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10 October Kdramas Premieres To Be Excited For In 2021

Upcoming Kdramas
Upcoming Kdramas

Like every month of this year, October has an array of upcoming kdramas to look forward to. The kdrama realm has been gaining more and more popularity as time passes. These dramas have amazing plots, talented cast members, beautiful production, and mind-blowing cinematography. Plus, they even have characters that are sure to make you fall in love with them. Along with all of these,  the viewers have a variety of genres to watch. They can choose to watch a lovely romantic kdrama with the ideal couple or a thriller kdrama that is sure to turn your head upside down. They can also prefer to go on magical journeys in fantasy kdramas.

Kdrama fans have been getting amazing content throughout this year. Some of the amazing releases they have got are Squid Game, Vincenzo, Penthouse 3, Doom At Your Service, Mine, and The Devil Judge. They even have had comebacks of legendary actors like Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Yeo Jin Goo, and more. October itself will be full of amazing kdramas with splendid plots and a skilled cast. So without further ado, here is a list of 10 October Kdrama premieres to look forward to in 2021. Spoiler: This month is all women and mystery.

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10. PENG

This is one of the few romantic kdramas this October. The drama is about a woman who has just entered her 30s. Go Sa Ri wants to start anew after saying goodbye to her 20s. But her life seems to get harder when she gets tangles with four men who have fallen in love with her. The four men being her best friend Pi Jung Won, the CEO of the company Go Sa Ri works for Ki Sun Jae, a younger guy Yeon Ha Rim and her ex-boyfriend. The story will follow her going about what to do next as she gets caught up with confused and mixed feelings.

Peng Kdrama Release Date

Peng cr: Rakuten Viki

The upcoming kdrama stars Yoon So Hee, Choi Won Myung, Joo Woo Jae, Lee Seung II, and Yeon Ha Rim. It is directed by Baek Min Hee and is written by Han Soo Ji.  The drama’s premiere is on October 7 at 7 PM KST. The drama will release new episodes every Thursday and Friday on Rakuten Viki till November 5. The drama will have a total of 16 episodes.

9. Crime Puzzle

One of the upcoming thriller kdramas on this list is Crime Puzzle. Adapted from a webtoon of the same name, the drama is about a murder that takes place in a prison. A criminal psychologist named Han Seung Min suddenly starts confession to murders. One murder, in particular, was his girlfriend’s dad. Also, his girlfriend Yoo Hee, who is a criminal profiler, thinks that things seem fishy. So she decides to look more into his case and unravels everything piece by piece, completing the puzzle.

Moreover, the drama’s main leads are played by Who Are You?’s Yoon Kye Sang and The Host’s Go Ah Sung.  The drama will release new episodes every Friday on Olleh TV. Additionally, the drama will have a total of 10 episodes.

8. Work Later, Drink Now

This drama is light-hearted compared to the other kdramas on this list. The upcoming kdrama is also based on a webtoon named Sooldo Girl. This kdrama is about three women Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, and Kang Ji Gu, coming together to drink every day after finishing their work. So Hee works as a broadcasting writer, Ji Yeon is a young yoga instructor, and Kang Ji Gu works as a YouTuber. All of them are single women in their 30s.

Work Later Drink Now Release Date

Work Later Drink Now cr: tvN.

The kdrama will start airing on October 22 on tvN. The drama’s cast is absolutely amazing. It consists of Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Jung Eun Ji, and Super Junior’s Siwon. Siwon will be making a kdrama comeback after two whole years after acting in the drama, so fans are getting very excited for this drama.

7. The All Round Wife

This is surely going to be one of those dramas that will make you think about life. Furthermore, this October kdrama is a slice of life drama that has Seo Cho Hee as the protagonist. Seo Cho Hee works day and night to achieve her dream, which is to own an apartment in Gangnam of Seoul.  Seo Cho Hee works as an account executive, and she has bears all the injustices and hardships at work for twelve years so that she can finally buy an apartment. However, this show is about her journey to the realization that the place does not matter if the people you love aren’t there.

This drama is written by the talented screenwriter Kim Ji Wan, and the director is Cho Ji Yeong. This is the second time where Kim Ji Wan and Cho Ji Yeong are coming together after Love On A Rooftop. This daily drama consists of a total of 120 episodes. Furthermore, The All Round Wife will premiere on the 4th of October. The good news for fans who are waiting for this drama is that it is scheduled to air till March on KBS1. Furthermore, the exciting cast of this drama includes Han Da Gam, Shim Ji Ho, and Han Sang-Jin. Make sure to mark your calendars for the release of the super exciting The All Round Wife.

6. Jinx

This is the first supernatural drama on this list, and let me assure you that it is a good one. Have you wondered how your life would be if your sneeze changed the course of your destiny? Well, Kyu Han does not have to wonder because every time he sneezes, the thing that he hopes the least for happens. Although on the outside, Kyu Han seems like a completely normal student, he is struggling because of his bad luck. But when he meets his first love, he decides to try his best and hopes that fate will not destroy his chance this time.

Upcoming October Kdrams

Jinx cr: Daum Kakao TV

The cast of this drama has fans super excited as the main lead is Chani. Remember the cute boy named Woo Joo, who made us cry buckets from Sky Castle? Well, that’s him. Other members of the cast include Eunseo, Kim Bo Ra, and Choi Yu Ju. The good news is that this drama starts airing on October 6. This drama will have ten episodes with a duration of fifteen minutes. Additionally, this drama will air on Daum Kakao TV. This is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting Kdrama coming in October.

