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DBZ Voice Actor ‘Tiffany Vollmer’ Speaks On Being Ravaged By Covid-19 & Her Recovery

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2020 was a hard year for a huge number of the global population due to Covid-19. One person who was deeply affected was original Funimation voice actor Tiffany Vollmer, who voiced Bulma on Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. On the podcast Kiwi Talkz she detailed how her year started on a high but then came crashing down due to Covid.

“It’s Covid. We’re shutting down. We don’t have money to fund your programs anymore.  We can’t afford to keep you on, and that was the beginning of a really tough chapter in my life of you know, I was getting all the green lights and everything, and this was the best choice for me to be here and then all of a sudden my program shuts down. I lose another really close friend at the beginning; he actually did contract Covid. Still, he had some underlying conditions, and then not even knowing that a couple of months later, my best friend was gonna die, then my other friend committed suicide, my husband’s best friend committed suicide; it was just nuts. “

Unfortunately, this was just the tip of the iceberg as Tiffany had to take a job as a waitress at a restaurant where she contracted Covid-19.

“It started in the stomach for me, and then I got this horrible ear infection in both ears. I went to the doctor, and I did two rounds of steroids; I was on an antibiotic to ensure that if there was anything else going on, we just go ahead and knock it out so it wouldn’t be competing and trying to fight two different situations.

I started to lose hearing in my left ear, which still intermittently goes in and out; I developed a stutter, and as a voice actress, that’s not necessarily the thing that you want to have happened, and it’s an occupational hazard of you know not being able to work anymore, so I was just in a lot of anxiety because I couldn’t work I couldn’t get a hold of unemployment I didn’t know how I was going to pay the bills.”

Luckily fans came to her aid and started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help her survive the months ahead. She has since recovered and is back to voice acting and mentoring students at Mediatech.

You can listen/watch the full podcast below.

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Hi, My name is Reece Reilly and I am from Hamilton, New Zealand. I host an audio/video called Kiwi Talkz speaking to various people about their subject of expertise. I am also well versed in film, gaming and anime. You can contact me at or on any of my Kiwi Talkz social media channels

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