Top 10 Trending Anime Songs of 2021 That You Should Check Out

Anime songs of 2021

We all must admit that most of us that have started listening to J-Pop or J-Rock, got into it because of anime. Perhaps the music given to us with anime is like dessert after a nice meal. Sometimes the opening of an anime gives us a nostalgic feeling when we randomly play the song. For instance, if you think of the song “Sign” by Flow from Naruto Shippuden, then you can easily recall the pain related to the characters Jiraiya and Itachi. Similarly, when you think of “My War” from Attack on Titan, you instantly feel the tension that is about to take place in the rest of the series. Whereas sometimes, you can even relate and find solace within the lyrics of these anime songs. So, here we bring you the top 10 trending anime songs of 2021.

Regardless, anime music is something that is a must if you want an amazing and impressive playlist. Below given are some of the most trending anime songs of 2021 that you should definitely add to your list. So grab your earphones and get ready to groove to some interesting music as you scroll down this article.

“Boy” – Ranking of Kings:

Ranking of Kings is probably the most heartwarming anime that 2021 gave us. It tells us the story of a boy named Bojji. As the firstborn of the King of Bosse, he is eventually the crowned Prince, and so he strives to become the greatest future King. What makes this anime interesting is that Bojji is deaf, dumb, and powerless, which makes people talk discouraging words behind his back. Yet he is highly concerned about the well-being of others and pushes forward with each episode to achieve his goals.

The opening of this anime is a song by King Gnu called “Boy”. Although when you listen to this song for the first time, it might seem like an ordinary opening but when the song ends, you will find yourself replaying it. The song has a catchy tune as well as some good lyrics. The lyrics empathize with the life of Bojji, making it the perfect theme song for the protagonist.

“Akeboshi” – Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Arc

Demon Slayer’s Mugen Train Arc was perhaps the most hyped arc, which also included one of the saddest endings in anime. It tells us the story of what happens after the end of season 1 when Tanjiro, in his pursuit of finding answers about his fire style technique, boards a train with his buddies to talk to one of the Hashiras, Rengoku.

The Japanese singer and songwriter LiSA (Risa Oribe) did an amazing job with season one’s “unskippable” opening “Gunrenge,” and she has provided her vocals for another amazing opening for season 2 called “Akeboshi”. When one listens to this song, one can feel the tension that takes place in the movie. Not only that, but the lyrics turns the song into an emotional song once we know what happens at the end of the season. Both Gurenge and Akeboshi, along with their opening music videos, can give the viewers chills.

“Cinderella” – Komi Can’t Communicate

Komi Can’t Communicate is an anime that has recently become very popular, especially because of the main protagonists. It introduces us to a transfer student named Tadano, who is determined to do his best at school and be on everyone’s good side. However, since he is seated next to the class’ prettiest girl, Komi, he cannot seem to get to have a peaceful school life. Eventually, he comes to realize that Komi has a communication disorder and anxiety that prevents her from socializing and making friends and decides to help her in her goal of making 100 friends by the end of her school days.

The anime opens with the song named “Cinderella” by Cindergirl. This is an opening that will definitely get your feet tapping the floor. It has an upbeat tune and lyrics that describes the feelings Komi has regarding her problems.

“Ever Blue” – Blue Period

Blue Period is one of the most progressive anime of 2021, and with it, the anime brings one of the best songs. It is an anime that not only teaches us many things about art but also teaches us about self-exploration. It introduces us to interesting characters and their passion for art, as well as finding themselves and what they really want from life. The anime also touches on sensitive topics when it comes to oneself, making not only the protagonist but also the viewers question many things along with the protagonist.

The anime’s opening called “Everblue” is a song by Omoinotake. The lyrics of the song clearly paint a picture of what the protagonist feels about his place in this world. Blue is a color associated with him, and thus, the song’s name perfectly fits the anime’s theme.

“Takt”- Takt Op. Destiny

This is an opening from the anime Takt Op. Destiny. After listening to this song for the first time, you will definitely leave it on repeat for the rest of the day. Takt Op. Destiny is an anime with a stunning animation that introduces us to a world where music is forbidden. Ironic, isn’t it? In order to free music once again, we are introduced to Musicarts and their conductors who fight against a group of villains called D2.

This song is sung by Ryo, featuring Mafumafu and Gaku. The lyrics of this song very beautifully represents the relationship of the main character Takt and his Musicart Destiny or Cosette. As we get closer to the chorus, it fills us with a feeling that is hopeful yet sad. However, what makes this song sadder is when you’re done with episode 12, and the lyrics start making sense.

“Forget Me Not” – Enhypen

Re-MAIN is an anime about water sports. It tells us the story of Minato Kiyomizu, who, unfortunately, meets with a car accident. However, he tries to find himself again as well as cultivate his talent for water polo from scratch.

The anime’s opening, “Forget Me Not,” is a song by one of the newest Korean groups, Enhypen. Like most of the songs on this list, this song is definitely one that will have you listening to it on repeat. It has an upbeat tune that is very catchy, which makes it one of the best anime songs of 2021.

“Tokyo Wonder” – Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is one of the anime that has gained popularity in a short time. It introduces us to a world of gangs in Japan. Takemichi, the main character, lives a life that he drags on each day. Things change when he comes across the news of his ex-girlfriend’s death. What makes matters more interesting is that he gets pushed in front of a train. However, before dying, he is taken from the past to the time when he was still at school. This gives him the opportunity to save his ex-girlfriend from dying as well as to prevent some mistakes of the past.

Tokyo Wonder by Nakimushi is the second ending of this series. Usually, endings are skipped as one is eager to know what happens in the next episode but I can assure you that this is one of those “unskippable” endings. Everything about the song, from the tune to the lyric is interesting that fits the tone of the anime. This also takes us to our next song that is:

“Cry Baby” –  Tokyo Revengers

Cry Baby by Official HIGE DANdism is the opening of Tokyo Revengers. This is a song that gets you hooked after one listen. Every Tokyo Revengers fan probably wants this song tattooed somewhere on them, and for good reasons. Although Tokyo Revengers is one of the anime with many brutal scenes, this song somehow brings out the emotional side of the entire series. The lyrics of this song resonate with each character in the anime. Rightfully so, this opening was voted as one of the best anime songs of 2021.

“No. 1” – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia has become one of the most loved anime series. In fact, it is often dubbed as one of the greatest new generation anime. Like many Shounen anime, this one tells us the story of Midoriya, who strives to be the No.1 Hero. He, along with his classmates, all strive to be someone great while fighting the bad guys and growing in their own fields.

No. 1, the song by DISH, is the opening for season 5, making it the 8th opening in the entire series. This song makes the opening music video of the anime “unskippable,” as well as gives us the feeling of cheering on these characters. This is definitely one of those “hype” anime songs that you can listen to when you need to hear something to cheer you on!

“Red Criminal” –  Scarlet Nexus

The anime Scarlet Nexus is adapted from an action role-playing game with the same name. This is an anime that introduces us to a dystopian world that consists of creatures named “Others” that feed on human brains. To tackle these beings, Scarlet Guardians, a force under the organization “OSF,” are put together who are humans that contain some special abilities. The protagonist of the series, Yuito Sumeragi, joins this organization in order to repay a debt but unravels many conspiracies along with his teammates.

The Oral Cigarettes have given us another amazing opening called “Red Criminal” for this anime. It is one of the openings that get you hyped up for each new episode.

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