10 Jotaro Quotes For Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Fans

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Best Kujo Jotaro Quotes
Best Kujo Jotaro Quotes

The whole world of anime is incomplete without the genre of shonen and action. It will not be very pleasing if you will skip the action genre and miss all those spectacular pieces of works. No problem if you like animes of softer concepts with trust me give the shonen a try, and you will end up binging them. As a recommendation, where I am today with an anime series from this genre. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, even though you never watched it, you might surely have heard about it somewhere. All the social media platforms are loaded with memes with Jojo’s reference and contribute to making it very popular. Personally, I have one of those who entered this fandom after reading some of those memes. Before moving on to the main topic, we are going to get a brief introduction to the series.

The series Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, also known as “Jojo no Kimyo na Boken,” is a Japanese manga series by Hirohiko Araki. The manga started to be published officially by Shueisha on 1st January 1987. An anime adaption of the manga was also produced by David Production Studio and made its debut with the very first episode on 6th October 2012. The Jojo series is not as straightforward as you think, it consists of different parts with different protagonists and antagonists. Some of the characters are well known for recurring throughout the series, one of them is Kujo Jotaro. The character has one of the most remarkable personalities, and to cherish that, here we are going to highlight some iconic quotes by him.

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About Kujo Jotaro

Kujo Jotaro is a very well-known character from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. The character made its appearance as the protagonist of part 3 of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures titled “Stardust Crusader”. He became a well-known face from the series because of his recurrence 4-6 times in the whole series. Another season that made him one of the most famous of all the characters is that he was the first Jojo who was introduced with a Stand. Part 3 Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders began when Jotaro gets to know that the swore enemy of the Joestar Family, Dio has returned.

Jotaro began his quest and returned back to Egypt to protect his mother living there and settle down the matter with Vampire one and for all. Kujo Jotaro is a very well-built tall man with a very attractive face and body. Even when he was a teenager, he always stood out for his looks. Jotaro has dark hair, a prominent jaw, dark and bold eyebrows, and emerald eyes.

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As for Kujo’s personality, Jotaro is introduced as an errant with a gentle heart who is loyal to those he likes. Other traits he has are being very intelligent, quick-witted, and very analytic in almost every situation. He also has a very calm and laid-back personality and, most of the time have a disinterested look on his face. The best thing about him is his first introduced Stand, which is known as Star Platinum.  His stand is referred to as one strongest stand from the whole series, it makes him possess inhuman senses, strength, stamina, and whatever contributes to making him stronger. His stand is very similar to that of DIO’s and helped in his fight against DIO.

Iconic Kujo Jotaro Quotes
Kujo Jotaro – Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Iconic Kujo Jotaro Quotes

The quotes stated below are some of the most iconic statements you will hear by Jotaro in the whole series of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. These statements are iconic based on the meaning of then and how they pass the right vibes of Jotaro. The quotes are not repeated in the series but are ranked iconic on basis of something Jotaro will obviously say. These quotes directly reflect his personality and can make you understand what kind of person is this Jotaro. All the quotes below contain their own relevance and explanations just below them. Episodes and parts might not be there, but after going through all the words, you will surely recognize their context and relevance. Happy Reading!

“Nice watch. Too bad you won’t be able to tell the time after I break it then, Break your face, that is.”

Violent much are we? So, we are starting with a very violent quote that totally sounds like Jotaro. We don’t need to imagine, just looking that the quotes remind us about Kujo Jotaro. The character is very well known for his sarcastic remarks and statements that include violence. Kujo here has beautifully insulted someone and also threatened to break their watch along with their face. That is not at all surprising because when you will dive into the world of Jojo, you will get to know that statements like this are very common. Since Kujo recurred in the series, then you will get to hear things like this again and again. One of the most remarkable things about him is he makes every battle memorable by making these types of interesting statements to his opponent.

Iconic Qutoes by Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro – Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures

“Shut up! and get outta my face”

Here we go again, imagine standing against Jotaro and listen him making these statements at you. You will lose half of the battle instantly just by listening to his words. Not only for enemies, but he also has the same attitude with his friends too, so better think twice before making him annoyed at you. But this doesn’t mean that he is a very arrogant man for his loved ones too. He has a soft corner for those he cares about, Jotaro will not think about his own well-being and will rush to protect his beloveds. If we imply this quote in our real life, then we must have used or heard it a lot of times. Sometimes the situations and people get so annoyed that anger takes over our original demeanor, and we lash out at any person who is standing in front of us.

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“What? The loser is evil? Well, in that case… you’re the evil one after all! Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora! at last, my stand will be the one to judge!”

When you will start streaming Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, you will get to know that in most of the battle, Jotaro lets his stand make judgments. Not the judgment you are thinking of, he lets his stand take over and beat the life out of the opponent. The phrase above “ora ora” is his Jotaro’s Stands attack, known as “Ora Ora Rush”. Through this technique, Star Platinum throws fast and powerful punches in order to destroy the last bit of the opponent. The attack is very prominent and yet very interesting. Whenever Star Platinum do this attack, he chants “ora ora ora ora ora ora ora” numerous times. As for the relevance of the quote, Jotaro here is representing his good self by neglecting the fact that a loss is not evil, if that so, then the opponent has to be evil because he is the loser. Even though Jotaro himself is not a very good man and always acknowledges this, but he has some limits of his evilness.

