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37 Movies Like Glass Onion: A Knives Out Sequel That One Might Thoroughly Enjoy

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Featured Image

Winter is a time for the dreary and cold. A time to snuggle under the blanket in the cozy warmth of the fire and indulge in a mystery novel, one that’ll send your head spinning and the adrenaline coursing through your veins till you turn over to the very last page. Glass Onion, a sequel to the hit detective movie, does precisely that for you, except on screen. 

Starring a stellar cast comprising Daniel Craig, Madeline Cline, Edward Norton, and Kate Hudson, this movie is one for all detective movie lovers out there. Knives Out introduced Daniel Craig as the new Belgian detective in town, unpopular among his targets but popular for his astute skills in sniffing out a criminal.

Benoit Blanc has an offbeat disposition, a knack for finesse and cleanliness, to sneak in order among the disorderly, and, more importantly, a heavily accented English that makes it hard for people to take him seriously. It also works in his favor for most cases, and this movie is a clear depiction of how eccentricities may win you the case. 

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion

Daniel Craig in Glass Onion

Directed by Rian Johnson, the plot follows the story of a tech billionaire, Miles Bron, played by Edward Norton, who hosts a murder mystery game at his private palace, Glass Onion, somewhere in Greece. There has been a Covid outbreak, and as such, the location and the guests have to be properly contained and isolated.

Brons invites four friends along with detective Blanc, and one shows up uninvited, Cassandra Brand, who co-founded Alpha with Brons but later lost a legal battle and her place in the company. What follows next is a whirlwind of events, with the pretend-murder mystery culminating into an actual murder mystery and Cassandra being the victim.

The film is told in retrospect, with a few parts that occur when the plot unfolds, but the rest of the movie plays out in Blanc’s memory with the sole motive of finding the murderer. Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the famous Benoit Blanc could be related to Christie’s famous detective, Hercule Poirot, not so much in the get-up as in the personality traits and quirks and exercising the gray cells when it comes to solving the mystery.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022 and even received two nominations at the Golden Globes, including one for Best Actor for Daniel Craig. If you are a big fan of mystery plots and detective movies and love the Knives Out duo, then we have hand-picked 37 movies that will surely appeal to you.

1. Knives Out

Rian Johnson shot to fame through this Daniel Craig starrer and the original Knives Out movie that introduced Benoit Blanc as the Belgian detective, freshly called on duty to investigate the murder of a wealthy billionaire, Harlan Thrombey, played by Christopher Plummer. Thrombey happened to be a crime novelist, and his estate was envied by his next of kin.

Action Movies

Knives Out

In such a terse family duel, only one could be trusted to never leave Thrombey’s side, his caretaker, Marta, played by the beautiful Ana De Armas. However, when Thrombey dies, all suspicions fall on Marta, the last to be seen with Thrombey, and it is up to Blanc to verify the truth of the matter. The movie was widely appreciated by critics and went on to win an Oscar nomination and 52 other awards in various categories.

2. Murder on The Orient Express

This is yet another detective movie adapted from crime queen novelist Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name. Kenneth Branagh plays the world-famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, who gets trapped in a train along with eight other strangers but each with a history of their own. When the train gets caught in a blizzard and stops moving, a murder gets committed in the dead of night, leaving Poirot to ponder the true identity of the murderer.

Murder on The Orient Express movie poster

Murder on The Orient Express

The film boasts a colorful palette, which is both rich and vintage in taste and borrows heavily from the cinematographic style of the late 40s. The movie stars Dame Judy Dench, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, and even Willem Defoe. It won one award and 25 nominations in different categories and could be an entertaining watch for all murder mystery fans out there.

3. Death on the Nile

Gal Gadot and Armie Hammers get together to deliver this doomed murder mystery romance that is once again borrowed from Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name. Branagh reprises his role as the famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, who joins a group of wealthy young and old individuals on a tour of the Nile.

