10 Facts About Geto Suguru From Jujutsu Kaisen

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By now, we all have witnessed the amazing wonders of Jujutsu Kaisen and how the world with curses operates. While we have known more about the good side, there is less to talk about on the villain side. Suguru Geto, one of the main antagonists of the series, has been the talk of the town ever since he made his entry into the manga and anime. As the amazing journey of Jujutsu high continues, we have gathered ten facts about Suguru Geto covering from both the manga and anime. So let’s get started!

Suguru Geto claimed to be an antagonist in both the JJK series and Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu High (Prequel to the series). He was a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High and had an experience in sorcery that rivaled that of Gojo. After a few nerve-shattering events in his life, Geto went on to the bad side and went on a killing spree of more than a hundred civilians in a single night. This action of his led to him getting expelled from Jujutsu High and going on to earn a reputation of the worst of all curse users.

Spoiler Alert: The below facts contain information from both the manga and anime of Jujutsu Kaisen. If you haven’t read the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, then you are in for huge spoilers. Enjoy the content.

10 facts about Geto Suguru
Geto Suguru in a coffee shop

1. Suguru Geto Called Non-Sorcerers Monkeys

Suguru Geto had genuine hate towards people who could not use sorcery. Though we never see him disposing of regular humans in any other way, he usually called them Monkeys. His whole ideology was that Sorcerers are superior to humans and are a part of the next stage of evolution.

The height to which he disliked humans was shown when he used to apply spray-on himself to disinfect the “monkey stench”. His ideology confirmed that monkeys have two types, which could work for him. One those who give him money and the other that bring him the curses. If they are of no use to him, Geto would likely allow curses to kill them without any worries.

2. Considered Curse users as  Family

While he disliked humankind, Geto always was considerate and loving toward the curse users. He also confessed to considering them as family, as an example calling his team of curses as family. During his time at Jujutsu High, he was looked up to by many for his hard work to push his fellow curse users to a new level. While he was too kind to all the jujutsu sorcerers, this act of kindness was always considered as an expression of a fake person.

10 facts about Geto Suguru
Geto Suguru from a colored still of a manga chapter

3. Was one of the strongest in Jujutsu High

During his time at Jujustu High, Geto was considered to be one of the strongest in the school, aside from Gojou Satoru. Geto’s strength was so high that he was easily able to take down any opponent without breaking a sweat. His power capacity was so strong that at a time in the manga, it was revealed that Geto was able to hold 2000 cursed units inside of him. One of the other reasons why he is also considered as the strongest is that he was able to take down a whole village of over 100 humans in one night all by himself, which, to be honest, is not a piece of cake.

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4. Geto’s Unique cursed technique

Suguru’s Geto’s Curse Manipulation Technique is one of the most unique and incredibly powerful techniques in the JJK universe. This was one of the reasons why as an antagonist, he was feared by many. The technique allowed him to absorb other viruses and make them his own. Another interesting technique that he possesses is called Maximum Uzumaki. This technique lets him gather all the cursed energy that he has and convert them into one single attack. An attack like this can end anyone in a single blow.

Suguru Geto

5. Change Of Path For His Ultimate Goal

While there were many factors that could have changed his mind about the way his current methods were, during Gojo’s past arc, we were able to learn more about how and why he changed his way.  The death of the Plasma Star Vessel Riko Amanai and how after that they got praised by the Star Religious Group. These qualities made one thing clear for Geto, that there was no hope for Humanity. He started to develop strong hate towards non-sorcerers. This dislike slowly turned into hatred as Suguru went on to question the way of the Jujutsu corp to exorcise curses just to save humans.

In chapter 77 of the Manga, we see Suguru reach his breaking point when he finds two young women being mistreated by non-sorcerers. The two were nonother than Mimiko and Nanako. Geto was so hurt that he ended up killing all 112 inhabitants of the village. It was at this point that he made up his mind that sorcerers were superior to non-sorcerers and that killing the latter was the only way to evolution. His ideology behind this was to free all sorcerers from risking their lives to protect the weak humans.

Humans are the source of cursed energy, but only Curses and Sorcerers can control the cursed energy, while the non-sorcerers can’t. He wanted to ‘treat the cause’ by killing all non-sorcerers. Geto’s ideas of evolution seem to be in line with Kenshuku’s current goal and could have drawn his attention well before Suguru’s death.

6. His Unusual Outfit

Suguru is a slim tall man with long black hair partially tied up behind his head while the rest drapes down his back. As a student at Jujutsu High, Suguru donned the traditional jujutsu high uniform. Later after leaving the place and committing a lot of sins towards mankind, Geto still believed himself to be a Buddhist priest and dons the appropriate attire. He matches the outfit with a gold-colored kasaya garment over black yukata robes. His monk attire also includes white tabi socks and zori sandals. Weird right from a guy who goes on to killing several and comparing himself to a monk, well, that’s Geto for you.

Suguru Geto Facts
Suguru Geto

7. Suguru’s self-made army

Suguru’s curse technique “Curse Manipulation” is the biggest, most powerful weapon in the character’s arsenal. Knowing that Geto can absorb a curse and then manipulate them to make it his, the guy and make up his own army. If you think about it, Geto does not need to find more people to join his team, and hence he always works with a small group. Talking about the number of curses he can bring out, as per the manga, Suguru Geto can hold up to 2000 curses within him, which makes a pretty big number.

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8. Satoru Gojo’s Best Friend

Suguru Geto was one of the few people who knew Satoru Gojo as a very close friend. Geto grew up as a rival to Gojo, and the two made the promise to get to the top of the Jujutsu world. The two pushed each other to be the strongest, but Gojo turned out to be more superior after unlocking the six eyes. Even though the two fought together and went to claim many praises, their ideologies were completely different. While Gojo decided to save the humans and exorcise the curses, Geto wanted to use the curses to finish off the humans. So that’s the reason why at the end of Gojo’s backstory, we see them walking their separate ways.

Suguru Geto Facts
Gojo and Geto

9. Suguru Geto gets killed by Satoru Gojo

Well this is not in the Jujutsu Kaisen but in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 where Suguru Geto meets his end. In order to achieve a power to defeat Satoru Gojo, Geto decided to distract him by sending a wave of 2000 curse spirits around Kyoto and heading towards Yuta, who had the power of Rika, which would be enough to defeat Gojo. But during the battle, Geto ends up getting half of his body blown away and is seen confronted by Gojo, who lands the finishing blow. It was noted that Geto died with a smile on his face.

10. Geto Possessed by Kenshuku

In the manga of JJK, it was revealed that the Suguru Geto standing in front of the sorcerers was actually a dead corpse that was controlled by  Kenshuku. While there is not much to say about him but in Chapter 145, Master Tengen claimed that Kenshuku is a Master of Barrier Techniques. Well, at least second in comparison to the likes of Master Tengen himself. Tengen also explains that his plan was to bring forth the second ‘Golden Age of Jujutsu.’ With these notes, we can confirm that Kenshuku is over 1000 years as per his vows to Sukuna in chapter 136 of the manga. The chapter noted Kenshuku making a vow to Sukuna about reviving the ‘Golden Age of Jujutsu’ of the Heian Era.

Suguru Geto Facts
Geto Possessed by Kenshuku

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