10 Haikyuu!! Captains Ranked By Popularity

Haikyuu captain ranked

Haikyuu!! series has been put on a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fourth season itself was split into two due to the pandemic and the fifth season hasn’t been announced yet. While waiting for the series seems like we will age by then, let’s, till then, have a look at some of the things related to Haikyuu!!. Haikyuu!! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. The manga series has long concluded. However, the anime series has four seasons as of yet. Haikyuu!! is a sports anime focusing on volleyball.

Here, Hinata Shōyo is the main protagonist, who is unfitting of a volleyball player. ‘Unfitting’ isn’t a suitable word, however, truth is bitter. As Hinata Shōyo knows that his height is one major obstacle, he still dreams of being an ace just like ‘Small Giant.’ After graduating from middle school, Hinata takes off to take admission in Karasuno High School, where he meets Kageyama. Hinata’s life takes a ‘right’ turn after he came to Karasuno High. Indeed he gets to experience things he wouldn’t have dreamt of. Hinata soon become popular amongst the teams.

Mostly, the captains of all the team keep an eye out on Hinata. Whether they are teams that have played against team Karasuno or not, regardless, this article will rank the captains in Haikyuu!! anime series. Also, there would be an honorable section for an honorable captain. And, just to keep this in check, be aware of spoilers in between.

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Honourable Section: Hinata Shōyo

Hinata was the captain of his middle school volleyball team. Yukigaoka Junior High School, in the Miyagi Prefecture, is where Hinata started his volleyball team. The fact that he had ‘non-volleyball players’ in his team was surprising enough. Not that there’s a rule saying other players cannot form teams and play. But the chance of losing becomes likely, due to the fact that they may not have the required training. This is exactly what happened with Hinata’s team. They lost because the team members got scared, looking at other tall-looking and serious-face volleyball members. However, Hinata cheered them and tried his best to guide them. That was a truly heartwrenching moment.

 Haikyuu captain ranked
Hinata Shōyo

Now, here’s a list of 10 captains in Haikyuu!! anime series. 

Daichi Sawamura: Karasuno High School

Daichi is the wing spiker of his team, and as a captain, he is reliable. He not only solves any problem, but he is also able to understand a situation and hold back for any of his teammates to solve them by themselves. He didn’t force Asahi to come back, nor did he step in between Hinata and Kageyama’s fights. Daichi, as a captain and as a person, is very caring, understanding, and patient, who always put his team first.

The captain of the Karasuno Volleyball Team, Daichi Sawamura, is one of the fan-favorite. His righteousness and his sense of responsibility are what fans love about him. In the manga series, after graduating from high school, after some years, Daichi is introduced to the fans as the Miyagi prefecture’s Police Officer.

Daichi’s goal was to grab any incoming opportunity to take his team to the Nationals. When the former captain, Hidemi Tashiro, requested him to take the Karasuno Team to the Nationals, Daichi promised and fulfilled his promise. They never win, which is another thing, but Daichi did what he promised. That’s one of the many spoilers. Now have fun reading others.

Haikyuu captain ranked
Daichi Sawamura

Tetsurō Kuroo: Nekoma High School

The scheming captain, one who can read minds, and the one who leads the team full of schemes. Even Kuroo’s appearance wouldn’t let go of such vibes that come from him, the ‘Scheming Captain.’ As Nekoma and Karasuno High are competitors, even the current team members see each other in that way. Not that they aren’t on friendly terms, Hinata has already befriended Kenma.

Kuroo is the captain and middle blocker of the Nekoma Volleyball Team. He is also the coordinator of the plans who matched his rhythm with Nekoma’s brain, Kenma. Kuroo, in the manga series, is an employee at Japan’s Volleyball Association in the Sports Promotion Division. Kuroo lives with the idea of his Coach and makes the ‘Battle at the Trash Heap’ happen.

 Haikyuu captain ranked
Tetsurō Kuroo

Tohru Oikawa: Aoba Johsai High

The Great King, as Hinata named him, Oikawa is also one of the fan-favorite. He is a setter and will also be a setter in the near future. Well, at least that’s what he is in the manga. In the manga, Oikawa is seen joining an international team; he is a setter and captain for Club Atletico San Juan, a professional volleyball team in the Argentina Volleyball Federation.

Oikawa has a huge fan following in the series, as well as in real life. In the series, girls hover around him, cheer for him, and are crazy for him. He is one of those to fall for, though. Oikawa as a captain is reliable in his own ways. He knows what set will suit which team members the best. Oikawa is sharp and keen about his surroundings, always measuring them to make his move. Oikawa had a tough time dealing with Kageyama’s talent, but Iwaizumi always had his back. Relying on your teammates isn’t bad as well.