Death on the Nile movie poster

Death on the Nile

Gadot plays the role of a wealthy young woman who has recently married a man of smaller prospects and lover of her former best friend, Henrietta. Henrietta is full of spite against both but joins the crowd on the tour that tragically ends with Gadot’s character being shot in the dead of night. The movie is perhaps not the perfect rendition of the murder novel. Nevertheless, it manages to pack in quite a punch.

4. Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law get together to deliver this classic screen adaptation of Conan Doyle’s famous novel series. Downey Jr plays the role of Sherlock Holmes, the famous and extremely eccentric sleuth Sherlock who also happens to be a social recluse but manages to solve problems that might even baffle Scotland Yard. Joining him on his journey is Irene Adler, Sherlock’s love but never his completely.

Sherlock Holmes movie poster

Sherlock Holmes

When Lord Percy Blackwood returns from the dead, and two more murders are committed, it comes down to Sherlock to find the man behind all these criminal activities. But this would require him to play around with his gray cells, some chemical compounds, and big bullies to get to the truth. If you are a fan of Robert Downey Jr and love him in his quirky representations, this is the one movie you should go for.

5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Directed by Guy Ritchie, this is yet another screen adaptation of Conan Doyle’s famous mystery novel series with Sherlock Holmes as the protagonist. Holmes is devastated by the news that his associate and only friend, Watson, plans to get hitched to Mary, the love of his life, and dissociates himself completely from the partnership that always seems to land them in trouble.

A scene from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

In a way to distract himself, Holmes tries to solve a case that leads him to his arch nemesis, Professor Moriarty and ultimately engages them in a battle of life and death. Starring Jude Law, Jared Harris, and Rachel McAdams, this movie is worth a watch.

6. Enola Holmes

Everyone is obsessed with the famous Sherlock Holmes, the detective who can solve cases faster than Scotland Yard and more complex than you could ever comprehend. However, little is known about his sister, Enola, who lived with their mother and from whom she learned all her skills, from reading to sword fighting.

When the mother goes missing, Ebola suspects it must be that she has been murdered or kidnapped, and it is up to her to get to the bottom of this and rescue her before it is too late.

Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Patridge in Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes

However, being a woman and that too a detective has its cons, as Enola would learn soon enough that she must go against societal norms and prove herself. Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Louis Patridge, Sam Claflin, and Helena Bonham Carter, this funny, witty, and entertaining take on the Sherlock Holmes novel is worth watching.

7. Enola Holmes 2

Millie Bobby Brown is back as Enola in this witty rendition of Sherlock Holmes, the novel character by Conan Doyle. Fresh from the success of her first detective case spree, Enola has set up her practice officially at 221 B Baker Street, next to her brother, Sherlock. But being a woman sleuth, she hardly gets any customers and has to come face to face with the harsh truth that she must shut down.

Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2

This is when a poor matchstick girl asks her for help to find her missing sister. Enola tries to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance when she gradually gets drawn into the world of corruption that permeates across the very layers of society. She takes help from Tewkesbury and Sherlock to solve the case and prove her worth.

8. Seven

Director David Fincher outdid himself with this particular movie that stars Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow in a psychologically thrilling hour and half long fest. The base of the movie is the city, unnamed but ridden with malpractices, corruption, greed, and violence.

A scene from Seven


In the midst of all this are two homicide detectives, Somerset and Mills, who have been entrusted with the job of sniffing out a serial killer. But this killer is not like your ordinary murderous psychopaths. He operates according to the seven deadly sins from The Bible. They catch him, John Doe, but what follows next is a serious questioning of your moralistic viewpoints and everything you stand for.

9. The Prestige

This is yet another psychological thriller movie directed by Christopher Nolan and starring some of the top names in Hollywood, like Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, and Michael Caine. Set in 19th-century London, Angier is a famous magician who prides himself on his unique magic tricks and arts of illusion and disappearance. His wife is a stagehand. But in a weird and tragic turn of events, Angier ends up losing his wife to an unfortunate incident.

