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10 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See!

10 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See!!
Jupiter's Legacy - credit Netflix

Jupiter’s Legacy is a Superhero Drama TV series based on the comic book series of the same name by Mark Miller. This Netflix series features a group of Earth’s finest heroes set in a hierarchical system of superheroes. Being part of the Union, Sheldon Sampson, Grace Kennedy-Sampson, and Walter Sampson face the difficulties that come with maintaining the family legacy. The show depicts a grey area within the society as superheroes try to distinguish right from wrong. The Union members are now aging and have started to pass on the torches to their children. But this overbears them as they just aren’t able to stand up to the expectations. The series premiered on Friday, and people have already come to finish the eight-episode series. So, if you are craving more of such superhero elements, we have a list of 10 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See!!

Although the show has received mixed reviews on various platforms, Jupiter’s Legacy does have some great superhero elements. The superheroes of the 20th century are now in a place where the old rules no longer seem to apply. The Union used to have serious code within their ranks. The powers that the superheroes carry will only be used to protect others, all while refusing to kill. It is a Generational Saga of parent-child relationship but in a genre of a superhero drama. We all have faced the struggle of standing up to one’s expectations. But to see it having collateral damage to the World and the society is something truly enthralling. Moreover, it makes use of Superhero Groups that have a familiar grounding with groups such as Justice League and The Avengers. So if this form of genre entertains you, we have a list for you right here:

1. Invincible

Promotional Image for Invincible

Invincible is an adult animated TV series based on the comic book universe created by Robert Kirkman. The story is based on the comic book series of the same name. The series boasts an all-star voice cast starring Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, and J. K. Simmons. Premiering on Amazon Prime Video, the show has been critically acclaimed ever since. This eight-episode series is filled with plot twists and thrilling fights that just leave the viewers asking for more. Moreover, up till now, the series has been able to stay true to the source material as well, bring us closer to the lore.

Invincible revolves around Mark Grayson, a normal teenager, except for the fact that his dad is the strongest superhero on the planet. Nolan Grayson or Omni-Man plays a pivotal role in the series. Initially, he is a helper to the Guardians of the Globe, only to later change drastically. When Mark turns 17, he shortly starts developing superpowers. So, wanting to take control over it, he starts to take guidance from his father. Now that the first season has ended, the show is set to return for Season 2 and Season 3.

2. Doom Patrol

10 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See!!

Promotional image for Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is a superhero TV Series based on the DC Superhero team of the same name. Having the quirkiest of characters, Doom Patrol is much like Jupiter’s Legacy in the character-driven set-up. Doom Patrol strives on the personal stories of the characters as it follows a set of unlikely superheroes who are left to deal with their own problems as well. While the characters from the show have appeared on another show named Titans, both are set in different story parallels. The show has already aired for two seasons and has also been renewed for Season 3 as it soon arrives exclusively on HBO Max.

Doom Patrol features a team full of members who received their powers due to some tragic circumstances. They have been shunned by society while they are treated and given housing by the Chief. He is a medical doctor who named them Doom Patrol after the team he had formed previously. The members of the team include Jane (Crazy Jane), Rita Farr (Elast-Girl), Larry Trainor (Negative Man), and Cliff Steele (Robotman). This group is later joined by a cybernetically-enhanced human Vic Stone (Cyborg). As the story proceeds, the Chief is captured by one Mr. Nobody. So on their journey to rescue him, Doom Patrol realized that the one responsible for the tragic events each of them faced was the Chief himself.

3. Titans

10 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See!!

Promotional image for Titans

Titans is a superhero TV series based on the DC Superhero team Teen Titans. In this setting, the Titans have been disbanded but are reformed as new members arrive. Titans feature Batman’s former sidekick Dick Grayson (Robin), as he starts working as a detective. One day he is visited by Rachel Roth (Raven), who has come to him seeking protection. During this, they have encounters with the extraterrestrial Kory Anders (Starfire) and the shapeshifter Garfield Logan (Beast Boy). This band of four teams up as they try to face Rachel’s fears fueled by her father, Trigon.

During their journey, the group even meets up with former members of the Teen Titans. These include the half-Amazonian Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) and the crime-fighting duo of Dawn Granger (Dove) and Hank Hall (Hawk). This team is later joined by Batman’s new sidekick, Jason Todd (Robin), Slade Wilson’s daughter, Rose Wilson (Ravager), and the Cadmus sanctioned genetic clone of Superman, Conner (Superboy).

The first season has much focus on Dick trying to distance himself from Bruce Wayne as he tries to stray off from being Robin. While Kory struggles to get back her memories as she is affected by amnesia. The second season has much focus on the return of the feared assassin Deathstroke. He was the reason the original Titans broke apart. Titans is set to return for a third season on HBO Max.

4. Daredevil

10 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See!!


This one is for the MCU fans who have a gritty TV show in the form of Marvel’s Daredevil. The show was created for streaming on Netflix with association with ABC and worked as an initial platform for Marvel’s Defenders. The show follows the story of one Matt Murdock, a lawyer-by-day and a crime-fighting vigilante by night. He has been blind ever since his childhood and makes use of his enhanced senses to protect the streets of New York. In the first season, we see Daredevil uncover the conspiring underworld headed by Wilson Fisk. In the second season, we see him having an encounter with the much deadlier vigilante Punisher, as well as his ex-girlfriend Elektra Natchios. After this, we see him in the third season, in the aftermath of Marvel’s Defenders. Here he must decide to fight crime by being a lawyer or a hero vigilante.

