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Thoroughbreds Ending Explained: How Did Lily And Amanda Try To Kill Mark?

Thoroughbreds Ending

Thoroughbreds ending needs an explanation which we are here for. The film was released back in 2017. Cory Finley has directed the project. The main genres in the movie are thrill and black comedy. The focus is on Lily, who is currently studying in high school. She has a friend named Amanda.

Amanda generally does not show any emotions. The two of them are trying to plot a plan to kill Lily’s stepfather. They take help from a drug dealer to carry out their tasks. We can not say the film was majorly a success during its theatrical run financially, but it was praised by the critics.

The story begins with Amanda, who kills her rippled horse with a knife. She is thus charged with animal cruelty. Although, it turns out that the horse needed someone to euthanize him. The movie is set in suburban Connecticut. Amanda belongs to a very high-class family. Later, as she meets with Lily, the two instantly hit it off. Lily is also grown and educated, just like Amanda. The two used to be friends as kids but grew apart after Lily’s real father died. The two start hanging out together, stating to everyone else that they are having a casual tutoring session.

Thoroughbreds Ending Explained

A still from Thoroughbreds

Although, Amamda knows that her mother has paid her to just spend time with her daughter. It is because everyone is worried about Amanda’s mental health after the horse incident. Turns out that Amanda has a mental disorder that bars her from feeling emotions. Lily solemnly denies that she is not getting paid, but Amamda does not mind the truth either.

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How Did Lily And Amanda Try To Kill Mark?

The two girls meet once again voluntarily without any money involved. This starts to bring them together. Soon, as the two have started to hang out, it is seen that Lily does not like her stepfather Mark. She plans with Amanda to kill her. Lily asks Amamda to stab Mark, and she will not feel any guilt after that. Although, given the horse case, everyone would take her as a suspect, and thus, the two try to think of something else.

They come across Tim, who is a convicted criminal. They pay him enough to murder Mark on a night when they are out of town. Although Tim surely enters the house but does not kill Mark on his way out. This upsets the girl, who tries thinking of other plans.

Thoroughbreds Ending Explained

In the end, we see one night Lily and Amanda having a drink. Lily mixed Rohypnol in her friend’s drink in hopes of stabbing Mark to death and framing her friend. Amanda accepts to have the deal, given that her life is already meaningless with no emotions. Lily then kills Mark, rubs off his blood on Amanda, and leaves the spot. Amanda is thus admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and proper help is given to her.

As for Lily, she has once again found herself immersed in academics and healthy and happy. She misses Amanda dearly. While going somewhere in the town, Lily comes across Tim, who has now made his life a better place. He is working as a restaurant valet now. The two talk about the murder, and Lily tells him lies about what happened to save herself. In the end, we see that Amanda is in the hospital, and she is smiling at a picture of her and Lily together as they are riding off on horses.

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