“Koichi, you truly are a reliable guy, I trust you.”

The Koichi guy in the above quote is Koichi Hirose who is a teenage boy with short stature and always wears a school uniform. You will get to witness him a lot by Jotaro’s side and help him in battle using his extraordinary sharp mind. Even though a teenage boy like him is not fit for battles, he proved himself as an asset due to his sharp and analytic brain. As for his abilities, those are also remarkable, his stand Echoes writes the sound effect on any surface and activates hit upon touching it. The loud shriek, vibration, echoes, and any other types of sound out of the limit can surely make an opponent go crazy. These are the reasons why Jotaro has called him reliable in the above statement. Koichi stands by him, fights with him, and most important, admires and learns from Jotaro.

Best Kujo Jotaro Quotes
Kujo Jotaro – Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

“Your staggering display of weakness has left me speechless!”

So this is another savage remark by Jotaro for his opponent. This is kind of a normal way for him to greet his opponents and insult them by bombarding him with his sarcasticness. In the quote above, Jotaro has called enemies, weakness splendid which have left him speechless. Directly means that he is clearly undermining his opponent by acknowledging the fact that his foe is weak still has the guts to stand against him. Even though his opponent is not originally weak, he will use these types of remarks to provoke them in order to get a worthy battle to spend his time on. As I have mentioned above that Jotaro has a very laid-back personality and always wears an uninterested look on his face, we always go for a worthy opponent to devote his time.

“A road is something that you make yourself, make your own choices.”

Indeed, Jotaro is not only someone who always makes sarcastic remarks and makes fun of his opponent, he is also very well capable of uttering words of wisdom. The statement above just not only applies in the anime world but also goes to real life. The path you take, the road you make yourself is the thing that will decide how things are going well. If you have created a path with positiveness and doing good things, then no matter how bad things you face in the way, the end results are always going to be positive. The same goes with the path that criminal makes, walking over the blood and tears, the result can never be good.

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 “Your disappointing performance only acts as fuel to my anger!”

After some series of words of wisdom, here we are again, moving on with some more sarcastic remarks by our protagonist. An opponent’s powers can never be enough to satisfy Jotaro, we always think that he is superior and have the upper hand over the person standing opposite to him. Even if he is unaware of the capabilities of his opponent, he is going to carry on with his sassy remarks to make his foe burn in the heat of anger. I must say that other than his personality, this can be his strategy to provoke his opponent to make them do something stupid and take the opportunity and strike back to end the battle. The statement above clearly shows that Jotaro is not happy about the performance of his foe and wants to see something worth his time.

Iconic quotes by Kujo Jotaro
Star Platinum holding the bullet

“Someday, the blanket of death will cover you with its dark warmth…!”

The quotes below also have their relevance to death, we all know that death is an unavoidable fact of every living being’s life. Many humans have this fear of death and get horrified by just the mention of death. Here in the quote above, Jotaro is stating that one or another day, the blanket of death will cover you with its warmth. The feeling of warmth is generally referred to as something comforting, but how can death be comforting. If we move deeper into spiritual means, death is the source through which one can let go there all the difficulties and sadness and can start fresh in their new life. However, this statement is contradicting to the fact that “hardships never end”, even if you move to a new life, you have to face these things there too. It is a cycle that never ends, and you have to go through all the things, again and again, so love your life.

“if you persist in your ways, you will guarantee your death.”

Well, death is something that is inevitable, everyone has to die some or other day Where some person meets death in their early ages, some people spends their time aging slowly. But here, in the case of the quote above, Jotaro can give a helping hand to end your life soon. In order to let that happen, you just need to provoke him to the extent he can’t contain his anger anymore and ends up killing you. In our real lives too, sometimes we get angry enough to get the thoughts of killing the person provoking us, but it’s not an anime by a friend. In real life, you don’t possess any stand, and there is something called law and order out of the fantasy world. If someone is capable of taking his insane step, is one and only Kujo Jotaro.

10 icnoic Kujo Jotaro Quotes from Stardust Cursaders
Kujo Jotaro: Stardust Cursaders

“The more you mess with me, the tougher it gets for you! Never forget that!”

The warning, Jotaro always gives his enemies and to someone who always gets in his way. Don’t ever I repeat, don’t ever try to mess up with his guy, he surely has the abilities to make you never forget the events. We are very well able to strangle his enemy to death even though he himself is standing at the brink to collapse. The tough guy Jotaro has a kind of arrogant personality, especially for his opponents, and never misses the chance to make fun of them. Here in this above quote, Jotaro is clearly warning the guy in front of him to not make the situation worse for himself, that he never be able to forget the pain he is going to face soon. The statement is deadly and nerve-wracking enough for a person to back off without further questions.

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