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10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics

10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics
Scarlet Witch

Ever since WandaVision has aired on Disney+, Wanda’s alter-ego, Scarlet Witch has been quite a talking point among Marvel fans. Fret not, this is not just for MCU, but the entire Marvel Comicbook Universe. While in the MCU, it is only now that Wanda taps into her true potential. Meanwhile, in the comic books, she has been one of the strongest characters for quite some time. She makes use of Chaos Energy as Chaos Magic, an ability that was considered non-existent. Chaos Magic allows the user to manipulate, warp, and reconstruct the fabric of existence thus altering reality to their wishes. While having the power to destroy the entire cosmos, Scarlet Witch is considered a Nexus being. Even so, there are some characters that could still defeat her. So, in this article, we will cover 10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics.

Wanda Maximoff is the twin sister of Pietro (Quicksilver) and the alleged daughter of Magneto. She and her brother were actually orphans who were taken away to Mount Wundagore. This is the place where the Elder God and Arch-Demon, Chthon, was sealed. He was the original user of Chaos Magic, whose reign as God of Chaos was put to an end by Earth’s mages. While Wanda was here, a fraction of Chthon’s magic flowed into Wanda. This caused the origin of Wanda Maximoff as Scarlet Witch. She was now capable of wiping out multiverses, the most popular one causing the M-Day. While Wanda was with Vision, they are unable to have children. So, Wanda makes use of Mephisto’s fragments to create two sons, Billy and Tommy, later known as Wiccan and Speed. Knowing all this, Wanda is clearly one of the strongest entities in the Marvel Comicbook Universe.

10. Oblivion

10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics

The Void, Oblivion

Oblivion is an abstract entity and much like his siblings, Death, Eternity, and Infinity, he is an embodiment of a concept. He is another aspect of Death, who is Death personified. He is the personification of void and non-existence. And having been born before Infinity, it is in Oblivion’s nature to end all things. He is the nothingness through which creation takes place, taking the form of a plane between life and death. He is the reflection of Death and plainly embodies nothingness, thus he cannot be defeated. This makes him stronger than Scarlet Witch in every aspect. Unlike Death, Oblivion prefers to reside in a pocket dimension known as the Outer Void.

Oblivion is the counterforce to the expanding force of the universe, that is, Infinity. He has a close relationship with Death, who like him is an aspect of the same being. Like Death who rivals Eternity, Oblivion rivals Infinity. Oblivion is also the origin of his avatars, Chaos King and Knull. While Chaos King got integrated into the Amatsu-Kami, he later came to be known as Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Meanwhile, Knull was the one responsible for the creation of the symbiotes. He is the one who sends Maelstrom to destroy the universe, only to be stopped by Quasar, Infinity’s avatar.

9. Infinity

The Sister Counterpart of Eternity, Infinity

Infinity is the sister counterpart of all universes, and time personified Eternity. While Eternity has Death as his counterpart, Infinity has Oblivion as her counterpart. Infinity who is one with Eternity is only surpassed in authority by the Living Tribunal. Infinity has an unlimited ability to manipulate time, space, matter, reality, energy, or magic according to her whim. In the fight against the Infinity Gauntlet-assisted Thanos, Thanos ranks Infinity above many other cosmic beings. These abstract entities include Master Order, Mistress Love, Lord Chaos, Sire Hate, Galactus, Kronos, Odin, Zeus, Stranger, and One Above All. She is considered equal in strength to Eternity but below The Living Tribunal.

Infinity first appeared in Quasar when Eternity entered his Quantum Bands into the Quantum Zone. It is later revealed that the Quasar’s Quantum Bands were originally from Infinity and are capable of directly taping into Infinity’s energy. Once Oblivion’s avatar, Maelstrom tries to destroy the universe. Then, Quasar makes use of the Quantum Bands to channel the avatar of Infinity to stop him.

8. Eternity

10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics

The Living Sentience of the Cosmos, Eternity

Eternity is a supreme being who is the embodiment of the entire universe. While being an immortal entity, Eternity outshines his siblings Oblivion and Infinity. He is a near-omnipotent being that controls the fundamental aspects of reality, including energy, time, and even magic. Eternity is the focal point of all forms of cosmic powers, having three laws of thermodynamics combined. He has existed even before time and has the job of leading the Cosmic Powers of the Marvel Universe, whole only answering to two beings, The Living Tribunal and The One Above All.

Among his siblings, he is only equal to Infinity, who happens to be his sister counterpart. They both are the personification of the same aspect, Time and Creation. When Thanos obtained the Infinity Gauntlet, Eternity happened to be the last being to stop him from reaching omnipotence. In this battle, Thanos refers to Eternity as one of the most powerful entities to ever appear. Eternity was also responsible for the conception of some concepts or entities. These children or entities included Empathy, Eulogy, Expediency, Entropy, Epiphany, Enmity, and Eon. Out of these, Eon was later killed only to be replaced by Epoch.

7. The Phoenix Force

10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics

“The-End-Of-All-That-Is” Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is an entity most commonly known in relation to X-Men’s Jean Grey. While this form can easily be defeated by Scarlet Witch, here we speak of Phoenix force. It is the absolute embodiment of life that has not been born, as well as forces of creation and destruction. The Phoenix Force is said to be one of Marvel’s Oldest of Cosmic entities. Much like the fictional Phoenix, Phoenix Force is stated to be the fire from which all things are born. It is the indestructible force that is able to mutate with any universal force of life to manifest a new being. That said, Phoenix Force can absorb a star that would make it into a nova being. Phoenix Force can simply avoid Death while also bringing a person with it.

