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10 Facts About Behind Her Eyes That You May Not Know

Behind her eyes is a British psychological thriller series. It premiered on Netflix on 17th February 2021. Louise is a single mother who has an affair with her boss, a psychiatrist, David. She then becomes friends with his wife Adele, which makes the matter stranger. The love triangle soon turns into a suspicious and twisted story. It is soon revealed that no one is what they seem to be. The series gave plot twists like no other. It was appreciated for its unexpected ending and received a lot of love. Even though the characters in the series are limited to a small number, it still manages to keep the audience interested and engaged. The fans cannot wait for the next season to come out soon.

After all the issues and all the twists, the ending has left the viewers astonished and confused. It is also regarded as one of the best thrillers that have been released this year so far. There are other unknown things about the show apart from the nail-biting twists that we all see on the screen. Here are 10 facts that you might not know about the show:

1. The show is an adaptation of a book of the same name.

The show is inspired by a book of the same name written by Sarah Pinborough. It is a thrilling novel. The book has held the position of being the number one psychological thriller with its amazing story and twists. The astonishing ending is considered extremely powerful. The supernatural aspect has also been covered in the book.

2. Many themes of the series are considered problematic.

The show had some problematic themes that highlighted transphobic and homophobic storylines. The astral projection storyline is viewed as racist when it focuses on white characters more. It is also said that the ending says volumes on this point.

3. The storyline was initially Romcom/drama and later changed to a psychological thriller which confused the audience.

The show initially seemed a romcom or a drama series with the love triangle between Adele, David, and Louise. This kept many viewers hooked to their screens.

The sudden shift to a psychological thriller near the end was interesting for many but may seem confusing for many others.

4.  There is a possibility of a sequel even though the book has none.

There are talks about a sequel series as the original series was a hit and got extremely popular. There is no official news about how the series will continue because there is no sequel book to “behind her eyes” yet.

5.An important scene from the book was not included in the series, which had a clue to the ending.

A scene from the book where Adele kills Marianne’s cat, Charlie. The scene was extremely brutal and horrific, but this was not why it was cut. It was removed to keep the evilness of Adele’s character a mystery. She stomps on Charlie’s head with her high heels. Removing the scene made the mysterious element of her character linger a little longer.

6.The scene of adele aborting her baby was also cut in the series.

In the novel, Adele aborts her baby with David. Even though she wanted to have a baby with David more than anything, she still takes this step. This scene was not included to prevent it from giving away the ending. Because why would a woman abort her baby with her husband, whom she loved and was eagerly waiting to have a baby with?

7. The filming angles pointed to something bigger

The angles of filming the scenes between Louise and David were set in such a way that all the shots were from above. It was to show that someone was watching them. The camera is also moving to show that it is floating. It shows us Rob’s perspective. Almost all scenes with Louis and David are then shot from above to show that they are being watched by Rob.

8. Sarah Pinborough wanted the ending to cause some commotion

The novel’s writer, Sarah Pinborough, wanted the ending of the show to cause a sense of commotion. She wanted the series to have all the clues so that they can be joined at the end. The controversy led to the novel, and the show is the talk of the town.

9.There were signs to tell that present-day Adele is actually Rob

It was discovered that Rob’s orb is blue when we first saw Adele and him astral project together. Adele’s orb is actually Pink. This is one of the biggest signs that gave away that Adele was actually Rob. The flashbacks always included Rob because they were not from Adele’s point of view but from Rob’s. The flashbacks are actually Rob’s memories and not Adele’s. Then Adele presented in the flashbacks is the real Adele, who is extremely opposite of how Adele behaves throughout the series.

The present-day Adele behaves like rob and also acts like him. She hid in the driveway when David comes back. This showed that Rob had possessed Adele. Adele does not know how to cook but is seen making extravagant meals for David. On the other hand, Rob was a gifted cook and made food for David when both David and Adele sit and watch. Adele also does not use heroin but is seen doing so. This indicates that she is actually Rob.

10. Adele talks about events from her life that never really happened with her but did with Rob

Adele talks about her life in ways that are not matching with the way she is shown. The instances being brought up, however, have a close resemblance to the events of Rob’s life. She mentions having nightmares while Rob is the one who suffered from nightmares and not Adele.

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I'm Jahnavi Seth. I'm a 19 years old college student. I'm an introvert who lives in the movie world. I am passionate about writing and reading. Books are my escape. You can reach out to me at

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