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10 Shows To Watch If You Liked Four More Shots Please

Four More Shots Please

Four More Shots Please evolves around the lives of four different women struggling with their own battles and handling life as how it comes. The four women met at a place in Mumbai, a city that never sleeps. They meet every 2 days and have a binge talk and get drunk at their favorite Garage Bar called Truck. Four More Shots Please if the magic of flawless friendship and some pure love. Four More Shots Please is a metropolitan, Indians women’s battle between modern and traditional acceptance in society.

Four More Shots Please has two seasons which released on Amazon Prime. The four women are Damini, Anjana, Siddhi, and Umang. In season 1, Damini is a news writer and has a battle fight with the border of directors, and struggles to explain her content. Anjana is a lawyer who had been with a broken husband but has a child. She should manage her court, and the bonding with her child is very poor, and she lacks peace of mind. Siddhi’s mother makes a marriage portfolio and tells her to get hitched, whereas siddhi is least interested in getting married. Umang has an argument with her client at work, and she feels extremely embarrassed. In season 2, these girls didn’t learn anything from their mistakes but had become stronger and bold. In this series, they plot 3 different cities featuring the girls and their happy moments where Umang gets married to the film actress, and all the girls will have fun at the wedding, but in the end, the wedding collapses.

10 Shows To Watch If you Liked Four More Shots Please

Here is some more relevant tv show you will like:

1. Made In Heaven

A wedding planning business for the super-rich families giving out lavish arrangements. Made in Heaven is an Amazon series conceptualized by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti and directed by Akhtar, Nitya Mehra, Prashant Nair, and Alankrita Shrivastava. The story sets were designed in Delhi, featuring Shobitha Dhulipala as Tara and Arjun Mathur as Karan. Their amazing way of planning the weddings in their event management company. The series has nine episodes where each episode involves new family new challenges with a set of recurring characters. Families, Lead roles, Friends, and employees complete the sets of Made in Heaven.

The nine episodes are made by four directors, and they stated that every time they plan for a wedding, strange outputs or problems appear with strange couples and their parents. Tara is a trivial secretory who married a rich person residing in Delhi. While she doubts her husband Jim Sarbh on cheating on with her and his love doesn’t belong to her anymore. Karan is a gay man. Living his life one with hook up and temporary relationships and monthly loan installments at a time. Trying to escape from the police for spending his life in jail for loving someone from the wrong gender and the people he keeps around him always make things complicated for him.

10 Shows To Watch If you Liked Four More Shots Please

2. Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is a web series written and directed by Richie Mehta based on the real story that happened in 2012, the gang-rape case. The series follows South Delhi’s DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, who creates a special team of officers to find out the six culprits while fighting poor infrastructure, red-tapism, and accepting public pressure along the way. A crime made by six culprits was so brutal it was a big shock to everyone throughout the nation and brought people to the streets in protest.

Deepika, who was gang-raped in a moving bus, and her injured friend Akash, are found lying naked by the side of the road, then a constable passing through that side have noticed the incident and informed the higher Officials. DCP Vartika’s efficient task force head tries out in various directions to find the accused. Dealing with protests, red-tapism, poor infrastructure, public pressures, and even the pain of their own family members. It gives so much pressure to face the job. It is a heart-breaking series involving so much pain. Deepika, the girl who got raped, was in bed for months just waiting to hear the news that four accused will be hanged. This act had so many protests and prayers for Deepika. The four culprits had no mercy towards the girl as in acting like animals, Maybe animals would have been better sometimes.

10 Shows To Watch If you Liked Four More Shots Please

3. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is an action crime web series released on Amazon Akhandanand Tripathi is a millionaire who does carpet exports and imports and also the mafia don of Mirzapur. He has a son named Munna, who is Ruthless, Greedy, and always wanted to grab his father’s legacy. An incident that occurred at the wedding made him raise a fight with Ramakant Pandit, who is a lawyer, and his sons Guddu and Bablu. Munna shot the lawyer at the wedding, and he was dead. In Mirzapur, two brothers of a middle-class family look for a better future as in Guddu and Bablu. They wanted to take revenge on Munna. One day they had an opportunity to work for the king of Mirzapur. The rise of the duo brothers leaves the prince breathless. The Violence and power get ahead, and will destruction happen?

After the incident happening in the shootout, Lala stopped business with Kaleen Bhaiya while Munna is recovering from wounds, and he still has the hunger for the legacy. While Jaunpur is controlled by Sharad, son of Rati Shankar, Munna decides to take control and rule Mirzapur and destroy Mirzapur. Guddu will lose his family, power, and fame and decides to join the team of Lala and starting being ruthless and do crimes where both of them indeed need it.