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman in The Prestige

The Prestige

He blames another magician, Robert, for her death, but that kicks off a bitter rivalry between the two and involves so many complex twists and turns that it’ll leave you fumbling to grasp the movie until the very last minute. If you are a big fan of murder, mystery, and thrill, then this movie is for you.

10. The Departed

Martin Scorsese pulled off a classic no-brainer with this deceptively simple yet intriguing movie that captures all the nuances of a mystery thriller, but there’s no buildup suspense to any of it. The Boston police are after underworld crime lord Frank Costello and have assigned young cop, Billy Costigan, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, to help them catch him red-handed.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon in The Departed

The Departed

Billy gets close to Costello, but Costello has a mole in the Boston police, essentially by the name of Colin Sullivan, played by Matt Damon. The rest of the movie follows a catch-and-mouse chase between Costello and the police and a very surprising ending. This movie is a tad different from your usual murder mysteries, but one everyone should watch.

11. Django Unchained

Django was a freed slave who now wanted to find his wife, who got sold off at a fair, and they got separated. He seeks out a bounty hunter by the name of King Schultz, who in turn buys him for help. Schultz wants to catch some men and requires Django’s help. Django, on the other hand, requires Schultz to help him find his wife, Broomhilda.

Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

Django Unchained

And this leads them on a quest to remember. Since this is a Tarantino movie, you can definitely expect a lot of action sequences, but there are humorous elements to it as well, and more importantly, the thrill factor. Overall the movie is thoroughly enjoyable. As is evident from the 2 Oscars, it has to its credit.  

12. Goodfellas

This is yet another Martin Scorsese direction starring Ray Liotta, Robert de Niro, and Joe Pesci in a thrilling sequence of events. Small-time criminal Henry joins Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two gangsters higher up in the ladder, to carry out an organized robbery, but this requires mental stamina and commitment among the members of the Mob.

Goodfellas movie poster


Further, Conway and De Vito are not men to be trusted. Eyeing the top seat in the underworld, the men could stop at nothing to realize their goals and might even kill their teammates to carry out the robbery to the T. Henry gets a whiff of this but is now caught in a dilemma as to whether to get back at his friends or become a part of their play. The movie is extremely entertaining and will keep you hooked till the last minute.

13. The Usual Suspects

This 1995 American neo-noir movie follows the story of five criminals who get asked in for questioning after a hijacking attempt is made on a truck carrying billions in New York. However, the police could not pin the blame on any of them and had to let them go scot-free.

A scene from The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

This kicks off a revenge plan against the police among the criminals, and they plan to pull off a heist of some multi-million worth of diamonds. The operation is successful, but soon they feel the wrath of some mysterious crime lord, Keyser Söze.

Each of them had somehow affected Keyser in the past, and now their lives and bounty are all online. If you are a fan of De Niro, then this movie will satisfy all your thirst for mystery and thrill.

14. Inglourious Basterds

Yet another Tarantino movie with some of the big names in Hollywood lined up. This is pop culture cinema at its best. A group of Jewish American soldiers decides to get even with the German Nazi police and the Gestapo, more specifically, a Colonel by the name of Hans Landa. One of the girls who also want to get even with Hans is Shoshana, a young girl of Jewish origins whose family was brutally murdered by the arms of Hans Landa.

A scene from Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds

Now she works at the matinee, and when the opportunity strikes her doorstep to execute Landa, she gets dressed up to play the part. The movie is not only entertaining but also a pretty well depiction of the nature of Jewish ostracization at the hands of the Nazis. It won several awards and, to date, is considered one of Tarantino’s masterpieces.

15. Catch me if you can

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of an expert con artist in this movie by Steven Spielberg. Right from his teenage days, Frank Abagnale has been pretty notorious for his imitation of people, living or dead. When by a twist of fate, his family gets broken, Abagnale leaves home but, unsure about what to do, forges a cheque at the bank just to get by.

