10 Things You Must Know Before Starting Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 was one in all the foremost anticipated games of last year. There have been plenty of reasons behind the plug, one in all of them was the appearance of Keanu Reaves, which created an enormous buzz within the gamers. If you weren’t a traveler within the plug train or if you’ve got no plan concerning this game, then let me tell you a touch concerning this game.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a 2020 action role-playing computer game developed and revealed by CD Projekt. The story takes place in Night town, an associate open world set within the Cyberpunk universe. it’s an enormous open-world game during a futuristic world. Cyberpunk 2077’s on-line mode and story mode area unit well praised moreover as criticized by several fans and critics. If you’ve finished this game and need to begin once more, or if you’re fully new and need to do this game for the primary time, this post is for you. we’ll discuss the ten stuff you should understand before beginning the game in order that you get pleasure from most likely a touch over those who do not know these things.

Johny Silverland Cyberpunk

1) Setup Doesn’t Matter Much

The initial screen asks you to pick an opening route. You have three options, namely Streetkid, Corpo, and Nomad. At first, you would think that every start would have a different story and different twists, but that is not the case. Each set has unique dialogues in the beginning which will eventually lead to the same missions. The timing of the mission is different on all three modes . All the paths are different for probably the first 15-20 minutes. After that, every path leads to Night City. So choosing the setup doesn’t matter.

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2) Start on a Higher Difficulty than usual.

Cyberpunk has a lot of action and adventure involved in it. This means there will be a lot of combat, and your skills will be tested. Fortunately, the test isn’t hard enough. I have played this game, not only me, but it is a suggestion of all the fellow gamers who have reviewed this game that start a game with a higher difficulty. On normal difficulty, you will blow through all enemies with little risk of death. Even Very Hard will not really be a challenge in the future levels because your character will keep on getting stronger as the game progresses. So hard at that stage is equivalent to normal.

So if you start games on Normal difficulty, start this one on hard.

3) Loot Instead of Purchasing from Shops.

Shops in this game are only useful for selling your items. Your body will have an ample amount of gear on it as you progress in this game. Yes, if you are unlucky, you will take much more time to find a solid armor or weapon, but waiting is a better option than going to shops and wasting your money on minimal upgrades.

4) Best Car In The Game is Free

Yep, you read it right. In general, cars in Cyberpunk 2077 are costly. But if you do a bit of hard work and some roaming here and there, you will find a lot of good cars which are there to be taken for free. The Caliburn, which is one of the best cars in the game (if not the best) is waiting somewhere on the map to be taken away by you at any point in this game. If you want a great car to start off straight away, have a look at this video down below which shows you how to get this car for free.

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5) Waypoints On Waypoints

It is one of the cool features of this game. Every time you start a mission or a side-mission, the waypoint gets added automatically, but what if you have to visit someplace else first then go to your mission location?. Usually, you would have to create a new waypoint for that location and then go for the location. But in this game, you can add that location as a checkpoint or a pit-stop. This is basically a diversion feature that is used on Google Maps. Currently, you can only create one diversion or can only have one pitstop on a waypoint. Maybe we will get more than one in the future.

Cyberpunk Waypoints

6) Judy or Panam Will Always Reject You

Well, if you have never played this game, then this may be some spoiler, but it won’t ruin your game experience for sure. There are two different NPC’s, namely Judy and Panam. While playing, you may think of creating a romantic relationship with any of the NPC’s, but you have to stop your thinking right there. Judy, the BD editor, will only say yes to female Vs., while Panam, the Nomad, will say yes to male Vs. No matter what story decisions you make, this decisions does not change. And if you prefer men, River will only fall for a female Vs. Kerry will only for a male Vs.

7) Everything Levels Up

If you have played Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then you would be familiar with this feature. Literally, everything has the capability to level up. Using handguns will levels up that skill base, while walking will level up your stamina or other abilities related to it.

8) Save the upgrade points!

You would get tempted to use your upgrade points on a certain skill set. There is an abundance of upgrade points in this game. Hold your horses, Instead of upgrading your skills as you get the points to wait till you actually need that skill in any mission. You never knows what a certain situation will ask for, so it would be very useful to be able to level up on that time.

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9) Must Have Weapons

Having the perfect weapons in your arsenal will always give you an edge in any fight in any game. Especially an action RPG. There are a few weapons in this game that will always give you an upper hand in the battles. There are three necessary weapons you must always carry. Shotguns are one of the best weapons in the game, they are fun to use. You can easily take care of most enemies with this weapon. In order to take down big robots or other machines, Light Machine guns are a must. There will be a lot of situations that would require melee attacks for which your fists will do fine but instead, go for any blunt weapon.

10) Get Jumping Cyberware As Soon As Possible

Well, this is a very crucial point. Since this game is already set in 2077, the requirement for an advanced hi-tech utility is high. There are two jumping-based leg cyberware upgrades in this game, and they don’t cost that much. Having jumping cyberware will really help you a lot in some of the missions and situations. The jump alone will get you access to places you could never reach by other means. Surely the most important upgrade in Cyberpunk:2077.

Jumping Cyberware

Well, there are a  lot of things which will offer you a start, however these ten things won’t solely offer you a boosted beginning,  however also will assist you throughout the game. each tip mentioned on top of could be a helpful factor to grasp.

What are your thoughts on the ten tips mentioned above? Does any one assume there’s any point that we’ve missed and is extremely important?. Tell us in  the comments section below.

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