bentley, who is a spy on a mission to kill a target. We also have Brian J. Smith who plays Doug McKenna. Omar Metwally plays Matt Edwards, another CIA agent. The other casts include Hyo Joo Han, Tracy Ifeachor, Gabrielle Scharnitzky, Emilia Schule and so on.

What is the plot of Treadstone?

Treadstone revolves around the operations of the CIA who actually led to the creation of Jason Bourne. You can learn about Bourne from the novels by Robert Ludlum and also the movie series based on it. Treadstone serves as the sequel to the story which is shown in the stories as it leads to the creation of Bourne.

The show has a lot of action and covers a wide range of locations such as Berlin, Russia, North Korea, and Paris. As the story progresses we see Treadstone members coming together as allies and enemies and are on a mission of tackling international conspiracy. We find Jason going against the Treadstone as he tries to claim his freedom. We have also seen the same in the movies, how the agents turn into assassins and go against their masters.

Dough Mc Kenna is seen as involved in his own mission which is about killing a man who is causing the problem in the mining of the country. Despite failing, the CIA persuades him that if we succeed the ending of season one is not a dead-end but has set the path for season 2 to arrive. With Treadstone, we will get to experience many elements from the Bourne universe. The show will be coming with some good action, an awesome soundtrack, a deadly story that is keeping the fans desperate.

When is Treadstone Season 2 coming out?

Treadstone Season 2 is expected to come around October 2020. There have been no official announcements but looking at the date of the first season, we are confident about this date.

The show has received good praise and has a good fan following by now. The Bourne universe continues to expand and with the prequel, we will come to know, how things were set from the origin. Stay tuned for getting an update on the same.

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