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Is Dana Perino Leaving Fox News? The Reason Behind Her Absence

Dana Perino

Dana Perino has been absent from the news in recent times, and that has gotten her fans and well-wishers. But why would she do that? The Anchor is said to have taken leave for personal reasons. She even updated her fans on Instagram as usual about her absence, and year fans are worried. Dana has been consistent in her work ever since she joined the Fox network in 2009.

Moreover, she is not someone to follow a poradic schedule and give half-baked explanations as to why she isn’t working. It’s not bad to take some time off and spend time with your family, in fact, if that restores their spirits, they should definitely do it. But the way The Give Show host has silently stepped out of the limelight is worrying. Though, the reason for her absence might not be as secretive and may have something to do with her work.

Dana Perino

CC: Dana Perino At Fox

The Reason Behind Dana Perino’s Absence

The US is not doing well these days. From the rise in tensions and economic instability, the land of opportunity seems to have dried off fortune. One funny thing about the country is how the people are more divided in these times rather than come together to stand for the cause. Their reason to stay divided is purely political, and everyone is involved in it, even Dana Perino.

The Fox News host gave her assessment of what the white house officials are doing by ignoring inflations and outright denying recessions. And it might not have sat well with the voters of the current regime. The US also hasn’t been doing well either, from their positions being challenged globally and the shaking foundations. But their supporters are blind to it all and drunk on their perspective for what is right. It won’t be out of the question that Dana is getting threats online and offline to resign, but there has been no confirmation on the matter whatsoever.

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