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Kold X Windy Episode 3: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Kold X Windy Episode 3
Kold X Windy Episode 3

Kold X Windy is one of the most recent shows, which is based in the city of Chicago, belonging to the state of Illinois. The series works on showcasing how well the street culture of America, especially that of South Chicago, influences the lifestyle of its people. This series is a sweet blend of crime and musical drama.

Two related characters play the main role, and both of them share similar objectives. Will they ever reach their goals after getting over the difficulties in their lives is something for the viewers to witness.

The show has a very lively and attention-seeking ambiance which has a perfect combination of violence, glamor, love, lust, and drama, as seen in the trailer. The story of Kold X Windy talks about the unspoken things which relate the hip-hop industry to street culture and gang violence.

The series further works on creating a complex storyline by introducing two female leads who are present all throughout the story. The series is filled with tension and drama for you to keep your curiosity at higher levels.

Kold X Windy Episode 3 Release Date

Kold X Windy is currently owned by WE TV and Allblk television networks which are famous for telecasting shows filled with action and drama. The show is in its first season currently, and Kold X Windy Episode 3 is going to be released on the 19th of this January.

A reasonable amount of people who are looking for twisty and thrilling events happening around a pretty different story from the average ones must surely give a chance to Kold X Windy because it has got great content of such nature.

Kold X Windy Episode 3

Credits: WE TV

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The plot of Kold X Windy

Chicago’s beautiful yet hustling city life, filled with a lot of experiences, is showcased pretty well as an invisible essence in this series. The show is filled with a good amount of fun elements with a lot of music and drama. The plot of the series revolves around the life of two female characters named Malika, who is popularly known by her stage name, Kold (played by Sh’Kia Augustine), and Renee, her best friend, and a fellow artist, who is also popularly known by her stage name as Windy (played by Nijah Brenea).

The lead female character has a huge liking for the rap genre, which is one of the most popular music sub-genre of Hip-hop in today’s world. Her passion for rapping has made them go far in order to achieve her dream of becoming the best rap song producer.

The female lead has had a bad past, and her current dreams of becoming the finest female rapper are influenced by street crimes. She is met with the problems like the actions of her troubled son, her fragile rap career, and the intentions of her close friend, who is our next female lead.


The next female lead named, Renee, is someone who is portrayed with a bit of a negative shade. Her core motive is to stop her best friend’s goal of becoming someone who is recognized in a reputed industry, to stop her from reaching the heights of fame.

Renee is not someone you could expect to support Mallika’s rap career. Will Mallika break through all her restrictions and become the famed and recognized individual she desires to be, or will she give up on her dreams and lead a life full of misery is something for the viewers to discover.

Kold X Windy Episode 3

Credits: WE TV

Recap of Kold X Windy

Episode One of Kold X Windy welcomes its viewers by introducing the female leads. Gang actions are on the rise, and streets are full of tension. Malika is faced with a dire problem of a troublesome son. She comes close to falling victim to a scam, and the first episode ends with a lot of hassle by inviting Renee, the other female lead to earn a street reputation through a major twist.

The next episode focuses on throwing some light on the brighter side of Mallika’s life, showcasing her reuniting with a past love interest. On the other hand, we have Renee troubled by events from her past.

The local cops face problems due to a death in the neighborhood. New characters and a series of problems associated with the main characters are introduced all along the episode with an interesting turn of events.

Where to Watch Kold X Windy? 

Watching Kold X Windy is pretty easy, as it only requires a valid subscription to the WE TV Streaming platform. It is also available on the official Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. You might need a flawless internet connection to watch the episodes without any intervention though. You can try looking for the official trailers and glimpses of Kold X Windy through YouTube.

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