Leonardo Dicaprio in Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

When he’s successful, he decides to do it on a large scale and soon becomes a wanted forger and conman all over America. Enter FBI agent Carl who’s hot on his trail and wants to catch Frank. The movie is exceptionally well crafted, and the dialogues and the plot are both top-notch. It won several awards and nominations and is considered one of Spielberg’s best movies.

16. The Recruit

Colin Farrell and Al Pacino join forces to deliver this one-of-a-kind thriller movie that focuses on a young and promising CIA agent named James who gets called upon by a guy, Walter Burke, to sniff out a probable mole in the department. James is suitable for this activity because he is brilliant but not arrogant.

Colin Farrell in The Recruit

The Recruit

He has a keen eye for thrill and drama, and when Burke calls him for help, he is determined to do his best. But in the process, he makes several interesting revelations and comes face to face with shocking facts that leave him rattled to his very core. 

17. Leon

“Leon The professional” is not your ordinary entertaining and thrilling Saturday night watch about some murder mystery. This movie is rather a tale of revenge and retribution and heartfelt camaraderie between an older guy and a younger girl. When 12-year-old Mathilda’s family gets brutally murdered by some colleagues of his father, she is lost and terrified and left with no one to turn to.

Jean Reno and Natalie Portman in Leon


Her neighbor is Leon, a trained assassin but an emotionally slow individual. Leon observes the massacre and is just in time to rescue the little girl and reluctantly take her under his roof. This kicks off a beautiful bonding between the two, with Mathilda confusing it for love for Leon.

But Leon is looking at things as nothing more than helping out a lost kid. He teaches him the tricks of his trade that might help her save her life. Starring Natalie Portman, Jean Reno, and Gary Oldman, this movie is must watch.

18. Kill Bill: Vol 1

This is perhaps Quentin Tarantino’s landmark movie that put him on the map and, not only that, established Uma Thurman in Hollywood as a face to remember. The directorial style of the film is pretty much in tune with pop culture and punk rock.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol 1

Kill Bill: Vol 1

Thurman plays the role of “The Bride,” who has been brutally murdered on the day of her marriage by three trained female assassins under the instructions of Bill, their employer and The Bride’s lover. Thurman also happened to be pregnant with Bill’s baby.

She wakes up from a coma after four years, discovers she has lost her child and is now determined to take vengeance against the assassins as well as Bill. If you have not seen the movie, this is your sign to go and watch it immediately.

19. Kill Bill: Vol 2

A sequel to the previous movie and directed by Tarantino, this movie picks up right where the previous one left off and further regales the journey of The Bride on her path to revenge. She has only managed to kill one of the assassins in the last movie, and unless she hurries up her act, the others might come looking for her and sabotage all of it.

Uma Thurman in Kill Bill: Vol 2

Kill Bill: Vol 2

After a gruesome and tedious battle with the other two assassins, she manages to get the better of both of them, only to reach Bill, who she finds out has been raising her daughter all by himself.

This creates a confused image in her head but also sparks off a few other details that might previously have been lost in the first movie. Starring Thurman, David Carradine, and Lucy Liu, this movie will give you all kinds of thrills and jumpscares you might hope to get.

20. Reservoir Dogs

This 1992 Tarantino direction is again one of a kind movie ever to be made in the mystery/action genre. The film starts innocently enough with six criminals planning a diamond heist. The criminals are all employed by a certain overlord, Joe Cabot, and are pretty much strangers to one another. If the deed is successful, then they’ll become rich overnight.

A scene from Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs

They plan aliases and fake alibis to cover their tracks and are mindful of not getting too close to one another, so that should something untoward happen, they can simply get up and run for their lives.

The plan was almost successful but barged in by the police at the last possible minute, which set off a violent round of firing and escaping. Two of them were shot dead, and this sparked a new controversy as to whether one of them might be a mole. 