5. Inspector Koo

One of the most anticipated upcoming kdrama coming this October is Inspector Koo. Moreover, it is made of the best ingredients. This drama is a crime comedy-drama. Furthermore, it revolves around Koo Kyung Yi, an insurance investigator who ends up investigating a murder case. Our main lead, Koo Kyung Yi, is fierce and unstoppable. She chases after the truth in every case but not for justice but the satisfaction she gets after cracking a case. A college student who is a vengeful serial killer poses an accidental murder case to bamboozle her hard-earned insurance money.

Looks like Netflix has got another big hit coming with this drama. The original broadcasting networks for Inspector Koo are Netflix and JTBC. This drama consists of a total of twelve episodes and will air from the 30th of October. The main cast includes Lee Young Ae and Kim Hye Joon, which already has us sold. Make sure you put this on your kdramas watch list this October.

4. The King’s Affection

The King’s Affection is a romantic drama that is sure to capture your heart. This October kdrama is adapted from a manhwa Yeonwha is written by Lee So Young. The director of this kdrama is  Song Hyun Wook, who is popular for dramas like Undercover, The Beauty Inside, and Meloholic. The King’s affection is about the story of Lee Hwi. When she was born, her mother had hidden her so that Lee Hwi would not be killed. But later on, when Lee Hwi’s twin brother died, her mother disguises Lee Hwi as the crown prince. As she grows up, Lee Hwi starts following in love with a scholar named Jung Ji Woon.

The King's Affection Release Date

The King’s Affection cr: Netflix

In addition to that, the cast of the drama includes Park Eun Bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su, Bae Yon Kyung, Choi Byung Chan, and Jung Cha Yeon. The drama will premiere its first episode on October 11. It is set to complete 20 episodes by 14 December. Furthermore, new episodes of the drama will be released on Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 PM KST. Viewers can watch the drama on Netflix and KBS2.

3. Reflection Of You

This drama is one of the most awaited kdramas of October. This drama revolves around a seemingly successful woman named Hee Joo. She is an accomplished painter and essayist and leaves with her husband, who is a doctor and also has two lovely kids. And she soon meets someone who is much like her older self. This drama seems very emotional and may eventually end with the characters finding out their true self.

Reflection Of You Release Date

Reflection Of You cr: JTBC

The drama is directed by Im Hyun Wook and is written by Yoo Bo Ra. The main cast of the drama consists of Go Hyun Jung, Shin Hyun Bin, Kim Jae Young, and Choi Won Young. The drama’s premiere is set for October 13. It will have a total of 16 episodes which will be released by 2 December. New episodes of the drama will be aired every Wednesday and Thursday on JTBC as well as on Netflix.

2. My Name

The drama’s plot is very thrilling. It has a revengeful daughter named Yeon Ji Woo, the boss of the biggest drug ring in Korea Choi Moo Jin, Drug Investigation Unit police detective Jeon Pil Do, and more. Yeo Ji Woo joins the police force with a revengeful heart. The one who helps her to get in is Choi Moo Jin. Yeo Ji Woo works with the people who want to catch Choi Moo Jin. The story of the drama is all drugs and crime. It is sure to be a cup of tea for crime drama lovers.

The cast of this series includes Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, and Park Hee Soon. Han So Hee had gained popularity this year with the webtoon-based drama nevertheless. Also, her characters in this drama seem to be the polar opposite of the character she had played in Nevertheless. So fans are excited to see how well Han So Hee does. This upcoming kdrama will be a treat to watch for both Han So Hee and thriller genre fans. Further, the drama is premiering its first episode on October 15. The drama will have eight episodes of fifty minutes. New episodes of the drama will release on every Friday. The drama will be available only on Netflix.

1. Jirisan

The drama that tops the list of the upcoming October kdramas is Jirisan. Jirisan will mark the comeback of the super famous actress Jun Ji Hyun. She had last made a cameo in Kingdom: Season 2, and her most recent main role was as Shim Chung in The Legend Of The Blue Sae. Her fans are dying with happiness it has been five years ever since she has appeared on the big screen. The other cast members of the drama are Joo Ji Hoon, Jo Dae Jin, and Jung Goo Young. The director of the drama Lee Young Bok is famous for dramas like Sweet Home, Goblin, and The Descendants Of The Sun. And the screenwriter Kim Hu Nee’s works include Kingdon: Ashin of the North and both of the seasons of Kingdom.

Jirisan Release Date

Jirisan cr: iQIYI

Jun Ji Hyun plays the role of Seo Yi Kang, a top ranger who is one day partnered with Kang Hyun Jo. Joo Ji Hoon’s character Kang Hyun Joo is a rookie ranger who has gone through a terrible incident that still haunts him to this day. Jirisan will follow our main leads finding out the mystery behind why so many suicides and murders take place on Mount Jirisan. Besides, the cherry on top is that BTS’s Jin will be singing an OST for the drama. This upcoming Kdrama has already won over fans’ hearts. The drama will air on October 23 at 9 PM KST and will have sixteen episodes. New episodes of the drama will be released on every Saturday and Sunday. You can stream the drama on tvN or iQiyi. Enjoy your weekends!

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