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‘Valeria’ Release Date, Cast, Production and Other Details

Valeria Season 1 Release Date,Cast,Production, And Other Details
Valeria Season 1

Based on the novels of

Elisabet Benavent

, this series portrays a writer named Valeria, who’s on the verge of hitting a dead end with her relationship with her husband and her writing. She finds relief in her three close friends: Lola, Nerea, and Carmen. Valeria and her companions are engaged in a whirlwind of emotions about affection, relationship, jealousy, adultery, suspicions, the need for love, mysteries, struggle, troubles, pleasures, and fantasies about their fate.

It is a female-centered comedy-drama series in the Spanish language.

“I stopped the noisy walk of my fingers on the keyboard and reread the text as I scratched my head with a pencil.” With this line, the writer Elizabeth Benavent introduces Valeria.

Valeria Production Details?

Last year in July, Netflix confirmed that it had started the production of the series Valeria, based on novels by Elisabet Benavent. This Spanish series, which is based on Elizabet’s novels, are going to be produced by Plano A Plano. In the production, the author herself is going to contribute as a creative consultant.

Who is in the Cast of Valeria?

Valeria has an interesting cast. Diana Gómez is going to play the main role that is Valeria;  Silma López as  Lola;  Teresa Riott as Nerea;  Paula Malia as Carmen;  Benjamín Alfonso as  Víctor and Ibrahim Al Shami plays Adrian, Valeria’s husband.

Valeria Trailer

Who is directing Valeria?

Valeria is being directed by two people- Inma Torrente and Nely Reguera. Inma Torrente is known for her works in films and series, like Vive Cantando, Los Misterios de Laura, Sies Harmanas, Servir Y Proteger, El Secreto de Puente Viejo, etc.

What is Valeria Release Date?

The production of this series started long back in July last year. After a long-awaited time, it has been uncovered that Valeria will be released by Netflix in 2020.