21. Prisoners

Dennis Villeneuve is known for his eccentric narrative style and the gritty nature of his directions, all of which stand out in Hollywood irrespective of whichever genre of movies he tends to delve into.

This 2013 American crime drama starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal is however a bit different. It is gritty, powerful, packed with suspense, and terse with anticipation but is a tad different from other directorial ventures of Villeneuve.

Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners


The movie doesn’t beat about the bush much with the suspense buildup. Keller Dover is a recovering alcoholic whose only daughter gets abducted on the evening of her birthday without any trace. Detective Loki is new to the squad and determined to help find the daughter of the grieving man. But without any motive, suspects, track record of kidnapping or anything, they are left grasping at straws in thin air.

22. Zodiac

If it comes to psychological thrillers, David Fincher would undoubtedly take the lead. This 2007 American crime drama is based on a real-life incident that took place in Northern California between 1968 and 1983 and is still an unsolved case.

A serial killer in the Bay Area is out loose murdering people rampantly without any imminent motive or forewarning and leaves cryptic messages tattooed on the bodies of his victims for the police to unravel.

Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal in Zodiac


Each tattoo has something to do with the zodiac sign of that person, and this leaves the police baffled, and they try to contain the scare from the killer on the loose. Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist, becomes obsessed with the identity of this mysterious killer, and that drives the whole narrative.

23. Gone Girl

Directed by David Fincher, this movie deserves a special mention every time you talk about thriller dramas. It is a psychological thriller of sorts that’ll leave you guessing till the last possible second about the motive and the mystery.

Based on the novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn, this movie focuses on Nick Dunne, husband to the famous novelist Amy Dunne, who goes missing on the day of their fifth marriage anniversary.

Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

Gone Girl

Immediately Nick becomes the center of media attention and is called everything, from the grieving husband awaiting his wife’s return to the double-faced man plotting his wife’s disappearance and even a gold digger eyeing Amy’s fortune and estate. What follows next is a narrative intertwined with current occurrences and memories that help unravel the mystery behind Amy’s disappearance. 

24. Gone Baby Gone

Casey Affleck and Morgan Freeman star in this directorial venture of Ben Affleck that has also been nominated for an Oscar. Patrick and Anzie are two private investigators hired by Beatrice McCreedy to find out the reason behind the disappearance of their 4-year-old niece, Amanda, and, if possible, to bring her back.

Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan in Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone

They take on the case readily enough, thinking it to be a milestone of their career, but given the corrupt and crime-ridden Boston neighborhood that they live in, it would not be all that easy. They soon get drawn into the deeper bellies of the city, among ganglords and rapists, pedophiles, and drug dealers, all of which put them in a moral dilemma as they inch closer and closer to solving the case. 

25. Dial M for Murder

This 1954 Alfred Hitchcock movie perhaps set precedence for all murder mysteries and commercial crime thrillers that would be made in Hollywood in the future. It stars Ray Miland, Grace Kelly, and Robert Cummings.

The movie was nominated for one BAFTA and had several other awards to its credit. Wealthy and married Margot Wendice from London engages in a brief love affair with an American author, Mark, while her husband is away on a tennis championship tour.

Grace Kelly in Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder

Margot plans to leave her husband once he gets back, but when Tony returns with promises that he’d be a better husband and has retired professionally, Margot tries to get rid of Mark. But now their private dalliance has found its mead in the hands of an unidentified blackmailer who threatens to murder Margot. The entire premise of this movie is nothing short of a thrilling ride and one that you could enjoy thoroughly.

26. Stray Dog

This 1940 noir drama directed by Akira Kurosawa talks about a recent recruit at the Tokyo police force, Murakami, who has no experience under his belt. So on a crowded bus one fine morning, when he loses his gun from the holster, he’s reluctant to report it at the police office for fear of losing his face.

