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Why Did Milburn Stone Leave Gunsmoke?

Gunsmoke is one of the most prominent television series of the 90s. This show is one of the longest-running shows with almost 635 episodes which used to premiere on CBS. Charles Marquis Warren created Gunsmoke. However, it was produced under the banners CBS Productions, Arness and Company, Filmaster Productions, and The Arness Production Company.

This series is considered the succeeding western series, which has been incorporated for adults. However, this adult drama was released from 10th September 1955 until 31st March 1975. In some initial years, the makers used to broadcast each episode of it for almost 26 minutes. But later, each episode ran for 50 minutes. 

To uplift any show, an extraordinary concept and background are required, along with some personalities who can put forward their enthusiasm to enhance each and every character. And the best part is Gunsmoke has cast members who have put all their souls into doing justice to the series characters. However, Milburn Stone was one of them.

For several years he had worked in this drama and gained numerous appreciation and reviews from the audience and critics. But later, he was replaced by someone. As the article progresses, the readers will get to know how he was put back from the show and who took his place, and so on. 

Milburn Stone

A Short Recap About Gunsmoke

The entire series Gunsmoke was shot at California Lutheran University (CLU). However, a few sections of the episodes were also filmed at Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks, California. Gunsmoke was established in the post-Civil War background of Dodge City, Kansas. The story of the drama depicts how the people of Dodge City didn’t have any respect and appreciation for law and order. Due to this issue, Marshal Matt Dillon faced several daily troubles in charge of the city. As the story of the series proceeds, it shows Dillon’s struggle and sweet gestures towards his fellow pals named  Doctor Galen Adams, Kitty Russell, and Chester Goode. 

Since the first day, Gunsmoke has connected with the audience, which has assisted the series in gaining positive reviews and ratings. The so-called series finale was not designed as the end one. That episode was set up as one of the normal episodes, but the table turned, and it appeared as the finale episode of Gunsmoke. The last episode, “The Sharecroppers,” presented how Deputy Festus Haggen shot a man, leading to several despised situations in the series.

Milburn Stone 

Cast List Of Gunsmoke

The incredible cast list of this drama includes James Arness as Amanda Blake, Kathleen Russell, U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon, Ken Curtis as Festus Haggen, Milburn Stone as Galen Adams, and Dennis Weaver as Chester B. Goode. Along with them, a few members were also there in Gunsmoke. Such identities are Bert Rumsey as Sam Noonan, Howard Culver as Howie Uzzell, Burt Reynolds as Quint Asper, Dabbs Greer as Wilbur Jonas, George Selk as Moss Grimmick, Sarah Selby as Ma Smalley, Roy Roberts as  Mr. Bodkin, Hank Patterson as Hank Miller, Charles Seel as Barney Dances and so on. 

Who Was Milburn Stone?

Hugh Milburn Stone, popularly known as Milburn Stone, was one of the finest actors from America. He was born on 5th July 1904 in Burrton, Kansas, the U.S. He acquired his graduation degree from Burrton High School. Since childhood, Stone was much involved in dramas and theatres. He started his career in 1991 with the Kansas tent show. Along with appearing in television shows, Stone showcased his talent in films like Captive Wild Woman, Sherlock Holmes Faces Death, Jungle Woman, Prices Unlimited, and so on. 

Stone was best known for his character in Gunsmoke, Dr. Galen Adams, AKA Doc. Stone won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for this role. 

Milburn Stone

Why Did Milburn Stone Quit Gunsmoke? Who had Replaced Him? 

Despite being so popular with his character in Gunsmoke, why did Milburn Stone quit? Did the creators not be happy with him? Well, the answer is something different. Because of his health issue, he had to move away from his most popular character.

During the on-air of this series, Stone had undergone heart bypass surgery after he had a massive heart attack. Due to this, he had no option except to resign from the series Gunsmoke. He was last seen in Gunsmoke in episode 24 of the fourth season. 

After Stone left the show, John Chapman took his place as Doc Adams. 

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