5. The Boys

Members of Seven

The Boys is a TV show based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. Initially being published under DC Comics, The Boys was later moved to Dynamite Entertainment. Much like Jupiter’s Legacy, The Boys features a group of superheroes that resembles The Justice League, here called “Seven”. This is an official superhero group monetized by the conglomerate Vought International. The story follows a group of vigilantes called The Boys. They are led by Billy Butcher, who has reasons to believe that “Seven” leader, Homelander caused the disappearance of his wife, Becca. While they are at it, The Boys also seek to bring down the Vough International.

The members of Seven themselves only act for justice when working under Vought. Generally, they are as arrogant and corrupt as they can be. While “Seven” tries to receive support from the Government, The Boys try to bring down the Conglomerate. Both the groups initially have no idea of each other’s affiliations. But later, the plan is hindered when “Boys” member Hughie meddles romantically with “Seven” member Annie. The show has had 2 seasons up till now, with the third season soon coming on Amazon Prime Video.

6. The Umbrella Academy

10 Shows Like Jupiter’s Legacy That You Must See!!

Members of The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy, much like Jupiter’s Legacy deals with a father-child conflict tagged along with one’s expectations upon the other. Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy is a TV Series based on the comic book series of the same name by Gerard Way published by Dark Horse Comics. The story is set in a universe where 43 women all around the globe spontaneously give birth with no sign of prior pregnancy. Seven of these kids are adopted by the eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. He later makes a crime-fighting group out of them called “The Umbrella Academy”. They all are initially given names based on numbers, ranging from one to seven. But later receive normal names by their robot mother Grace. The seven members are named Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, and Vanya.

While the first six are used for crime-fighting, Reginald Hargreeves believes that Vanya has no powers. Later, The Umbrella Academy is disbanded after the disappearance of Five and the death of Ben. Even later, Sir Reginald Hargreeves passes away. So, the remaining five members reunite to give his father his funeral. Just after that, the seemingly disappeared Five returns back from Future revealing an impending Global Apocalypse. While they try to stop this threat, they must deal with their dysfunctional relationships. To make matters worse, Five is being tracked down by time-traveling operatives Hazel and Cha-Cha.

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7. Watchmen

Promotional image for Watchmen

Watchmen is a TV series that takes place in an alternate history, 34 years after the events of the comic series. Here Rorschach’s published notes inspire a white supremacist group known as the Seventh Kavalry. These white supremacists wage a war in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Due to which police officers are attacked and killed. Out of the surviving officers, only two chose to stay namely, Detective Angela Abar and Police Chief Judd Crawford. Now, these police officers are advised by law to wear masks and costumes to hide their identities. So, we see a show that predominantly takes the role of examining the racial misconducts in the society, all under the nine-part miniseries under HBO.

8. Arrow

Oliver Queen as Arrow

Arrow is the TV series that allows the life of the billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen. He spent the last five years of his life on a mysterious island in the north of the China Sea. Later he returns to the Star City to take on the persona of ‘The Hood’ (Green Arrow). For this, he wields his weapon of choice, bow, and arrow. He is later joined by several other members joining his team. These include former soldier John Diggle, skilled hacker Felicity Smoak, former assassin Sara Lance, aspiring vigilante Roy Harper, Oliver’s sister Thea, and attorney-turned-vigilante Laurel Lance. The first season predominantly deals with Oliver hunting down a list of people in his father’s notebook. During this, we also see flashbacks from his time on the island.

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9. Young Justice

Members of the Young Justice

Young Justice is an animated TV series that is based on the comic book series of the same name. This adaptation has a new story with much focus on the teenage and young adults within the DC Animated Universe. The series follows a group of sidekicks called ‘the team,’ which take on covert missions under the Justice League. The series starts off with sidekicks of Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow are being brought to the Hall of Justice. These sidekicks are Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy. But when a situation arises, the League members refuse to have the sidekicks take part in the mission. Just like Jupiter’s Legacy, Young Justice deals with a sense of expectations that need to be met between a mentor and a student.

Frustrated by the lack of respect, Roy Harper resigns as Speedy and leaves. Meanwhile, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash decide to an impending League mission to investigate Cadmus Lab. Here they find a genetically made clone of Superman, Conner, later known as Superboy. The Justice League realizes their intentions therefore, they form a team under the Justice League headed by Aqualad. This team is later joined by Martian Manhunter’s niece, Miss Martian, and Green Arrow’s new sidekick, Artemis. After three seasons, the show is set to return for Season Four on HBO Max.

10. Defenders


Marvel’s Defenders is a crossover miniseries that streamed on Netflix. This eight-episode series saw characters based on Marvel comics characters. Here Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all come together to form a superhero team. The show also acknowledges the MCU timeline and storyline while also being interconnected with several shows and movies in the franchise. In this show, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist have all come together to face the common enemy, the Hand.

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