 Haikyuu captain ranked
Tohru Oikawa

Kaname Moniwa: Date Tech High

A third-year student, Moniwa had a tough time dealing with his underclassmen. As the team’s setter and the captain of Date Tech, Moniwa is unlike the other captains. He is small and has a small build, always relying upon his other members to stop any argument. Not that it was any serious kind of argument, but Aone whenever sees a strong opponent, he makes them his opponent, and this freaks out Moniwa.

Despite that, Moniwa dealt with situations real quick. Moniwa is a cheerful captain, always cheering for his teammates, even after his retirement. In the manga series, he is seen to have become a welder in Miyagi.

Haikyuu captain ranked
Kaname Moniwa

Daiki Ogano: Shinzen High

Broccoli #1, as named by Kageyama, is the captain of Shinzen High. Being the wing spiker, Daiki is generally a cheerful team leader. His team played off against Karasuno during the Tokyo Expedition Arc, and they could keep up without the duo’s freak attack. Daiki is also a great player and is considered great at his receives.

Haikyuu captain ranked
Daiki Ogano

Kōtarō Bokuto: Fukurōdani Academy

Hey, hey, hey!” Behold this team’s captain, Bokuto-san. A private school in Tokyo, Fukurōdani’s Volleyball Team’s Captain, is an all-time fan-favourite Kōtarō Bokuto. He is one hell of a captain, also the cool and moody one. Looking at him, one could say, ‘just enjoy and stop being so serious; life, after all, is lived only once.’

Bokuto not only cheers up the crowd but is also cheered upon. His teammates are the ones to support him and not vice-versa. Without any doubt, Bokuto is capable of being the team’s leader, but his playful personality just doesn’t suit him. Akaashi is more responsible-looking than him.

Bokuto’s presence itself is cheered upon. Not by fans in the series, but ‘you-know-who’ fans. In the manga series, Bokuto plays the role of outside hitter for the MSBY Black Jackels, a Division 1 Team in Japan’s V-League.

Haikyuu captain ranked

Wakatoshi Ushijima: Shiratorizawa Academy

The monster captain, Ushijima’s defeat in Haikyuu!! series came off more like a happy turn than a shocking one. Not that he is kind of a bad character or so, but playing with that monstrous strength against team Karasuno gave fans a sigh of relief when Shiratorizawa lost. Ushijima considers Hinata and Kageyama monsters when he himself can’t be spared.

Ushijima as a captain is like having a strong backbone of the team. True that every member of Shiratorizawa is enough of a monster themselves. But Ushijima is just on a whole different level. He, being the ace of the team, sure knows how to frighten his opponents. Even all the opponents who know Ushijima’s power were shocked when they knew who lost and who won.

Soon after graduating from Shiratorizawa Academy, Ushijima became a member of Schweiden Adlers, a professional team in the top division of Japan’s V-League.

 Haikyuu captain ranked
Wakatoshi Ushijima

Takeru Nakashima: Wakutani Minami High

Hinata’s Little Giant version can be seen in Takeru as well. Takeru Nakashima, being the captain and an outside hitter of the Wakutani Volleyball Team, is a reliable captain, just like Daichi. Takeru’s positivity was being negative for Karausno’s team. Despite that, both the teams played well, and Takeru indeed liked playing with Karasuno. In the manga series, he is seen to be playing as a libero in the Kiniro Sports Jumpers, V-League Division 3 Player.

Haikyuu captain ranked
Takeru Nakashima

Suguru Daishō: Nohebi Academy

In most of the episodes, you will see Suguru explaining things to his girlfriend. If not noticed, then it skips your mind that he was once the captain of Nohebi Academy. Looking at it, he looks kind of skeptical. Not that he is one, but just while talking about his appearance.

Captain wise, Suguru is a leader followed by his mates. His way of talking and annoying their opponents have been communicated even to his members. Suguru tries his best to piss his opponents off. Trying to be as tenacious as Nekoma, Suguru likes teasing people.

Haikyuu captain ranked
Suguru Daishō

Shinsuke Kita: Inarizaki High

Shinsuke is the team’s captain and the wing spiker of Inarizaki. A disciplined captain like Shinsuke is hard to find. Out of all funny, attractive, tenacious, capable, cheerful captains, Kita is out of the league. His way of living might seem exhausting and robotics to many, but that’s just how one should live ideally if one wants to live a long age. His day-to-day routine is more fruitful in a way that every lifestyle gets overlooked.

Shinsuke’s captainship is reliable in its own ways. He points out the mistakes of every member, not even leaving the Miya brothers, and tries to tell them how it would have turned out if they had done this instead of that or so like that. Maybe he is hard on himself because of his upbringing, Shinsuke tears up when he first received his Volleyball uniform.

Haikyuu captain ranked
Shinsuke Kita

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