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How To Watch Ameiro Paradox Episodes? Streaming Guide

Ameiro paradox episode 8
How To Watch Ameiro Paradox Episodes? Streaming Guide

How to watch Ameiro Paradox episodes? We have the answer! This BL drama has become a quick fan favorite in no time. Usually, people hail Thailand as the king of BL dramas, but this cute and emotional BL drama from Japan gives this show a run for the title. 

We have two cute guys trying to adapt to the environment of a famous magazine or news agency. This agency is known for coming out with secret news from the Japanese entertainment industry even before celebs reveal anything!

Japan’s industry is afraid of the news agency and tries to hide everything they can as they never know when a staff member journalist from Dash media will be saying or stalking them. The fifth BL series from the channel called MBS to air as a part of the cable network drama splash feature is Ameiro Paradox, also known as Candy Color Paradox.

Ameiro paradox episode 8


It features Jyutaro Yamanaka, a well-known member of the vocal dance group M!LK, and Kimura Keito, who you may recognize from Fantastic of EXILE Tribe.

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Who will be in the Ameiro paradox?

Keito Kimura will play the character of Inoe. He is an actor and performer from Japan. He belongs to the EXILE TRIBE band FANTASTIC. Before joining the said group, he was also a member of the EXPG training team EXILE GENERATIONS.

Jyutaro Yamanaka will portray Kaburagi. This hot man is a former member band called BATTLE BOYS and is currently a member of Stardust’s EBiDAN firm’s vocal dance company M! LK. In late August 2018, he joined the crew.

The other cast members will include Kashio Atsuki in the role of Masayan. Miyazawa Sae will play Inoe’s best friend named, Kaori. Izuka Kenta is playing a grey-shade character called  Inami Kei. Yoshida Rinne will be seen essaying the role of Haruta Yui.

The cast is rounded out by Ichikawa Tomohiro, who will be seen in the character of Sumida Jiro. he will be seen in a Support Role. Koyanagi Yu will also play a support role. Kiuchi Taisuke will be seen in a few episodes, while Oura Ryuichi will be seen in the character of Editor-in-chief regularly.

Ameiro Paradox: trailer and expectations

We will meet two new employees who have just got selected by the popular celebrity news publication called Dash. the celebrities of the Japanese industry fear them. These two new employees are named Inoe and Kaburagi.

They are completely different from each other. In the starting, Kaburagi comes across as a rude and serious man, while Inoe is soft-hearted and loves to explore every part of his new job. Inoe also wants to save money for their future.

Kaburagi has two jobs: one to confirm whether the dating information collected by Inoe is true. Another is to click pictures of celebrities while secretly visiting restaurants and other places. Inoe has to stalk celebrities to confirm whether they are in any relationship.

He has to go to their gyms or the parks they visit. Kaburagi is not interested in a guy lying in Inoe at first. Still, after listening to his thoughts and how nice he is to everybody, he turns into a completely different person.

Their story takes a turn when they both fall for each other but don’t confess their feelings, but Inoe gets engulfed with a celeb he has been stalking for the last few days. The celebrity is Inami, and he has a movie coming out soon.

Inoe gets assigned the task of stalking him and finding out if he is dating a lady from the industry; like the innocent being he is, Inoe accepts Inami’s answer. Inami convinces Inoe that he is gay and he is not dating anybody. The guy he loves is already married, and Iname is no longer following love as his goal.

Then inoe tries to persuade Kaburagi to leave Inami alone as he is sensitive and innocent. Iname, according to Inoe, is already suffering a lot. Inoe does not want him to suffer more, leading to an argument between Kaburagi and Inoe. Will they be able to reconcile and express their true feelings?

What time will the new episode of Ameiro Paradox come out?

Ameiro Paradox’s episodes will come out at 9 pm Est every Friday in Japan via MBS. Fans from other parts of the world will be able to catch it at 1 pm AEDT (Saturday), 2 am GMT (Saturday), and 11 am KST (Saturday).

How to watch Ameiro Paradox episodes?

Ameiro Paradox will be available via Rakuten Viki at times listed above. The fans have to check their regions; time with the one listed here so that they don’t miss out on the show when it goes live in their region; Viki will cost you around $ 4.87.

Ameiro Paradox Episodes Guide

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