10 Shows To Watch If you Liked Four More Shots Please

4. Inside Edge

Inside Edge is a sports web series streaming on Amazon Prime Video. A team of 11 players named Mumbai Mavericks, a fictional T20 cricket team who are playing in a powerplay League. Inside Edge is all about conflicts, and selfishness plays a key role. Sex, Money also matters. The Ups and Downs of the players and the match-fixing creates more anxiety in the audience. The team will lose their financial Banker, where Zarina Malik and co-owner of the team will be blamed. Their new owner Vikrant Dhawan will try to help them but makes things even worse.

Inside Edge series is based on match-fixing in the Indian Premier League, how to fix matches, and booky deals with players that you play for us. Vivek Oberoi (Vikrant) plays the character of Booky and businessman, and Tanju Virwani (Vayu) is an aggressive cricketer, and always performs for the team. Their ambition is a consuming force, lust, greed, manipulation, and betrayal all can destroy any sport and anyone’s career.

5. Bard Of Blood

Bard of blood is a spy thriller web series which is based on a book by Bilal Siddiqui, which has the same name. Bard of Blood is a multi-lingual spy series starring Emraan Hashmi in a lead role. The story is all about the spy, opening the story in Balochistan, where four Indian spies will get caught by Taliban Leaders who are secretly living in Pakistan. They plan to kill the four spies of India, but due to the intelligence report that Indians came to know that spies were caught, they are forced to take them back. Later, the Taliban leaders demand Indians release four Pakistan terrorists in Indian custody. After the news was revealed, the Indian refuse to release it but yet wanted the spy team to get back. This is when three Indian spies are sent on a mission to cross the Indian border and to rescue the four spies, and bring them back home safely. This is seriously a deadly mission led by Kabir Anand.

Finally, using their resources in Balochistan, the Indian team will rescue the Spy team and make sure they reach home safely. Along with rescuing the spy team, he manages to expose Tanveer Shehzad and also kills the Taliban, Mullah Omar. But they didn’t know that was a great start to unfold a bigger mission. While Season2 is not yet released, But the preview still tells that, The leaders try to kill the Chinese Premier on the land of India, to make sure that Indians killed the Chinese Premier and the Chinese people will not cross-check and they straightway a war with Indians. If this happens, it can be stated as Third World War. Season 2 is definitely on its way.

10 Shows To Watch If you Liked Four More Shots Please

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6. Paatal Lok

An Indian web series called Paatal Lok was released on Amazon Prime Video.  It is a Crime thriller web series. The story is all bout a policeman named  Hathiram Chaudhary, who is works at Outer Jamunapar Police Station, Delhi. There is a bridge in the area of Jamunapur, which is near to his police station. Near that bridge, four accused people were arrested. They were accused in the case of killing the media icon Sanjeev Mehra who is a tv Journalist. He was killed by them because he received some confidential information from CBI. Actually, the original target was Vishal Tyagi, who should be killed in a police encounter, but, at the time, he was saved because of the presence of a media van. This case was assigned to Hathiram.

Hathiram goes to under roots of the case, researching why he was killed as he was a journalist. Meanwhile, he found that Donullia Gujjar works from Tyagi and provides support to a local politician Bajpayee, where even he doesn’t have fear to do murders. Bajpayee makes a plan that four people, including Tyagi, come together for a murder attempt, and Delhi Police kills Tyagi in an encounter.  He plans to remove all the followers or persons of Tyagi. Hence with great public support, Bajpayee will be selected. Tyagi feels to shot himself as he feels, there is no use in his existence anymore. All said and done, this is one of the rare web-series that actually has a definite end.  The Director of the series Paatal Lok is Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy, and the production was done by Sudip Sharm, Gunjit Chopra, Sagar Haveli, Hardik Mehta. Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi, Ishwak Singh, Abhishek Benerjee, Jagjeet Sandhu play the lead character roles.

7. The Family Man

One of the best action-thriller web series which has been released in recent times of Amazon Prime Video.  The storyline is all about a middle-class man who is married and blessed with two kids living his life, and his occupation is working in a special cell National Investigation Agency. By the intelligence reports, he receives a piece of news that there was a terrorist attack, where he tries to save the nation from it. He also tries to save his family from threats and low-paid jobs. He was named Srikanth Tiwari. A bomb blast occurred where the bomb will be placed in the scooter, and that blows off at Kala Ghoda. He suspects the Terrorists. He works hard to find the people behind it and investigates the roots.