A scene from Stray Dog

Stray Dog

Instead, he tries to get his missing gun back by venturing solo into the darker underbellies of Tokyo, where the air is rife with corruption, crime, and murder. However, when the missing gun is used up in criminal activity, and the blame falls on Murakami, he must use all the assistance he can get and help from a senior official, played by Takashi Shimura. 

27. Primal Fear

Directed by Gregory Hoblit and starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton as the lawyer and the accused, this movie is inspired by William Deihl’s novel of the same name. Edward Norton plays the role of a young altar boy, Aaron, who has been charged with a gruesome crime, that of murdering the archbishop of the Chicago Episcopalian Church.

Richard Gere and Edward Norton in Primal Fear

Primal Fear

Martin Vail happens to be a famous criminal lawyer, and he decides to take on Aaron’s defense free of cost, considering it to be a career-defining moment for him. Aaron is shy, seemingly innocent, always stammering, and in complete denial of the charges.

However, as the story unravels, newer clues come to light, including the pedophilic affiliations of the Church and the Archbishop himself. The movie was nominated for one Oscar and had several other awards to its credit.

28. The Fugitive

Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones star in this action/mystery drama that has won several awards, including an Oscar. Ford plays the role of a renowned surgeon based in Chicago, Dr. Richard Kimble, who has been wrongfully implicated in the murder of his wife, Helen. Kimble was handed a death sentence, but fortunately enough, the vehicle in which all the convicts were being transferred to a facility to await their imminent deaths crashed.

Harrison Ford in The Fugitive

The Fugitive

He makes his escape under the most challenging circumstances and then tries to figure out the motive and mystery behind his wife’s murder. Meanwhile, Gerard, a police detective, takes on the case of finding Kimble, and Kimble tries to lure him over to the right side of justice. 

29. The Da Vinci Code

Adapted from Dam Brown’s famous novel of the same name, this Tom Hanks starrer is sure to keep you glued to the screen till the last possible minute in excitement and anticipation. Paris’ Louvre museum is famous for the number of footfalls it gets daily, and the primary attraction of all is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

However, the pin-drop silence in the museum gets disturbed when a curator is found murdered within the premises of the building with ancient signs carved into his body.

Tom Hanks and Audrey Tatou in The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code

These are not ordinary signs, but rather clues to the motive behind the crime and may even contain the true identity of the man behind all of it. The victim’s granddaughter Sophie then calls on Robert Langdon, a gifted symbologist from the United States, who then tries to delve deeper into the case. 

30. Shutter Island

A Martin Scorsese direction starring Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ben Kingsley speaks volumes in itself regarding how good of a movie this would be. In 1954 two US marshals, Teddy and Chuck, are sent to investigate the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of a prison inmate from the mental asylum of Ashcliffe Hospital.

Leonardo Dicaprio and Michelle Williams in Shutter Island

Shutter Island

This kicks off a psychologically challenging task for Teddy, who is convinced that the asylum is secretly destroying the mental sanity of its inmates to perform experiments on them. The closer he gets to the truth, apparently, the more challenging it becomes for him to understand the true nature of this experiment. 

31. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Based on the novel by Stieg Larson, this movie is again directed by David Fincher that stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in the lead roles. Craig plays the role of a disgraced journalist, Michael, who has been asked by a wealthy industrialist to write a family biography for him.

Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The actual reason why he wants Michael to work on his family is that he wants to look into the sudden disappearance of his niece some 40 years ago. Michael is reluctant at first but agrees to take on the case when presented with an opportunity to clear his name.

In course of his investigation, he makes an acquaintance with Lisbeth, a brilliant hacker but social recluse, and is impressed by her skills. He asks her to join him in his search for the missing girl.

32. The Menu

Directed by Mark Mylod, this movie stars Ralph Fiennes and Anna Taylor Joy in a gritty and invigorating tale of career aspirations and how they might get rattled by certain individuals. Margot and Nick are a young couple who visit a fine-class dining experience along with some 6 to 8 odd couples at Hawthorne island courtesy of the Chef, played by Fiennes.