Phoenix Force is the nexus of all psionic energy that has and will exist in any reality among the Omniverse. And even if this energy is nexus like Scarlet Witch, the Phoenix Force is stronger than her. This energy is the child of the universe that is able to cut down and regrow any parts of the universe. This is what is called “The Judgement of the Phoenix”. The objective of this is to destroy what doesn’t work and cause the creation of something new. Throughout its time, The Phoenix Force has utilized several hosts. The most notable ones happen to be Jean Grey and Scott Summers. But it is to be noted that while Phoenix Force utilizes a body, its strength is far less than its usual self.

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6. Death

10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics

Sister Counterpart of Oblivion, Death

Death was born along with her sibling entities, Eternity, Infinity, and Oblivion. While Eternity was the embodiment of life and creation, Death embodied death and decay. She was allegedly created so that God’s universe-creation project will be accepted. She doesn’t really have any set physical form. But she can manifest herself into one to make contact with someone. And through this, she is usually depicted as a woman with a skull for a face. While this is often altered in different multiverses. Death only exists because life exists, due to which she is indestructible. This concept makes Death a Multiverse-level threat like Scarlet Witch, yet she is stronger than her.

Death rarely speaks her mind as her presence itself is more than enough to convey her message. And like Oblivion, who lives in the Outer Void, Death chooses to live in the Realm of Death. This is a place inaccessible by the living, while Death can easily enter the dimension. Death is the love interest for Thanos, who she manipulates over the course of time. She rejects Thanos’ advances multiple times only to accept if and so, Thanos manages to become a God. But even so, Death doesn’t give in only to later have an affair with Deadpool.

5. The Living Tribunal

10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics

Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is the physical embodiment of the entire Marvel Universe. He is a humanoid golden entity having three heads float over his shoulders. His front face represents equity while his side faces that are usually hooded represent necessity and revenge. All three of his faces must agree to a notion before the Living Tribunal can intervene. Making this being the judge and Executor all by himself. His only job is to secure the balance among the multiverse. The Living Tribunal has existed as long as the universe has existed and is way stronger than the likes of Scarlet Witch. He has the strength and ability to void Infinity gems of their power and stop them from being used. This strength that the Living Tribunal possesses is to make sure that no universe in the multiverse outweighs the other universes in strength.

The Living Tribunal will not be interfering in a matter that only takes place within a single universe. For this, he sends his abstract entities, Lord Chaos and Master Order. Unlike the four celestial siblings, The Living Tribunal doesn’t exist in any other form making him a nexus being. But he does have the ability to be present at different locations at the same time. He is also strong enough to obliterate a planet or make a star into a supernova by simply a single force bolt.

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4. Molecule Man

10 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Scarlet Witch in the Comics

The Molecule Man

Owen Reese first started out as a villain known as The Molecule Man, who soon became stronger than Scarlet Witch. Earlier in his life, he could only manipulate non-organic matter. But soon as he meddled with God Doom during the Secret Wars, he obtained limitless power. Molecule Man was now able to convert any matter into anything. He could even convert inhaled gas into any non-organic substance. During this, he comes to realize the fact that he was created by the Beyonders. And he was set up to be a live bomb that could destroy the universe if he were to ever die.

In other versions of Molecule Man, Owen had similar destructive potential. But instead of being the ultimate bomb, he is a reality anchor. Some of The Molecule Man’s actions involve helping God Doom create the Battlefield while also helping Reed Richards to recreate the universe. Meanwhile, he is also the one who disintegrated Captain America’s Shield, destroyed Thor’s Hammer, and ripped Iron Man’s armor to shreds Lastly, he even made Silver Surfer’s board convert to nothingness.

3. Beyonder

The Beyonder

Beyonder is a young member of an otherworldly race known as the Beyonders. He was only dragged into the Earth to attract a Vibranium meteorite. In terms of Strength, Beyonder has the ability to manipulate reality. Beyonder was considered one of the strongest entities, even surpassing the likes of Living Tribunal and Eternity. The only being that surpassed him was The One Above All. Then again, he had also once killed Death. But soon after, he had to resurrect her due to the impact lack of Death would have in the Universe. He was capable of causing multiverse threats, all while able to conquer planets with a mere thought. Considering that Beyonder himself was an omnipotent being, he was complete. But when he observed human beings, he saw how they were all collectively considered a whole. Because of this, Beyonder started to aim towards a new form of completeness.

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2. The Fulcrum

Jack Kirby aka The Fulcrum

The Fulcrum is an omnipotent and omniscient ancient cosmic being. He is the one that is served by the Celestials, the Watchers, and the Hordes. His identity is in a bit of doubt as he is said to be the incarnation of the author who created the Eternals and the Celestials. His name is Jack Kirby, a bartender with exceptional cocktail skills at the Vestibule. It is a swinging bar where all Eternals go before or after their body is regenerated. He is the second most powerful being in the Marvel Multiverse. And rumor has it that ‘The Fulcrum’ is an aspect of The One Above All.

1. The One-Above-All

Supreme God of the Marvel Omniverse, The One-Above-All

The One-Above-All is clearly stronger than Scarlet Witch. Being, the creator of everything that ever existed or will ever exist in the Omniverse. He happens to be the most powerful being in the Marvel Omniverse while he is fuelled with unlimited power. He too is an Omniscient and Omnipotent being who exists in various forms. In the comic books, he has only appeared like 15 times. Then again, he is considered the strongest being in the universe. Some say that The One-Above-All is the metaphor of the Creators themselves. They have supreme power over what happens in the story, therefore, The One-Above-All is their way of influencing the story. It is often said that like The Fulcrum, who is Jack Kirby’s incarnation, The One-Above-All represents Stan Lee. And if any foe were to ever cause a problem, The One-Above-All could simply erase their existence.

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