10 Most Similar Anime To Tokyo Mew Mew That You Should Check Out

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10 Most Similar Anime to Tokyo Mew Mew That You Should Check Out
Tokyo Mew Mew!

Having your favorite anime get a reboot is almost nostalgic. Tokyo Mew Mew is an anime series that was initially launched from 2002 to 2003. The manga series, created by Reiko Yoshida and illustrated by Ikumi, was adapted into an anime series by Studio Pierrot and Nippon Animation. The series has 52 Episodes with a story everyone loved back then. So, as we wait for the release of the reboot, let’s check out some anime that are similar to Tokyo Mew Mew.

Ichigo Momomiya, one of the main protagonists, was all ready to go on a date with her crush, Masaya Aoyama, until she was struck with lightning. The lightning that had struck her made her behave cat-like. With such intense change in her behavior, Momomiya was also tasked with something impossible. Momomiya now could turn into a cat-eared magical girl named Mew Ichigo. Confused with what’s happening around her, two researchers named Ryou Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka revealed that they had injected her with Iriomote Cat DNA, which gave her these strange powers. Having said that, Ichigo now is tasked to save the world from aliens and also to find the other girls who had these injected in them too.

Anime Similar To Tokyo Mew Mew

Many fans are into magical girl-type series and look for suggestions of the same type. Tokyo Mew Mew has been a favorite of many, and they really look up to anime similar to such series. Here is, therefore, 10 of the most similar series to Tokyo Mew Mew:

10. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon anime series is pretty much similar to Tokyo Mew Mew. Usagi Tsukino, the main protagonist of the series, score really low on her test. But, what if, despite that, she’s given some special powers and become super powerful? Usagi had an exactly similar experience. After saving a cat named Luna, who had a crescent moon shape on its head, she found her new powers, which she was destined to have. Usagi now has to save the world with dark energies and also find the lost princess of the Moon Kingdom, the remaining Sailor Guardians, and the Legendary Silver Crystal.

10 Most Similar Anime to Tokyo Mew Mew That You Should Check Out
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

9. Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Do you like mermaids? How about a story that revolves around mermaids, then? The Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch is a series that concerns a mermaid kingdom. Lucia, the princess of the North Pacific, has the power of music, which she has to use to protect her kingdom and herself from evil. Can Lucia do it?

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

8. Cardcaptor Sakura

Having your life as ordinary sounds boring, doesn’t it? Everyone wants something unordinary to happen to them. Be it something out of the world, people just want. Sakura Kinomoto, an intelligent and popular fourth-grader, had her life wrapped around with ‘ordinary.’ She loves her family, and someone else too! Her pretty much simple and ordinary life turned tables when she stumbled upon a book named ‘The Claw.’

Now Sakura must capture all Clow cards and save the world with the help of her best friend Tomoya, her rival Xiaolang, and her special guardian Kero. Sakura is set to become the one and only Cardcaptor. Does the child possess what is needed? Can she defeat the beasts?

10 Most Similar Anime to Tokyo Mew Mew That You Should Check Out
Cardcaptor Sakura

7. Ojamajo Doremi

The magical girl Doremi series is similar to Tokyo Mew Mew because it has cute girls in it! However, the life of Harukaze Doremi isn’t the same as the previous series’. In her life, she considers herself to be worthless because her family environment doesn’t provide much air for positivity.

Her parents fight, her younger sister makes fun of her, and her crush has a crush on someone else. One day, however, while Doremi wished for a magical wand, she met a real witch, after which she applied to be the witch’s apprentice. But, can Doremi be successful in passing the witch exam? Will she be able to do well in this field?

Ojamajo Doremi

6. Futari wa Precure

Similar to Tokyo Mew Mew, this anime series has a new slice-of-life in each Episode. How would you feel that the partner you have teamed up with behaves differently in places where there are more people? Well, leave disappointment aside, bet you will be thrilled instead. Why so? Because they won’t be the only ones to behave differently. You will be behaving differently as well. Sounds interesting, right?

Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, two middle school girls totally opposite to each other, are actually the teammates when at the right time. One is the energetic type, while the other is the innocent type. Both are popular in their own ways. However, both Nagisa and Honoka are the ’emissaries of light.’ This means responsibility! Nagisa and Honoka are assigned two fairies, Mipple and Mepple, where the team has to fight off the Dotsuku Zone, which is an evil force harming the world. With great efforts and teamwork, they are all ready to defeat evil and save the earth.

Futari wa Precure

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5. Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach

Pretty much similar to the Tokyo Mew Mew series, the Wedding Peach has three worlds. The three worlds consist of the human, the angel, and the devil. With connections among the three, the devil world has set its eyes to destroy the angel world. Can Momoko Hanasaki, Yuri Tanima, and Hinagiku Tamano defeat the devil world’s plan to destroy the angel world? What do they have to do to defeat the devil world?

Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach

4. Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!

Have you ever wondered why magical ‘girls’ and not magical ‘boys?’ Or, why ‘strong men’ and ‘cute women?’ Even if you don’t want to, one generalizes a particular gender by expecting things from that gender only. Not an issue, but random stuff to ponder upon. This anime series is also similar to ‘this’ random stuff. One may even add, “why should girls have all the fun?” Not in other contexts, but only in magic. This series, henceforth, is about magical boys who are about to save the world now.

The high schoolers just want to play around with no particular responsibility. However, these same high schoolers are expected to save the world and protect everyone. Can they do it?  They can do a… good job, right?

10 Most Similar Anime to Tokyo Mew Mew That You Should Check Out
Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!

3. Smile Precure!

While she dreams about fairy tales, Miyuki Hoshizora doesn’t know something similar would happen with her too. For Miyuki, fairytales are worlds full of surprises and wonders, with a happy ending. One day, while she was running late for her first day of school, Miyuki encountered Candy, a mysterious being from the fairy tale.

Without pondering much about it, Miyuki had already forgotten about the wondrous encounter. However, when she stumbled upon a mysterious book in her school’s library, Miyuki, before knowing, transformed into ‘Cure Happy,’ which is one of the Precure warriors. Is Miyuki happy now, now that she is living the life she dreamed about? What will she be tasked with after this unbelievable situation?

10 Most Similar Anime to Tokyo Mew Mew That You Should Check Out
Smile Precure!

2. Houkago no Pleiades (TV)

With her telescope in hand, Subaru is ready to go to the school’s observatory in order to observe the meteor shower that night. Rather than the starry skies that she expected, she finds a lush garden with a magnificent fountain led by a mysterious boy with red hair. As if Subaru imagined things, the garden soon vanished. After seeing those brilliant colors, all that remains is an odd bouncing blob creature that leads her to another magical door, where other girls in magical witch costumes wait for her.

Subaru’s reality starts to unravel one by one as she realizes that one of the girls in the room is her childhood friend Aoi and Subaru is the chosen one to join their group! As Subaru and her friends search for pieces of the Pleiadian spacecraft engine to return the being to his home, Subaru’s dreams of the stars have come true in the wildest way.

1. Kamichu!

It was easygoing times in the 1980s for Yurie Hitotsubashi, a middle school student from Onomichi, a fishing city on Japan’s inland sea. In addition to worrying about exams, she tried to make Kenji, the clueless boy she likes, notices her. Then one day, during lunch with her best friend Mitsue, she announces that she has just become a goddess. Matsuri immediately uses Yurie’s newfound divinity to promote her family’s bankrupt Shinto shrine.

10 Most Similar Anime to Tokyo Mew Mew That You Should Check Out

In the hopes that replacing their hapless local god, Yashima-sama, with Yurie will increase the shrine’s popularity and profitability. Yurie now has to grant wishes and cure curses, meet aliens, and attend the god conventions. All in all, she also attended school while trying to earn the courage to confess to Kenji.

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