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10 Anime Like ‘Golden Time’ That You’ll Love

anime like golden time
10 Anime Like Golden Time Cr: OtakuKart

If you loved watching Golden Time, then we are sure you’d love to watch more anime like Golden Time. But, before that let’s know a bit about Golden Time so that we can help you find Anime similar to Golden Time. So, here we go. Some accidents change your life in a way you can never imagine. They either make you forget everything or leave you with things that become impossible to forget.

Banri Tada lost his memories after an accident he faced. But, with the thought of starting over with new memories, he moves on to begin a new life in law school in Tokyo, after he became friends with Mitsuo. But, as he was about to get on with his new life, he meets Kouko Kaga. Now, things happen to him in ways that one would want to forget yet they become unforgettable.

Golden Time was so popular among weebs, that even today no one could forget the story. So, it’s certain, that if you loved the story of Golden Time, then you probably are looking for more anime like Golden Time. So, to help you out finding anime like Golden Time, we are here to share our recommendations with you. Hope you love these anime just like you loved Golden Time.

1. Toradora

This high school romance is about Ryuuji and Taiga. Ryuji is a kind-natured guy, but because he got his looks from his father who was supposedly a gangster, he looked intimidating, and hence everyone thought he was a delinquent. On the other hand, Taiga despite her small height is feared by everyone as she never gave anyone the chance to stand against her. Both of them grew closer while helping each other get accepted by their crushes. But, as time went by, their crushes didn’t accept them. But they ended up falling for each other.

anime like golden time


Just like Golden Time, Toradora has drama, and high school romance and the characters have their own problems they are dealing with. But, with time they make friends reliable enough to help them get over their problems.

2. Nisekoi: False Love

Raku belongs to a Yakuza family. And Chitoge is the daughter of the Bee Hive’s Chief. In order to maintain the peace of the city, the parents of these kids decide that they are to be married in the future to maintain a good relationship between the two groups. They had to get into this fake relationship. But, as time passes, they realize that it’s not their first time meeting here. About 10 years ago, Raku and other girls made a pact. Raku had a pendant and the key which opens the pendant’s lock, that girl is supposed to marry him. But, the problem is no one can remember who’s key was it.

anime like golden time

Nisekoi: False Love

The similarity between these two anime is that you’ll find Highschool romance, and drama, and the male protagonist loses his memory of something very important. You’ll find  Nisekoi an anime like Golden Time for sure.

3. One Week Friends (Isshuukan Friends)

Yuuki has a crush on Kaori. But, Kaori never gets close to anyone. But, Yuuki doesn’t give up. He tries to get close to Kaori every day. And every day they started talking, Kaori started to open up too. But, at the end of the week, Kaori started pushing Yuuki away. He couldn’t understand the reason before.

But soon, he realizes, that Kaori had an accident in middle school which caused her to lose her memories every weekend. She used to be kind to everyone, but now she’s living the same week, every week, and is unable to make friends, as on Monday her memories get reset. But, Yuuki doesn’t give up. He keeps asking the same question to Kaori every Monday, “Would you like to be friends?”

anime like golden time

One Week Friends

Yes, knowing this much about the anime got some tears already. This is a must-watch anime. And we are sure you the similarity between the two anime already. Highschool romance, check. A tragic accident, check. Memory loss of the main character, check. Hence, an anime like Golden Time.

4. A Town Where You Live (Kimi No Iru Machi)

Haruto lives a peaceful life in the countryside far away from the rush of the city.  But, his life took a huge turn when Yuzuki, a city girl comes to live with her family there for a while. They both share some good memories, and all of a sudden she vanishes from Haruto’s life. Next, Haruto goes to the city to live with his sister following his dream. But, deep down he hoped to see Yuzuki again as he is now in the same city she came from.

anime like golden time

A Town Where You Live

Both anime has their differences yet both have very similar plot elements. Like both Haruto and Banri came from the countryside to an urban city hoping to begin a new life. And both anime has a dramatic romance throughout the story.

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5. You Lie In April (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso)

Kousei has a dark past of him being treated badly by his own sick mother to make him the best in piano playing. But, as his mother dies he still isn’t free from her. Now, he’s living with his guilts. And because of those guilts he couldn’t play the piano again. But, then comes a girl, Kaori who inspires him to play again. But, little did he know, the girl who helped him move on from his past will give him the memories that he won’t be able to forget in the future.

anime like golden time

You Lie In April

The similarity is both the male protagonists had a sad past, but they find a reason to move forward, but then the girl they fell in love with ended up turning their life upside down.

6. Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends (Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai)

Kodaka transfers to a new school hoping to get a fresh start. But, things didn’t go according to him, when people labeled him as a delinquent due to his blonde hair. But, soon things started to look bright when he found out that he wasn’t the only one alone here. Yozora is a loner too. And things change for both of them when Kodaka decides to talk to her. To overcome their poor social skills they start a Neighbour’s Club to gather more people like them who don’t have friends. Those who did not have friends before will find their new friends in this club.

anime like golden time

Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends

Both these anime are about a childhood friend. And how they deal with their present situations. And you’ll find the similarity between Kodaka and Banri too.

7. Nana

Two girls with the same name Nana have their own problems in their lives. But fate works in a mysterious way, such that they both end up meeting each other. But, now that they have met, they soon became friends. Earlier they had no one to support each other, but this time they do. They have each other to rely on and support.

similar anime


In both these anime, the main characters have suffering pasts. And both the anime involves romance with a sense of maturity. The main characters set out in hopes to make their dreams come true.

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8. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl

This anime is about Hikari who is a shut-in and avoids people. And with him is his only friend Yuuto. They both are hated by their entire class. But, things change for Hikari, when he meets Iroha who wants to break him out of his shell. As their relationship goes well, and Hikari starts to learn to get out of his shell, Iroha’s past messes up Hikari’s new life. Imagine learning to live because of a girl, and then the girl forgets everything about you. What kind of feeling must be Hikari feeling then? You’ll get the vibes of the anime like Golden Time from 3D Kanojo for sure.

similar anime

3D Kanojo

9. Amnesia

Golden Time and Amnesia both have the same concept that the main protagonists forget everything about their past. And both the main characters experience flashbacks of their past lives leaving them to question everything.

similar anime


10. Scum’s Wish (Kuzu No Honkai)

Love is supposed to be bright. But you’ll get to see the dark side of love in both these anime. How love can be suffering, these two anime will show you. Mugi and Hanabi both have their crushes on someone else. And those someone else is dating each other. So, Mugi and Hanabi decide to fill the emptiness in their hearts by being with each other. But, the emptiness could never actually be filled up. High school romance can be such a bittersweet memory.

similar anime

Scum’s Wish

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