BIGBANG has remained one of the most sensational boybands of all time. Let’s talk about Kpop Idols Who Are Fans of BIGBANG. Even now, they are all over the news for their much-awaited comeback, fans now have eyes on their favorite band’s activities. Earlier, this April 5, 2022, BIGBANG dropped the bomb after 4 years with their new music video “Still Life” featuring the quartet since Seungri retired from Entertainment.

That’s why BIGBANG not only made the fandom out of common people, but even many celebrities and kpop idols are dying heart fans of BIGBANG. To honor the comeback of the BIGBANG, here are 10 kpop idols who are big fans of BIGBANG and must have been on the seventh sky since their comeback.

BIGBANG is the boyband based in South Korea, with the four members, G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P. and Daesung. Initially, BIGBANG debuted with five members in 2006, Seungri being the other, he later retired from the industry in March 2019. Their hit single, “Lies” had a record-breaking track, it ranked first on Korean music charts for almost six consecutive weeks. The soundtrack even went on to win the “Song of the Year” awards at the Mnet Km Music Festival in 2007 and in 2008, won the Seoul Music Awards. They constantly gave hits that remain charted at that time, this got them the award of “Artist of the Year” at Mnet Korean Music Festival in 2008.

BIGBANG also became the first South Korean artist to be included in the list of top 100 Forbes Celebrities. Forbes Korea even claimed them as one of the most powerful celebrities in South Korea. Since they are so inspirational, it is quite obvious that kpop idols get inspired by BIGBANG, we will look at the kpop idols who are big fans of BIGBANG and continued to show their appreciation and love for the group even when they are on hiatus before that let’s look more at BIGBANG’s popularity and their comeback.

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Why BIGBANG is So Popular?

Also known as “Kings of Kpop”, BIGBANG has remained the most influential band spreading the Korean wave internationally. Originally started with 5 members, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri, BIGBANG is said to have changed the image of the kpop internationally. One of the main reason why BIGBANG remains popular all over the decade and still haven’t gone off with their impact is because of their music, they labeled themselves as ‘real artists’ writing their own lyrics and producing their own beats at the time when Korean wave just started off.

Their unique discography is as raw as Korean but still has some mix of Western hip-hop. Their unique way of interlinking hip hop into their music sounds appealing to the listeners. Their quirky music won hearts internationally with a need that was much needed back then internationally.

Now, after a 4-year break, BIGBANG returns with the single ” Still Life” which topped the Spotify list as soon as it hits the music platform. South Korea alone has over 900k active listeners since the release of their single without a single promotion. BIGBANG was in the news since February as the news for their comeback spreads, the fans were waiting for their beloved boy band’s comeback.

With their comeback, it was revealed that T.O.P would soon be ending his contract with YG Entertainment, which is BIGBANG’s label company, without any plan to renew the contract. In a talk with Prestige Hong Kong, T.O.P. revealed that he might not come back with BIGBANG or it is a long way to return again as a BIGBANG member as they both have different music. However, the label, YG Entertainment, cleared that T.O.P. would be participating in the group’s activities whenever possible.

Kpop Idols who are Fans of BIGBANG:

1. BTS Jungkook

Who does not know the admiration the maknae of BTS shows for BIGBANG, G-Dragon in particular? When asked on the sets of BANGTAN BOMB about his mentor, he gave the name of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon., Not only Jungkook even other members of the BTS claim to be the biggest fanboys of the BIGBANG. Being one of the successful bands for almost a decade, younger boybands look up to their idols for inspiration.

Jungkook chose to perform BIGBANG’s “If You” dressed all dramatically in a fencing costume back in 2016 on the sets of King of Masked Singer. And who could forget the fun video of BTS members showing their moves on BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby”. Jungkook, being the ultimate fanboy, took his love for BIGBANG to another level by performing “BANG BANG BANG” by BIGBANG in the karaoke. It’s not questionable even for a moment that Jungkook and other BTS members are the biggest fanboys of BIGBANG.

BTS Jungkook
BTS Jungkook

2. Lee Ji Eun (IU)

IU herself has successful entertainment career for almost a decade, even though she has her fair share of being a VIP. She was such a fangirl of BIGBANG’s Taeyang back in 2009. Back in 2009, young IU revealed her fangirl side on a radio show when she all over talk about his handsome looks and how she wanted to meet Taeyang. Even in an interview in 2017, she collaborated with G-Dragon for the hit song “Palette” and when asked, she shared her excitement about the collaboration. She further opened up, saying that she screamed hearing only G-Dragon’s verse, of course, who wouldn’t.

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3. Zico

Another Taeyang fan giving equal competition to IU. Zico, when asked in an interview he, opened up about his love and admiration for BIGBANG Taeyang. He talked about how Taeyang is one artist who he sees as perfect and blows Zico’s mind every time. He further talked about how proud he felt seeing Taeyang sing on the beat he made for the soundtrack “Fear”.

4. Lee Hi

For Kpop Star 1 famed artist Lee Hi, it was a dream to come true when she, instead of her teacher, met BIGBANG’s T.O.P., who was waiting for her to give her rap lessons. It was the ultimate fan moment when Lee Hi told T.O.P. about how she admired him and how she like his voice. Though we had suspected that she might have screamed seeing T.O.P, but instead, she quietly shared her feelings with the BIGBANG artist.


Blackpink has quite a close relationship with BIGBANG as they were trained under the same company which BIGBANG was under. Rose talked about her wish to do a collaboration with BIGBANG Taeyang and how she deeply admires Taeyang as a senior artist.

kpop idols fans of Bigbang
South Korean Girl Group BLACKPINK


It’s easy to find TWICE jamming and reenacting the choreography on the songs of BIGBANG. Such are the fans of BIGBANG, TWICE are often found in several live broadcasts where they hummed BIGBANG’s songs. From “Haru Haru to “BANG BANG BANG” they were jamming the lyrics of various songs with total dedication, who would wonder about their fan spirit. Dahyun made her piano cover for several BIGBANG songs.


When it comes to BIGBANG it’s not possible to not find fanboys on the list, the fanboy list of BIGBANG is quite long and keeps expanding with another boyband ASTRO joining the list. What ideal fanboys look like, you can learn from ASTRO. From following the BIGBANG activities since their pre-debut to talking about admiring them, ASTRO has done it all. You can find abundant ASTRO interviews where they have talked about the inspiration they get from their seniors.

8. Jay Park

Another name to be added to the list of fanboys of BIGBANG, is the Korean-American rapper, who never hesitates to show his love to his favorite idols. In a special appearance on Eric Nam’s podcast show, Jay Park revealed how he feels inspired seeing BIGBANG and how he can listen to the band’s music without any visuals. In 2020, Jay Park even tweeted calling BIGBANG the greatest boyband in kpop history.

 9. GOT 7’s BamBam

All the members of GOT 7 are the fans of BIGBANG, but BamBam is one big fan of G-Dragon especially; his excitement knows no limit when he happened to meet his favorite idols in the elevator, the video itself was so hilarious that it was all over the internet. Even the members of BIGBANG started pulling his leg by reading his personal letter to G-Dragon.

kpop idols fans of Bigbang
GOT 7’s BamBam

10. Sik-K

You know the BIGBANG influence when Korea’s biggest rapper admits being their fan. AOMG Sik-K once opened up about his favorite idols, BIGBANG, he talked about how he is a first-generation VIP( the fandom of the BIGBANG). He went on to say that BIGBANG Taeyang is his absolute favorite and a huge inspiration for him.

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