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How To Watch Death In The Dorms Episodes? Streaming Guide

Death In The Dorm

Who could have thought that dorms could become a death place for students? Not us, that’s for sure. But there are people who have actually experienced that, and there’s a series coming very soon based on just that. If you like watching true crime documentaries or just documentaries of any sort, then you’d certainly not want to miss out on these upcoming series. 

Death In The Dorms is ABC’s upcoming six-episode anthology docu-series. This show tells the story of six college students. Their lives were tragically cut short when they were murdered, and through this show, we will get to look into what happened and how.  

The show is produced by ABC News Studios. In each episode, we will see emotional testimony from friends and family of the kids and interviews with key law enforcement. Each episode will focus only on one particular student. The show mainly focuses on diving deeper into the potential of these bright students and the grief of their loved ones, but it will also fight for serving justice by punishing these killers.

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Death In The Dorms Andrea DelVesco

Death In The Dorms Andrea DelVesco

Death In The Dorms: Students 

The six students who died were Andrea DelVesco [UCLA student], Christian Aguilar [First-Year student at the University Of Florida], Yeardley Love [lacrosse player at the University of Virginia], Michael Dang [First-Year student at Baruch College], Samantha Josephson [Senior at the University of South Carolina] and Katie Autry [First-Year student at Western Kentucky University].

Andrea and Katie were burned. Samantha died after she entered a car she mistook for her Uber taxi. According to several sources, Christian was drugged and suffocated before he died. Michael Dang suffered brutally at the hands of other students at his fraternity house. Unfortunately, Love died due to love. 

Death In The Dorms Poster

Death In The Dorms Poster

Death In The Dorms: Trailer

In case you missed it, here’s the trailer for Death In The Dorms. You can check out the trailer before the show airs. From the trailer, we can tell that it’s not going to be an easy show. There will be pain, grief, and revelations, but more than that, there will be the harsh truth. Six investigations, six murders, six colleges, the two-minute-long video makes us wonder where the world has come to. 

Death In The Dorms: Release Date

Now let’s finally talk about the release date of this thrilling docu-series. Death In The Dorms is all set to premiere the first two episodes on 5th January 2023. The day is Thursday. But no further announcements have been made about the remaining episodes. Maybe, all the episodes will be aired together. Or maybe a couple of episodes will be aired at a time. That means we might get these episodes on three different days.

This crime documentary will air at 3:00 am in the USA. The first episode revolves around Katie Autry. In the second episode, we will learn about what happened to Samantha Josephson.

The third episode will follow Christian Aguilar’s death. Michael Dang’s story will be told in the fourth episode. In the fifth episode, we will get to see how Andrea DelVesco was murdered. Finally, at last in the sixth episode, the truth about Yeardley Love’s death will be told.

ABC News Studios: Death In The Dorms

ABC News Studios: Death In The Dorms

Death In The Dorms: Streaming Details

ABC’s show, Death In The Dorms, can be streamed on Hulu. The viewers will be allowed to stream the episodes as soon as they air on Thursday. Many of the ABC News Studios’ shows are released as Star Originals on Disney+, so make sure to keep an eye on that streaming platform as well.

As for other sites, no international release has been confirmed yet. Until anything is officially declared, you can watch the show on Hulu starting this Thursday, the 5th of January.

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