Anna Taylor Joy in The Menu

The Menu

Chef is renowned over the world for his cuisine and the innovative avant-garde delicacies he serves, each designed to specifically tell a story that might be rooted in his boyhood days and relatable to the invited party.

However, things take on a weird turn when the sous chef shoots himself dead as a part of a theatrical performance in the middle of the eight-course degustation, and soon enough, people realize it’s a hostage situation, and everyone will die.

33. Collateral

Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx star in this action thriller that follows the story of a can driver based out of LA, Max, who hopes to make it out of the cab department and perhaps become a fancy limousine driver someday. He has a poetic impression of people, which makes him more likable and approachable.

Tom Cruise in Collateral


One evening when he gets an offer from a guy to drive him around town non-stop in exchange for a huge sum of money, Max reluctantly agrees, but little does he know that this contract would make him one of the prime suspects and wanted in a criminal case along with the man who has hired him. The movie has been nominated for two Oscars and several other awards and is perhaps one of the best thrillers you can hope to see.

34. Amsterdam

This murder comedy movie directed by David o’ Russell follows the story of three best friends who have returned from the second World War and are now trying to earn a living in New York. The only problem is that their past lives in Amsterdam and the time they have spent at the German base camp have left them rattled.

A scene from Amsterdam


They soon become prime suspects in a double murder, one that involves their general from the war, Bill Meekins, and his daughter Elizabeth. They seek help from a renowned industrialist and passionate birdwatcher, Tom Vuze, played by Rami Malek, and that only complicates their lives further. If you loved watching Glass Onion and want a movie that would present you with the same level of excitement, then this movie is catered to your taste.

35. Training Day

Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke star in this 2001 American crime drama that follows the story of an LAPD detective, Alonzo Harris, who is in charge of clearing up crime from the darker underbellies of the city. He is also in charge of training a rookie Jake Hoyt, over 24 hours regarding how to solve cases and abide by the law even while dealing with street thugs.

Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke in Training Day

Training Day

But their inconvenient methods when it comes to solving crimes puts the audience in the middle of a moral dilemma that makes them question the appropriateness of it all. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the movie has already won an Oscar and several other awards. 

36. Heat

Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Val Kilmer get together to star in this 1995 suspense movie that focuses on a criminal gang headed by Nick that plans to pull off a big multi-million dollar worth heist. They, however, draw the attention of a detective, Lt. Hanna, and his team of cops, who then set out on a hot trail after the perpetrators.

Robert De Niro in Heat


Neil and Hanna share a private enmity, with one constantly outdoing the other and making the situation all the direr. However, Neil has a slight misstep when he lets matters of the heart get in the way of matters of the head, and this perhaps may be the doom of their criminal dealings as a group. The movie won several nominations, including a couple for the Oscars.

37. Holmes and Watson

Directed by Ethan Cohen, this comedy satire is based on the 221B Baker Street detective duo, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Watson is a light-hearted, fun watch for all the mystery lovers out there.

Will Ferrell in Holmes and Watson

Holmes and Watson

Inspired by Conan Doyle’s novel, this movie is a parody of sorts that follows the journey of private investigator Sherlock Holmes, who has been entrusted with the job of seeking out the motive and the man behind the planned assassination of the Queen at Buckingham palace.

The duo makes an acquaintance with Dr. Grace Hart and Millicent, and they fall in love with each other immediately, thus apparently losing sight of the case. However, Holmes’ arch nemesis Moriarty makes an appearance and that puts the narrative back into motion. 

So here is the list of 37 thrilling movies that you could go for if you loved watching Glass Onion. The movies have been hand-picked to cater to a large audience base, irrespective of your taste and genre of preference, and each one of them is worth watching. With this binge-watch list, rest assured your inner movie buff will be left extremely satisfied.

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