So, Srikant finds the details about a mission called Zulfiqar. He finds out the suspects in the blast case, and they tell him about a dropbox near Victoria College. He arranges surveillance across that location.  Srikant somehow manages to find that one of the prisoners is part of Mission Zulfiqar. While he interrogates the prisoner’s friend, Moosa, about it. An unknown person called Kareem has used dropbox. The team reaches out to Kareem’s hostel room and search everywhere for clues, but nothing seems to be worked. Srikant will know that there will gas attack, trying to ship it from Kashmir to Delhi. Hence Srikant tries to stop the smuggling. Therefore, TSAC realizes this is not the end of Mission Zulfiqar. There is plan B which has to be in action.

Season 2 is a sequel for season 1. In this series, Srikant Tiwari tries to save the nation from Chemical Attack and also protects his family and professional life. The new character Samantha as Raji is being introduced in the series where she is a replacement of Srikant Tiwari in the new operation, which has been decided by the Higher Officials. Her character has a double-face personality, and The Family Man is one of the most awaiting series on Indian televisions. The suspense and crime, and thrills add up more flavor.

8. Breathe

An Indian Crime Thriller web series telecasted on Amazon and had received an amazing response for the Serirs. Madhvan plays Keen role in the series, where he acts like a father named Danny, and his son is 6 years old and suffering from congenital lung disease. Danny looking at his song with pipes into the lungs makes him more pain and emotional and feel bad. His son Josh is number four on the list to get a new lung and get the surgery done. Where that means four donors should die if josh should get his new lung. It’s the peak time JOsh can only live for six months. Meanwhile, Danny takes a very strange decision and plans to kill the four donors so that his son on the list will go to the top and gets the new lung.

Danny is a football coach, so he sets up a liar in the locker covering its footballs. He takes pictures of the people he wanted to kill, their buildings, and their families from all angles so that he will have a clear view and can have a clear image as well plan accordingly without any notice to be accused. Meanwhile, an alcoholic cop who doesn’t follow the rules, who lost his daughter and going through a divorce phase. He is handicapped, and he finds the deaths happening, and unknowingly he will be involved in the Mystery and solves it by accident. The storyline is all about the father who is desperate to save his child.

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9. Hostel Daze

The title Hostel Daze itself states the story of youth in the Hostel. The plot is all about the three boys who entered college and in their first semester. Telling us about the drawbacks, how backbenchers act, ragging, Love stories, and pure of hostel life of engineering students. This story is all about three boys, how they sustain themselves in the hostel and how they manage with their seniors. The focus is all on the male gaze. Everyone will be on a quest, passing in academics, managing the studies, getting through ragging,

Ankit, Chirag, and Jaat are roommates who live together. Hostel Daze shows their lifestyle while the boys starve for female company. Engineering colleges have a bad ratio for females and a good ratio for men, which leads to the lust for good porn. Innovative, playful, and joyful ragging of the newcomers, especially for the students who stay in the hostel, is very much common. Finding the notes last minute, making copies from the toppers, Scrambling in exams are the most happening features in Btechlife. Doing several night outs rather than studying doing all the fun out there. People who studied Bachelors of engineering will be more relatable to this series. This series is directed by Raghav Subbu and scripted by Saurabh Khanna, and this series remained a fascinating one.

10. Comicstaan

Comicstaan is a standup comedy show, where it cannot be made up by everyone. A lot of skills and on-stage appearance confidence is must required quality for a stand-up comedy. Comicstaan is an Indian standup comedy show prepared and is telecasted on Amazon Prime Video, where it involves two seasons. The show tries to draw special attention from the audience to get goodwill.

The first week of Comisctaan was a great success, and it becomes the most frequently watched show on amazon prime. Comedians all over the world compete with each other as they are the future of comedy. The judges decide that the biggest comics in the country will be collaborated to give the crown the winner. Nishant Suri stars as the winner of the show and wins a cash prize of 10 lakhs for season 1. while Akash Gupta and Samay Raina were awarded 10 lacs in season2. The story features Tanmay Bhat, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Sapan Verma, Kaneez Surka, and Naveen Richard. There is a season 3 for the Comicstaan, and the wait is fully worth it. The Date is not yet released, but the excitement in the audience is much strong. Season 2 features Zakir Khan, as recent of one of the previous season castings.

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