Black Clover Chapter 356 Full Summary & Raw Scans: Yuno’s Neverland!

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Black Clover Chapter 356 Full Summary And Raw Scans and Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 356 full summary and the spoilers are out way ahead of the chapter’s release because of the exciting development this chapter has, the leakers couldn’t delay it to convey the readers. Although, Black Clover Chapter 356 is going to be a short one but it is going to be the most exciting chapter there is in this new battler arc.

Fans were looking forward to Yuno and seeing what kind of character development he had as the series had been focusing only on Asta’s improvement for the last arc. But the start of this battle has finally shown what kind of power Yuno has gotten since his last fight seen against the Zogratis siblings and boy is he strong. Even the main villain, a wizard king is also calling him a rival.

Yuno gave full chad energy when he said that Lucius isn’t even his rival. This surely has fans very excited for the new chapters of the series and see a full-on fight between the two contenders who are strong enough to be called the Wizard King. Well, without hyping you guys too much for the Black Clover Chapter 356, let’s see what did the chapter bring us.

Follow along with this article as we will break down the events from the Black Clover Chapter 356 as well as provide you with some scans and the colored pages for the chapters by the fans. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Black Clover manga series.

Black Clover Chapter 356 Full Summary And Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 356 is titled “Neverland” and the chapter begins with Yuno and Lucius in the cover page as the narration for the chapter says that the fate of the clover kingdom lies on Yuno’s hand. Lucius is surprised with the power that Yuno has and notes that he is indeed very strong however, that won’t be enough to stop him and his army.

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As the chapter moves on, we see that the other magic knights are still struggling from the angel’s attack and they use their best magic energy to stop them. However, they realize that this isn’t even stopping them at all. The magic knights note that even the nobles won’t be able to stop one of them.

Black Clover Chapter 356 Full Summary And Raw Scan

However, there are other magic knights such as Sol who is not intent on giving up and remark that they should until their last breath with honor even though they cannot make a difference. Sol charges in with her Golem magic and tries to stop a projectile from one of the Angels and she is successful in doing so. The other magic knights note that she has suddenly very strong.

Yuno’s Neverland Magic 

Sol realizes sprites around the area and notes that a mana zone has been created around the area to enhance their magic. The wind spirit says that it is the power between her and Yuno’s love and sees Yuno on a double page creating a mana zone spell which is “Never-Neverland” that is enhancing the magic knight’s power and weakening the magic of the enemies.

The members of the Golden dawn admit that Yuno has the power of a Wizard King without a doubt and they are motivated to fight. The other magic knights are also motivated thinking that they at least have a fighting chance against them now and are glad to know that they will make a small difference even if they die.

Going back to Yuno and Lucius, the latter suddenly appears behind the former and traps Yuno in his Time magic. He notes that the basic principle of his magic is to accelerate time and age things faster. However, it has no effect on Yuno as there is no time in the Neverland. Lucius notes that Yuno’s power was born to oppose him.

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Black Clover Chapter 356 Full Summary And Raw Scans

Thus, Lucius notes that he hates it but Yuno is his rival in this world. However, Yuno denies calling him the same and attacks him with a sword at the end of the Black Clover Chapter 356. The next chapter will be continued with the amazing fight between Yuno and Lucius but the chapter will be released following a break next. As for Black Clover Chapter 356, the chapter will be available to read on Viz Media for free once it is released.

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