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10 Sexiest Movies on Hulu Right Now

Sexiest movies on Hulu

So what’s your recent catch on Hulu? If it is the same old plain movies you are watching, it’s high time you add some spice to it. Handpicked straight out of the site, we have compiled ten sexiest movies on Hulu that are available right now. Hulu might be famous for movies like Batman and Mission Impossible, but if you look deep enough, there are a wide range of movies that might just pique your interest. Over the years, the quality of movies available on Hulu has changed and every now and then big-shot series or movie keep getting streamed. The same goes for the explicit movies available here. There are so many amazing sexy movies now available that could be completely romantic or chilly thrillers. Even amidst a good action-packed movie, who doesn’t like some bold intimacy after all?

We have come a long way from the conservative times when holding hands was the biggest accomplishment in movies. While kissing scenes were taboo, many movies leaped through the narrow mindset, normalizing public display of affection over time. Some movies are subtle while some go on to make plots that are borderline porn. Of course, there are fans of both categories as they both relay the chance of depicting a life that is not ours, expanding horizons of imagination. To help you find such movies with ease, here are ten of the sexiest movies on Hulu. They are not ranked in any order.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out these sexiest movies on Hulu streaming now!

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The Escort

Centering around Mitch, a writer trying to get a job, The Escort is a story of two people who feel like outcasts coming to accept each other. Mitch is a sex addict, constantly told he is not good enough. On the other hand is Natalie, an escort who is instantly judged for her profession. After getting fired, Mitch tries to get hired in a magazine whose editor puts in a condition that he will be hired if he can produce an article better than the other candidates.

The Escort

The Escort

To prove his worth, Mitch starts writing about Natalie. As they get to know each other, they start falling in love. The Escort contains all elements of a sexy movie: confident and appealing characters along with high sexual tension between the two. Easily one of the sexiest movies on Hulu, The Escort must not be missed.

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A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

Although mostly comedic, the title itself shines bright enough to be on the list of the sexiest movies on Hulu. Eric is a middle-aged man who likes to live young. Partying and enjoying life are his two main aims in life. However, when his father announces that he is going to sell the house, Eric and his friends decide to celebrate the last party in the house by having an orgy.

A Good old fashioned orgy

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.

The movie crashes with many events that constantly put the audience into doubt if the orgy will even take place by the end of the movie. Well, the orgy happens along with discreet nudity. It is a fun and light movie that will leave its viewers in a loop of after with its hilarious dialogues and double entendre jokes.

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Skin: A History Of Nudity In The Movies

Skin presents itself as a thoroughly researched movie with insights that can make you ponder. The movie carries its audience to the early 1960s, a time when nudity diverted its path from pornography and entered mainstream media.

The time travel goes on through the vibrant 80s and the 90s when nudity started becoming more common, appearing even on TV screens. And, as the time stops at the present when the XXX banner is reachable on every device, the statement is clear that artistic freedom has reached door-to-door. ‘Skin’ has a beautiful context portrayed in cinematographic essence that doesn’t seem vulgar but a mesmerizing expression of art.

Like Crazy

Starring Felicity Jones who plays Anna, a British student in LA, and Anton Yelchin playing Jacob, an American boy, Like Crazy is a movie that shows a realistic long-distance relationship surviving in the world of flings. When Anna’s student visa expires and she has to go home, the leads decide she will return when she has enough money and the proper documentation.

Like Crazy

Like Crazy.

Despite not wanting to fall in love before she can return, Anna’s heart finds itself yearning for Jacob. Like Crazy is a cautious reminder that the choices we make can be irreversible and permanent. It shows how you cannot rewind life and undo things you have done.

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Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley is a rare movie, one that is made once in a generation. The film has been directed by Haifaa al-Mansour. It is mostly a literary biopic presented along with an argument. However, it’s not boring as most would presume. The romance in the movie can be sensed from the quill pens, candlelights, regency gowns, and celebrity names like S.T. Coleridge.

Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley.

The writing process is more or less portrayed as a passionate romance maintained with discipline. Additionally, the good-looking, vibrant, and young actors reading poetry with their crisp British accent, grammatically flawless command over English sounds no less than music.

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Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a movie made with elegant simplicity. This works well for the movie which aims to be less aspirational and more grounded until the climax without trying too hard to look cool. The concept is quite familiar: a rebellious woman who hates her stepmother and is hated by her family; a sweet-talking lover who is in a relationship that has no love; and a man trapped in the monotonous suffering of marriage- and all the characters coming together at a wedding.

Sexiest movies on Hulu

Palm Springs.

There is no element of surprise and still, the movie seems to capture the sexiness and the intimacy without overdoing it.

Liz in September

This was the first Spanish lesbian film released in 2014. Liz in September is a great example of a fun and laid-back movie as it throws light on the discrimination of the LGBTQ people. Eva, having recently undergone her shares of tragedies, stumbles upon a hotel and meets some remarkable lesbian. Among them is Liz, who takes a liking to her. However, their story begins when Liz makes a bet with one of the women she will have Eva in bed within the next three days.

Bold as it sounds, the sweet relationship of Eva and Liz becomes the spotlight of the show. The taste of the film grows sweeter with every scene. It is tragic at times and funny at others. The heating chemistry between the two main characters makes it one of the sexiest movies on Hulu worth streaming.

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Girl With A Pearl Earring

A quiet yet scintillating movie, Girl With A Pearl Earring, can move you to the core with the emotional turbulence it can create. The movie speaks in words left unsaid, paths and choices left behind, oblivious potentiality, and lips left untouched, unkissed. All these are left to guess by the filmmakers as they study a specific painting- one of a woman painted in 1665 by Johannes Vermeer.

Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girl With A Pearl Earring.

The young woman in the painting who wears a pretty blue headband and a smock, has a red pair of lips, slightly parted in the most tempting manner. She wears pearl earrings and the movie beautifies her even more.

Premature (2019)

Premature beams with the reality of summer love that many dreamy movies try to hide. Anyone who has experienced it knows and accepts that not all kinds of love stories end with riding down the sunset with a rose in our hands. As protagonists, we have Ayanna and Isaiah. Ayanna is a 17-year-old girl, just graduated from school and aspiring to be a poet. Isaiah is an older man, a music producer. The movie tracks their relationship that starts with warm fuzzy feelings until reality knocks on the door.

Sexiest Movies on Hulu


Nudity and explicit sexual content are accepted into the movie with open arms. Rashaad Ernesto Green leaves no effort to deliver the story with pure sincerity. It makes use of heavy dialogues that touch the viewers on an emotional level. Premature depicts something relatable: a love story destroyed with insecurities.

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Released in 2016, AWOL has to be one of the sexiest movies on Hulu without a doubt. The answer to the ‘why is simple. It has fairly well written that pictures some very bold scenes between the two very charming protagonists. Joey is a tomboy, finding a direction in her life. to give herself meaning, Joey enrolls in the army. Soon after she meets Rayna, a charmingly beautiful woman and falls in love.



AWOL has its flaws but it also makes sure it does not disrupt the movie much. It paints a beautiful same-sex love story that might bring tears to your eyes by the end.

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