Cafe Minamdang Season 2: Is The Show Renewed?

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Fans are wondering if Cafe Minamdang has renewed Season 2. In case you aren’t aware, Cafe Minamdang is a Kdrama that has been adapted from a web novel titled Minamdang: Case Note. This mysterious romantic comedy focuses on the events that take place in the cafe. Nam Han Joon used to be a criminal earlier and now works as a con man. He disguises himself as the fortune teller in Cafe Minamdang.

His attractive looks and smooth talking make people come to him asking for advice. By this, he cheats on them, asking for money and, in return, solving their issues. Later, he collaborates with the detective Gong Soo Cheol and his sister, Hye Joon, a hacker. It is to see whether Han Jae Hee falls in trouble for her interaction with Nam Han Joon. 

Cafe Minamdang concluded its Season 1 very recently, on 23 August 2022. Well, if you have missed out on the series, you may watch it on Netflix. However, not all regions have access to this drama on this mentioned platform. On the other hand, the viewers are eagerly hoping ts renewal. What do you think? Has Cafe Minamdang renewed for Season 2? Let’s dive into this piece to know the details. 

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Cafe Minamdang Season 2: Renewed Or Not? 

Well, here comes the bad news! Cafe Minamdang is yet to announce its renewal for a second season. Netflix has not yet canceled or renewed or made any confirmation, leaving the fans in the dark. Not all the Kdramas are renewed for Season 2. Still, this is very much shocking as Cafe Minamdang Season 1 has garnered a massive fan base across the world.

In addition to this, previously it was reported to set to have 16 episodes in total. But, it ended up with 18. We will provide you with an update if anything new comes up or the site comes up with an official announcement of the renewal of another episode of Cafe Minamdang. 

Who is your bias from this Kdrama, Cafe Minamdang? Let us know! 

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