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Our Blooming Youth Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers and Streaming Guide

Our Blooming Youth
Our Blooming Youth( Credits: Soompi)

Our Blooming Youth Episode 10 is set to be aired soon on various determined platforms, and to keep you updated with the new information, we are here with the help guide for streaming with a few spoilers while catching up with recaps. The historical drama set in Korean history was launched by the TvN Network, and they are set to release a new episode soon for the viewers.

Our Blooming Youth is known as an action-thriller-romance genre-based drama series that is set in the Joseon era of Korean history. The drama revolves around a cursed crown prince who has some dark secrets hidden in his dark side. In the drama, there is another protagonist, who is the daughter of the minister.

She was falsely accused of a crime she had never committed. Now, both the crown prince and the chased-out female lead are meant to come across each other to solve the hidden mysteries. While looking out for and supporting each other, they both fall in love with each other.

Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee are cast as the crown prince, and Min Jae Yi, who is the main character of the drama. The escalation in the plot and twists in the drama is loved by every viewer. Every episode seems more exciting to watch and wait as well.

Our Blooming Youth: Synopsis

It is a rumor in the palace that crown prince Lee Hwan is cursed by a ghost spirit, all due to strange things that occur around him. Lee Hwan is also known for his dark secret that no one knows, but everyone can tell. As a prince, Lee already gains many enemies who are set to dethrone him anytime soon.

The teacher of, Lee, Minster Min, is also poisoned to death. However, his daughter, Min Jae Yi, is still alive and managed to survive. But later on, she was blamed for her murdering her own family.

Our Blooming Youth- Prince Hwan

Our Blooming Youth- Prince Hwan (Credits: IMDb)

Min Jae Yi somehow escaped from the place and hid in order to protect herself from her family. Later on, when she discovers the truth behind her family’s death, she sets herself as a man and visits Lee Hwan to prove her innocence while dressing as a man.

Here Hwan seems to doubt Yi’s motives and keeps her close to monitor her steps. They both started off on the wrong foot, but soon enough, while solving the mysteries of the palace, they grew closer to each other.

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Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Recap

In Episode 9, we see Prince Hwan in doubt regarding Min Jae Yi and her motives, and eventually, he knocks her out of the palace. Here Sung Oh seems doubtful of Hwan due to his interest in the poison case. Even though Hwan kicked Min Jae Yi out now, he seems to miss her, leaving him heartbroken. Here Min Jae Yi is hiding in the palace even after she is kicked out. Soon Hwan tracks her down while hiding in the palace.

Our Blooming Youth- Min Jae Yi

Our Blooming Youth- Min Jae Yi (Credits: Viki)

In the next scene, it is shown that there is a competition between the Army and the royal guards. Sung Oh and Prince Hwan both show a fierce fight against each other, and Hwan wins the match gracefully. Oh contently accepts his defeat, showing her devotion to prince Hwan. In the mid of this chaos, some secrets are revealed, creating whispers and anxiousness in the city. 

Our Blooming Youth Episode 10: Release Date & Time

March 7, 2023, is set for the premiere of Our Blooming Youth Episode 10. Viewers in Korea can watch this episode at 8:50 pm, and the global audience can watch the show according to their time zones mentioned below. All the new episodes are set to air every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 pm KST.

The drama is set to have 20 episodes in total in the series. All drama lovers and K-drama enthusiasts can check the below time distribution schedule of the Our Blooming Youth Episode 10. Make sure to make a date in advance:

  • Korean Standard Time (Korea): 8:50 pm (March 7, 2023)
  • Japan Standard Time (Japan): 8:50 pm (March 7, 2023)
  • Indian Standard time (India): 5:20 pm (March 7, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time (Canada): 5:50 am (March 7, 2023)
  • China Standard Time (China): 7:50 pm (March 7, 2023)
  • Pacific Standard Time (USA): 3:50 am (March 7, 2023)

Our Blooming Youth Episode 10: Streaming Guide

Let’s talk about the streaming guide of the Our Blooming Youth Episode 10. In Korea, viewers can enjoy “Our Blooming Youth” through the native TvN network Channel. For international viewers, the series is also available on various platforms like TvNViki, and Prime Video.

Although these are paid services, after the subscription, it allows you to gain access to various shows as well as all of the benefits. Fans can also add their subscription to the TvN drama YouTube channel to enjoy and watch the episode clips, trailers, interviews, and all the updates related to Our Blooming Youth.

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