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10 ‘CopyNinja’ Kakashi Hatake Facts Absolutely Worth Knowing – 2017

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is one of the most popular character in naruto and he was ranked No.1 in Naruto popularity poll and that too multiple times, today we will be taking a look at 10 Kakashi Hatake facts, and let’s start with an easy one.

1. Kakashi’s birthday is 15th of September. :

2. Kakashi graduated at Ninja Academy when he was 5 years old, and became chunin when he was 6 which makes him youngest both genin and chunin in Konoha ever, he surpassed even legendary Sannins.


3. He became jonin when he was 10, and an ANBU under direct Hokage’s command shortly after. He was promoted to a captain few years after.


4. After he gained Sharingan from Obito he almost instantly became known in every country as Kakashi of the Sharingan. He was so skilled in killing even though he was so young that almost everyone would recognize him even without taking his mask of.

5. Kakashi invented Chidori at very young age, and perfected it in incredibly short period of time. He was able to copy Naruto’s Rasengan once and that makes him only shinobi to know both Rasengan and Chidori.


6. Kakashi has all 5 chakra releases as well as yin and yang release.


7. Kakashi copied over 1000 jutsus. Unfortunately we were able to see only a tiny bit. His arsenal is also full with sealing jutsus.


8. Kakashi had a nickname ‘Cold-blooded Kakashi’. That was because he really was cold blooded murderer when he was part of ANBU black ops. He was like that because his father Sakumo Hatake committed suicide because he was hated by almost everyone in Konoha. That happened because he saved comrades and abandoned rules. Kakashi considered that as a mistake and he always followed the rules blindly. He once even considered to abandon Rin because of mission’s success. Obito then said one of most epic quotes in Naruto: “Those who abandon rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worse then scum!”


9. When Kakashi gained a power of both Obito’s eyes during battle with Kaguya he performed Perfect Susanoo form instantly. That is amazing because not one single Uchiha was able to do that. Even Sasuke and Madara needed plenty of time to expend their Susanoo’s in perfect form.


10. Even though before he got leadership of team 7 everyone who was important to Kakashi tragically died(except Obito, he didn’t really died back then but still they thought he did) he kept smile on his face and was one of most cheerful and loveable characters in whole Naruto series.


Just to say this as well. He’s so badass. And one more thing, one of coolest things that any character ever said in Naruto is Kakashi’s answer to Sasuke in Naruto Shonen. When Sasuke asked him ‘How would you feel if I kill everyone that’s presious to you?’ Kakashi answered ‘Don’t bother, they are all already dead’. He said that with a smile of course.


This Is Why Kurama Is Stronger Than All Tailed Beasts Combined

Naruto was based entirely on the tailed beast powers. As it started by the sage of six paths using creation of all things to create tailed beasts. Then coming up with the Ninja creed, Ninshu, which is now mistaken for Ninjutsu. We have all seen that their strength is ranked probably by the number of tails they have. But Shukaku rejects this as just Kurama’s own thinking. Firstly, let us recap a little on which is the strongest amongst the tailed beasts

Strongest boruto charcaters

Which is the strongest tailed beast?

We have all seen the tailed beasts in action. Especially during the previous great Shinobi war. You will remember that it even seems as that Kurama also possess the most Chakra amongst the beasts. I say this because he managed to share his Chakra with the entire Shinobi alliance and still had enough to fight alongside Naruto.

Naruto Boruto Ninja Voltage

Even a little portion of The Kyubi’s Chakra was enough to initiate the ten tails rebirth. As you remember, Obito had one tentacle from 8 Tails and for Nine tails it was the Chakra that Shinkaku and Ginkaku possessed but yet it was still enough.

When Naruto and Kurama reconciled for the first time. They worked together and defeated six full powered tailed beast. Kurama’s one tailed beast bomb was able to cancel out a bigger tailed beast ball formed by six tailed beasts. It was like when Madara’s single fire jutsu required a number of water user Shinobi to cancel it out.

Boruto Jougan Powers

Similarly to Madara’s situation, on which he was the stronger one. Kurama is also the strongest of the tailed beasts. And statistically he is stronger that all 8 of them combined. I’m also asking my self the same question. Why is Kurama stronger than all 8 tailed beasts combined.

What Makes Kurama Stronger Than All tailed Beasts Combined?

Lets take this from a Shinobi perspective. As according to Hashirama’s definition of a Shinobi, Kurama is also a Shinobi. As he once said that Shinobi are those who endure for a purpose. And of course Kurama has endured for his own purposes.

So what makes him stronger is the same thing that makes each Shinobi Stronger. Practice and battle experience. Now let us count how many battles and stronger Shinobi

Continue reading the post.

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