Daisy Jones & The Six Filming Locations: This Is Where The Musical Series Was Filmed?

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Poster for the show, Daisy Jones & the six
Poster for the show, Daisy Jones & the six Credits: Prime Video

The super talked about the show Daisy Jones & the Six, a musical television miniseries that came out on March 3rd, 2023. The show was created by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber and is actually inspired by a novel of the same name written by author Taylor Jenkins Reid

The minishow had a total of ten episodes that were based on the late 1970s music scene. The show follows the success of a rock band called Daisy Jones & the Six, followed, then, by its eventual downfall. It is shot more in a document-series style than in an actual show format and comprises interview clips of the members, their concert videos, jamming, and recording sessions.

The author of the book revealed in an interview that she wanted to write a story around what she saw while growing up in the music industry, which happened to be Fleetwood Mac videos on her television. The show is based on this fictional band called Daisy Jones & the Six, who managed to reach new heights of success in the 1970s in Los Angeles, becoming the music icons in the industry, only for them to disband while at the top of their game.

The show has Riley Keough as the main vocalist and producer, Daisy Jones, Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne also the main singer and song producer, Camila Morrone as Camila Alvarez, the official photographer for the band, and also Billy’s wife, Suki Waterhouse as Karen Sirko, the keyboard player, Will Harrison as Graham Dunne, the guy playing the guitar, Josh Whitehouse as Eddie Roundtree, and Sebastian Chacon as Warren Rojas, the band’s drummer.

Cast of the show, Daisy Jones & the Six
The cast of the show Daisy Jones & the Six (Credits: Prime Videos)

Though the miniseries could not focus all that well on the supporting characters and their story arcs partly because of the time constraints, the show still does well with its main leads and story. It is engaging enough, and both Claflin and Riley have been appreciated for their voices and performances in the show. 

Another thing that is phenomenal in the show is its cinematography and what the camera guys have done with all the different shooting locations. Continue reading below to find where your favorite rock band traveled to bring you such perfect frames.

Daisy Jones & The Six’s Filming Locations

The Sunset Strip

The show is shot entirely in three main locations, New Orleans, Greece, and Los Angeles, and among these, the Sunset Strip in LA is one that was iconic and a must-visit for artists at the time. The place has changed a lot since then, and the makers had to pay extra attention to details throughout the week that they were given to shoot. 

The almost two-mile stretch of the Greater Sunset Boulevard was an important spot in the show and even in real life as this was where the exciting LA nightlife existed, with all the trendy and hip bars and clubs located along the street.

The band's performance at the Whisky A Go Go in the show, Daisy Jones & the Six
The band’s performance at the Whisky A Go Go in the show Daisy Jones & the Six (Credits: Prime Videos)

The Whisky A Go Go

This happened to be a really famous hotspot for the people of the night in LA. Located close to the Sunset Strip, the club has literally witnessed history on its stage, with legendary acts like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Oasis, and many more gracing the stage with their performances.

The club is still in business, but it is no longer the hotspot for rock music lovers. The club has evolved with time, and the crew only had twenty-four hours to work with the club and try to make it as authentic as possible. 

The Viper Room

Also otherwise known as Filthy McNasty’s, this location was another very famous club that saw its peak popularity in the 90s. This place is important in the show and for the band because this is their entryway into the LA music scene.

This place is also located on the Sunset Strip and has seen performances by stars such as Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger. The place has changed drastically over the years, but the producers of the show still pushed for the band to have a performance at this club.

The Riot House

The Riot House or the Continental Hyatt House has been featured in shows and movies quite a few times, so that fans may be already familiar with it. But the hotel definitely had a time when it was the hub for rock bands looking for a nice stay.

Bands like The Who, The Rolling Stones and even Led Zeppelin have at some time stayed in the hotel. The hotel was featured in the first episode of the show, and the crew, once again, only had twenty-four hours to wrap the entire shoot up.

Sound City Studios featured in the show, Daisy Jones and the Six
Sound City Studios featured in the show Daisy Jones and the Six (Credits: Prime Videos)

Sound City Studios

This location will always be included in the list as it holds immense meaning for the band. This is the place where the band, including Daisy, Billy, Karen, Graham, Eddie, and Warren, record their first official single song and then later an album called “Aurora.”

In reality, too, the place holds great meaning as it has witnessed the birth of a handful of rock albums from legendary acts like Nirvana, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan, and the one band that inspired Taylor Jenkins Reid to write her books, Fleetwood Mac.

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